Rob Adams Films

It takes a lot to leave me speechless nowadays but this video managed to do just that.   I’m making an exception to the “photographer” rule here because it pertains to weddings and this person has appeared on Creative Live and is slated to be a presenter at WPPI in 2014 with his wife Vanessa Joy selling Photo Fusion to wedding photographers.   He’s also slated to teach at Imaging and Exposed Down Under in January.

Rob Adams took a workshop from videographer Adam Forgione and later appeared on Creative Live with his own wedding videography workshop.  It’s eerily similar to Adam’s workshop down to song examples, mic drop and verbiage.   I’ve heard many times about creatives stealing info from past workshops they’ve taken and presenting the information verbatim as their own but I’ve never seen it proven so elegantly.  The theft is so blindingly obvious that it makes one wonder how Rob thought he would get away with it.  


UPDATE:  Rob Adams finally gets his side of the story out on the blog for the magazine he writes for, Behind the Shutter.  Let’s have a little legal lesson folks.  Slander is spoken words that misalign a character of a person, libel is written and or images.  Rob is claiming that Adam did this out of malice and it’s common words and thoughts that are universal.  I’ve had a few comments to the same tune but personally I find the edited bits to be too close to home with the exact phrases, words and actions to be anything BUT heavily inspired by the previously attended workshop of Adam’s.  IMHO if he really didn’t use Adam for inspiration there would be no apologies at the end of this piece but that is just my opinion.

UPDATE #2:  Adam posted his response to the “apology” above in the comments below.  You should read it, especially the screen capture from Behind the Shutter that hasn’t been approved yet.  What Adam is saying is what I’ve essentially been saying to support why I posted this here.  It’s not what he taught but the methods and words he used to teach.

UPDATE #3 12/27/13 @ 11:27PM EST

Rob Adams has pulled out of Imaging USA and WPPI.  Blair Phillips is replacing Rob and Vanessa’s spot at Imaging and Vincent Laforet will be replacing their spot at WPPI.