Perfect Weddings in London, England, UK


Another photographer that got caught because of a Groupon Ad with stolen images.

October is my busiest month of the year so please bear with me if I don’t have enough time to get to all submissions!

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One Eye Closed Photography in Louisville, Kentucky


They have dozens of images on their Facebook and only a fraction of the images are their original work.  A sampling of the sources are below, not all are sourced due to a migraine.

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Classical Romance Photography aka From Bump to Baby in Yorkshire, UK

Website 2:
Facebook 2:

If you are going to steal images it’s probably best not to steal from a photographer whose body of work is very well known.

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MG Photography aka Michael Giard in Molalla, Oregon

Snap Knot:

Smugmug may be cleaning up the website gallery but luckily I have screen captures.  The Facebook appears to be clean.

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Ella Bella Photography aka Renee Bratton in Las Vegas, NV

Google +:

There was a lot more but she had started removing the stolen images and text by the time I was screen capping.

Update 09/01/2014 @ 1PM 

Added the Yelp link along with sources for the images “Aimee” uploaded to the Ella Bella profile.  Aimee B’s profile picture is the same that Renee’ uses on her personal Facebook page.

Update 09/04/2014 @ 12:00PM

Well, one of the regular commenters found more stolen images.  Shocker, I know.   I sourced a bunch of them until I got a headache and decided that I was done.  The link is above (photobucket).  Notice that the images are also for sale and are downloadable.  Lovely.

Update 09/11/2014

Renee has claimed she’s deleted all of the images that were not hers from her website and Photobucket account.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  I don’t understand why she hasn’t deleted the images like she SAID she was going to do but she made the albums private and kept the images up.  They are still able to be accessed via direct links and also by Google search.

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This wall of shame is dedicated to photographers that feel that it's okay to steal others' work and post it as their own. Oh I'm sorry, it's okay to let their "web designer" do it.