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Facebook Representative States They Own Uploaded Content

As photographers, we’ve all seen posts online with people wringing their hands worrying about Facebook’s newest Terms of Use saying we’re now going to lose copyrights to our works of art once we upload them to Facebook.  It’s always turned out to be a hoax. Turns out, it wasn’t a hoax – at least according to the email I just received directly from Facebook.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with an ongoing issue with posts to the Photo Stealers Facebook Page which I’ve documented a few times here.  The tl;dr version is that no matter what I post to the Photo Stealers Facebook Page, it gets deleted and I get banned (currently sitting on a 30 day ban for posting that I had brought the Photo Stealers page back).  I finally got in contact with someone at Facebook directly and she’s been looking into the issue for me over the past two weeks.  I finally received a reply today and my jaw has not left the floor since.

Facebook stating anything posted to it is Facebook's property

While most of the email is not really relevant to anyone but me there is one bit that affects EVERYONE that uses Facebook.

“…once something is posted or uploaded onto Facebook it becomes Facebook’s property. So if the original photographer uploaded the photo first onto Facebook and then others have taken it from there and uploaded it to their pages or profiles, this is legal and within policy, there’s nothing I can do about it unfortunately even if they are taking credit for the photos.”

I replied with “So, you are saying that any image I upload to Facebook is now Facebook’s property and anyone can steal it and so long as they are using Facebook they can do whatever they want with my copyrighted works?”

Mandy replied with the below email with a link to the Facebook policies and highlighted sections she believes were supporting her email but, in my opinion, these highlighted passages contradict her earlier statement that anything posted to Facebook is Facebook’s property.

Facebook copyright email

This isn’t someone who misread the newest TOS, this isn’t a lawyer digging in too deep.  This is a message, directly from Facebook stating that they own property once it’s uploaded to Facebook.  She goes on to say that anyone can do anything with this content and it is legal and within policy.  She also states in her emails she’s been in talks with a supervisor and the help center so this isn’t just from her.  Even if she and her supervisors are misinformed this is a HUGE problem if employees at Facebook not only think they own uploaded property but enforce this policy.

I’m not one to be a “Chicken Little” when it comes to things but this is NOT good for photograhers or the creative industry as a whole.

Update 05/12/15 @ 8:00PM

Facebook has responded on the Photo Stealers Facebook Page.

Matt here from Facebook. Sorry for the inconvenience you’ve had. First, we restored the content that was removed from your page in error.

In addition, as you originally suspected, the information given in these emails is incorrect. Our terms are clear that you own the content you share on Facebook, including photos. When you post something, you simply grant Facebook a license to use that content consistent with our terms, including displaying it to the audience you’ve shared it with.

We also prohibit people from posting content that violates someone else’s intellectual property rights. If a rights owner believes that content on Facebook violates their rights, they may report it to us. You can find more information about this topic here: https://www.facebook.com/help/249141925204375

I’ve also been told that I can start posting to the Facebook Page again for Photo Stealers and my personal account has been restored.  Matt stated in the post that he will look into any bans resulting from posts about Photo Stealers.

While this doesn’t give me many answers regarding everything I’ve been going through, I’m glad to hear that my hunch was right and the Facebook Employee (and her supervisors as well as the Help Center) were misinformed regarding Facebook’s policies on copyrighted works uploaded to their website.

Thank you Facebook!

Dear Facebook: You Suck

Well, that was short lived.


Every comment beneath the removed post for violating “Facebook Community Standards” was “welcome back” or something of the like.  I immediately deleted any post with anything about the ongoing saga with SJK Photography.  I immediately deleted any post with a link.  I deleted ANYTHING that wasn’t strictly positive, yet here I am, again, with another removed post from Facebook for posting something against Community Standards all because someone allegedly has some kind of inside to Facebook.

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Why I Shut Down the Facebook Fan Page


This is the first time in three years that running this blog has brought me to actual tears.

Negative reviews, name calling, mocking my physique, “reviewing” my photography skills or lack of  – this is just a tip of the iceberg of what I’ve endured since I listed SJK Photography on this website.   None of this has brought me even a misty eye but tonight for the first time, I’m in tears.

I realize it’s likely because I’m exhausted… and a girl.

