Photography by Jennifer in Bybee, TN


Not only did Jennifer steal images, she also edited or cropped out watermarks, slapped her own watermarks on the images, renamed the subjects and finally edited them.  Wow.

Update @ 12:30PM

She’s claiming that she’s never stolen images and shared the status update from her personal profile, which ironically has more stolen images.  So the status and additional images have been added.

PS: Thanks for the ad clicks this week!  It’s been a doozy!

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Ivar Einarsson Audio Visual Photo in St. Albert, Alberta


It’s every wedding photographer’s favorite – the DJ that’s also a photographer AND a videographer!   It’s interesting that many of these images were flipped so that Google wouldn’t pick them up in a search.


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Teresa Blau Kurs aka Teresa Kursman aka Maria Teresa Chong aka Cherrycut in New York, NY

Model Mayhem:
Cherrycut FB:

She’s been called out but is biting back and refusing to take the images down.

Her aliases include Teresa Blau-Kurs, Teresa Blau-Kursman, Maria Teresa Blau-Kursman, Maria Teresa Chong, Teresa Chong and Cherrycut.

Update 08/16/2014 @ 9:00AM

Let’s just say this has been an interesting ride the past few days.   She’s claiming to be very sorry and to have taken everything down yet her Instagram feed is still full of works she’s claiming as her own but are stolen.  Many of these images are from tumblr so finding the original source is a bit tricky.  Note that the tub image with the blue wall behind it was uploaded just an hour ago.


Update 08/16/2014 @ 4:30PM

Added more images from Instagram which aren’t her original works.


Update 08/16/2014 @ 9:30PM

Teresa uploaded yet another image to her instagram and tagged it with #shotbyteresablaukurs.

I decided to go ahead and reapprove all of her posts she made late Thursday night/early Friday morning which resulted in us calling the cops to her house to do a welfare check.  Nobody is Perfect, Ghjfyvcf, Not asking for too much  = Teresa.

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Kristen Hunt Photography in Ottawa, Ontario

Indeed Ad:

This may be one of the stranger submissions I’ve received.  At first glance it looks like a girl who is just starting her new photography business… but when you look deeper you see she also is advertising for janitorial/cleaning service.  Odd combination.  Of course, the sessions are all free.  You only “pay” for her time which is $20 for a portrait session and $40 for a wedding.  Wow.

Thanks again for the ad clicks to keep the site running!

Update 08/11/2014 @ 10:30AM

Added the plagiarized About Me source.

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Elite Photography in Brazil


So many submissions, so little time.

Update 08/10/14:

Added an additional image which Elite flipped horizontally and Google Images didn’t pick up.  The images have been removed from the website.

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This wall of shame is dedicated to photographers that feel that it's okay to steal others' work and post it as their own. Oh I'm sorry, it's okay to let their "web designer" do it.