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Dear Facebook: You Suck

Well, that was short lived.


Every comment beneath the removed post for violating “Facebook Community Standards” was “welcome back” or something of the like.  I immediately deleted any post with anything about the ongoing saga with SJK Photography.  I immediately deleted any post with a link.  I deleted ANYTHING that wasn’t strictly positive, yet here I am, again, with another removed post from Facebook for posting something against Community Standards all because someone allegedly has some kind of inside to Facebook.

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Why I Shut Down the Facebook Fan Page


This is the first time in three years that running this blog has brought me to actual tears.

Negative reviews, name calling, mocking my physique, “reviewing” my photography skills or lack of  – this is just a tip of the iceberg of what I’ve endured since I listed SJK Photography on this website.   None of this has brought me even a misty eye but tonight for the first time, I’m in tears.

I realize it’s likely because I’m exhausted… and a girl.

However, I’ve had enough.

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