However, I’ve had enough.

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24/7 PROtography / Benjamin Ramalho Photography

Thief:  24/7 PROtography / Benjamin Ramalho Photography
Link:  http://www.247protography.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BenjaminRamalhoPhotography  https://www.facebook.com/247PROtography

This thief was messaged to me by one of the multiple people they’ve stolen from.

I couldn’t possibly source all images on his site as it is flash and requires a bit of work but here’s just a tiny amount of the work on his site that is stolen.  You may want to peruse the galleries to see if there is anything that is yours or someone you know.

*** there are MULTIPLE updates to this thread, keep scrolling until the end ***

In the senior portfolio on their website (these images also are featured on the Facebook) the first few images are from Prestige Portraits’ senior gallery.

The original source of the image, Prestige Portraits.

24/7’s Senior Gallery has quite a few of Prestige’s images to start the gallery off.  Here is another image from their senior gallery.

This image, above, seen here on the owner’s portfolio on their site.

Another image from the gallery.

These images are of Karly from Connie Riggio Photography.

Another image in the senior gallery that is stolen.

This image and the other equine images are from Peter Demott Photography.

I decided to hop over to the wedding gallery and see what I could find there and low and behold we open up with a set of images that are also stolen.

These images are stolen from Matt Andrews Photography.

This is the next in the series of stolen images in the wedding gallery of a bride in a seemingly southern plantation or mansion.

This series of images was stolen from Aslinn Kate Photography.

The following series of images that are stolen in the gallery.

This image – and the others in the series – are stolen from Jamie Lee Photography.

UPDATE 8/21:  Here’s what Benjamin has to say about being caught on his Facebook Page:

I will never understand why when caught, thieves tend to deny and act like they are in the right somehow.  Here’s a tip: if you do get caught, apologize.  It’s that simple.

So, since he pissed me off with his Facebook denials, I’m going back and screen capping more images to prove my point, he’s a thief.  He removed the images I screen capped but left others that he’d stolen.

Another image from his senior section which should look familiar if you perused Prestige Portraits gallery yesterday.

The original image on Prestige Portraits site, which he has heavily borrowed from.

The second image in the slideshow on the Senior gallery.

Yet again, stolen from Prestige Portraits.

The third image in the slideshow of 24/7’s senior gallery.

Stolen again from Prestige Portraits.

Fourth image in the Senior Gallery.

It is of course, stolen from Prestige Portraits.

The 5th image in their slideshow of seniors.

The image on Prestige Portraits website.

The 6th image is an obvious change of style from the first 5 images in the series.

Which it would be if you were using a new source to steal from, here is the source from Halberg Photographers.

The 7th image is the same girl as the 6th, which to the normal user would make this photographer seem more legit since there are multiple images of the same people.

It’s the second image from Halberg Photography’s blog above.

The editing style changes again in the next image in the gallery.

It changed again because it’s another stolen image from Prestige Portraits.

The following image in the senior slideshow is another great image.

Which of course has been stolen as well from Prestige Portraits.

Low and behold!  FINALLY at image 11 in the slideshow we stumble upon a picture that this photographer ACTUALLY TOOK!  Images 11-16 appear to be his own work as there are not any outside sources for these images and they are also on his Facebook page.

At image 17 we’re back to a different style of photography, which raises flags.

This image is stolen from Photography by Karma Hill, whom is in Maui.

The next image in the slideshow is again a departure from style.

This image is yet another stolen from Prestige Portraits.

Another image of the same girl above, which we now know isn’t his work.

The sourced image for the above from Prestige Portraits.

Finally the last image in the gallery.

Stolen again from Prestige Portraits.

As you can see, in the senior gallery of 20 images, 5 were 24/7 Photography’s own work (hidden in the middle) with 15 images stolen from other photographers all around the country.

The first image that now opens in the Wedding Gallery is this image.

This is apparently a stock image as it’s all over the photo book sites.

The following image on the gallery is a lovely wedding image that any bride would be thrilled with.

This image was stolen from Elizabeth Anne Designs and was taken by A Bryan Photo.

The rest of the images in the Wedding Gallery are his own work, he removed the slew of stolen images that I referenced in the original post and put his own in from a wedding he shot in April.

Now onto the babies gallery which opens with this lovely image.

