Dream Wedding Media

URL:  http://www.dreamweddingmedia.com/

Moving on from the CJ Photography debacle (FYI he’s back and stronger than ever and is kicking rocks still or something).

Vincent and Tyler Tree apparently run this business which is photography, cinematography and DJ services.  They don’t appear to have a Facebook Page nor much of an online presence so I don’t know if this is just a business that doesn’t get any business or they are just flying under the radar but regardless, their portfolio is made up of stolen images.

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Rob Adams Films

It takes a lot to leave me speechless nowadays but this video managed to do just that.   I’m making an exception to the “photographer” rule here because it pertains to weddings and this person has appeared on Creative Live and is slated to be a presenter at WPPI in 2014 with his wife Vanessa Joy selling Photo Fusion to wedding photographers.   He’s also slated to teach at Imaging and Exposed Down Under in January. Continue reading “Rob Adams Films” »

Jennifer Boswell Photography

‘Tis the season for mini sessions!  Which means… lots and lots of submissions of photographers stealing others mini session set ups and posting them to drum up business for themselves, not clarifying that the images were NOT taken by the photographer POSTING THE IMAGE.  Sigh.

Here’s the problem when you do this.  It is false advertising.  A photographer posts a picture(s) and it promotes that THIS is the type of image you will be receiving.  I try to shy away from critiquing others work because we all start somewhere but it’s painfully obvious that this photographer is promoting imagery that is above her skill level.

Also, it’s illegal to photograph on train tracks FYI.
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