I can’t find a direct source but it appears to be a stock image that is pretty much everywhere on the web including this site for wallpapers.

Second image in the Newborn gallery.

Stolen from Life Focus Photo/Erica Clements Photography.

Fourth image in the newborn gallery.

It is also stolen from Erica Clements Photography.

Another image in the gallery.

Stolen from Lynn Quinlivan Photography.

Another image that is a collage in the gallery.

Stolen from AV Photography.

Another image.

Stolen from Mr & Mrs Potatohead Blog which was taken by Pink Paisley Photography but is not on their photography site.

Another gallery image from 24/7.

Stolen from Melissa Hassey Photography.

The following image on the newborn gallery on 24/7 Protography’s site.

The image is stolen from Orange Rose Photography.

Another stolen image in the gallery.

Stolen from Sweet Things Photography blog.  I did two screencaps so you could see the blog since the image is pretty far down and has no watermarks.

The next stolen image in the gallery.

Stolen from Lindsay Horn Photography.

Another gallery image

The image stolen from Michelle Janet Photography.

While I was working on these 24/7 started removing them but luckily I was able to screen capture them all before he removed them.  Thank you to those helping me source these photographers and notify them of their stolen works.

This is an image in the artistic section, which is made MOSTLY up of Benjamin’s legitimate work.

This image is also seen on his Facebook gallery.  It is also featured in many of his cover image collages.

The image is actually from Slinky Genius.

UPDATE 8/21 @ 3:30PM:


UPDATE 8/21 @ 4:30PM:  He’s also got some craigslist ads that are chock full of stolen images.

The first of two ads currently on Craigslist.

Not a SINGLE one of these image Benjamin took.  NOT ONE.

Which makes the above text somewhat hilarious.

Ad #2 on Craigslist.

Another collage of stolen images.  Most of these should look familiar from the screen caps above.

I’m starting from the top of the wedding collage and moving down left to right in order of appearance.

The top three images in the collage are from this post on Elizabeth Anne Designs by Yellow House Photography.

The first image on the second row is from Elizabeth Scott Photography.

The second image on the second row is from Santa Barbara Wedding Style by Melissa Musgrove Photography.

Ok now the images are kind of everywhere so I’m going in the general top to down method.  These images were stolen from Elizabeth Anne Designs (seeing a pattern here?) originally taken by Red Bird Hills.

This bridesmaid image was taken from Elizabeth Anne Designs and was photographed by Artful Weddings by Sachs Photography.

This is another image taken from Elizabeth Anne Designs by Jennifer Kathryn Photography.

Another stolen images from Elizabeth Anne Designs photographed by Karlisch Photography.

Finally!  A new source!  The Full Bouquet wedding as photographed by Genevieve Leiper Photography.

Another stolen image from Elizabeth Anne Designs photographed by Clary Photo.

UPDATE 8/21 @ 5:45PM: He’s deleted the Craigslist ads.

UPDATE 8/21 @ 6PM:  I stand corrected, there is still one left.

UPDATE 8/21 @ 6:30PM:


UPDATE 8/21 @ 10PM: Ha ha, nevermind.  Apparently the apology is only TWO of the photographers he stole from, not the dozens as seen above.  I’m tempted to tally it up now.

OK here’s the tally of the photographers he’s stolen from, which far exceeds TWO.  Also, these are just the few I was able to capture and source.  I’m one person and there are a lot there were used in ads and on the site that I didn’t capture and source before he started removing things.  This list has been updated with all images from the photographers in the Craigslist ads included.

1. Prestige Portraits
2. Connie Reggio Photography
3. Peter DeMott Photography
4. Matt Andrews Photography
5. Aslinn Kate Photography
6. Jamie Lee Photography
7. Halberg Photographers
8. Karma Hill Photographers
9. A Bryan Photo
10. Erica Clements Photography
11. Lynn Quinlivan Photography
12. AV Photography
13. Pink Paisley Photography
14. Melissa Hassey Photography
15. Orange Rose Photography
16. Sweet Things Photography
17. Lindsay Horn Photography
18. Michelle Janet Photography
19. Slinky Genius
20. Yellow House Photography
21. Elizabeth Scott Photography
22. Melissa Musgrove Photography
23. Red Bird Hills
24. Artful Weddings by Sachs Photography
25. Jennifer Kathryn Photography
26. Karlisch Photography
27. Genevieve Leiper Photography
28. Clary Photo
29. Hillary Maybery Photography
30. MQ Photography
31. Kylene and Ryan Studios
32. Grey Photography
33. Hazelnut Photography
34. Laurie Peacock Photography
35. Autumn Burke Photography
36. Souder Photography/Love is a Big Deal
37. Marvin Tsai

UPDATE 8/22 @ 3AM:

I’m up and I’m irritated enough not to be tired so I figured I would finish the sourcing I started on the Craigslist wedding collage from 24/7’s advertisement.

This image is from the same wedding stolen from Jaime Lee Photography in the original wedding gallery (there were multiple images in the gallery from this wedding).  Multiple images from this wedding are used in the Craigslist ad.

This image seen on Elizabeth Anne Designs was taken by Hillary Maybery.

This image as seen on Elizabeth Anne Designs was taken by MQ Photography.

This image as seen on Elizabeth Anne Designs was taken by Kylene and Ryan Studios.

This image as seen on Elizabeth Anne Designs was taken by Grey Photography.

Multiple images as seen on Elizabeth Anne Designs were taken by Hazelnut Photography.

This image on Elizabeth Anne Designs was taken by Laurie Peacock.

This image on Elizabeth Anne Designs was taken by Autumn Burke.

This image on Elizabeth Anne Designs was taken by Souder Photography.

This image on Elizabeth Anne Designs was taken by Marvin Tsai.

This brings the grand total of photographers that had work stolen to 37 adding this additional 9 additional photographers that images were used in the Craigslist advertisement.

UPDATE 8/22 @ 1PM:

He’s still deleting comments as fast as they are being posted on his Facebook wall.  I’ve received replies to most of the emails I sent out the latest batch of photographers and thus far NONE work with this photographer nor ever have heard of him or his studio before.

Here is a rundown of how his story/response has changed through this process – IN ORDER

  1. The people accusing me are just jealous haters.
  2. Those are my partner sites, we work directly together.
  3. Those people stole images from me.
  4. I’ll talk to my staff and see what happened, will have a staff meeting regarding this.
  5. The people who are accusing me of stealing have had their Facebook accounts hacked.
  6. If you dislike the images or find them offensive, then report them to Facebook.
  7. They were already on my site when I bought it.
  8. I only put a couple of images on my site as placeholders.
  9. I Googled “wedding photography” and chose images that I admired, then used them because I didn’t know they weren’t free to use.
  10. Lightroom put the watermark on the photos, not me (note that in several cases, he removed the original watermarks).
  11. I never used anything stolen on my site. He literally said this, despite admitting 10 minutes earlier that he had taken images off Google: “Nothing you have ever admired or commented on was anyone else’s work but my own.”
  12. I did steal the photos, and I am ashamed. I welcome any negative comments you have to say about me. (even though at this point he continued to delete anything negative said about him and leave only the positive messages)
  13. My apology is only to two photographers. I didn’t take from anyone else.
  14. Okay fine, I stole from 3 photographers, but that’s it.
  15. If you tell people I stole photos, I’m going to sue you for defamation.

UPDATE 8/22 @ 2PM

For those wondering what copyrighted works he’s still using on his site and/or Facebook as his own, the below screen captures.

This image is a edited version of a stock image, the legalities on this are in a somewhat grey area but it is definitely not 100% his own work, which he is claiming is what is on his website and Facebook now.

One of the many uses that the stock image has seen on other websites and advertisements including this page.

This collage, used for a cover image, features the image sourced above that is on the far left that is Slinky Genius’s original work.

As for his website, the following page still appears when you click on the gallery section which shows you the opening image for the Newborn Gallery, which is not his own, as referenced above.

Olivia K London

Link:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003663835176&sk=wall 

This is most likely the same girl behind Glass Slipper and Cara Mia… she just won’t quit!  Many of her images used for her profile and albums are images also seen on the Cara Mia page and were formerly on the Glass Slipper page.  It appears that her Facebook profile is new so she must keep reopening as people find the new ones.  She links to a website in this profile but it doesn’t come up.