This makes me feel all kinds of icky inside.  However, SO many of you have told me to put a donate page up for all of my time and effort spent here that I’m finally giving in.

Click here to donate to Photo Stealers. 

Thank you!

  • Don’t feel icky at all. What you do is an amazing service and as soon as I get a chance I will happily donate.

  • Photogfrog

    Keep up the good work, thanks for sticking up for professional photographers. And I appreciate the opportunity to put my money where my mouth is. I personally think you should be sponsored by our industries heavy hitters instead of photographers who are also participating in this ‘my intern did it because I’m too busy being a rock star photog’ mentality. So thanks 🙂

  • You should feel icky. But not because of this, but because you should be making more money doing this. Organizations such as PPA and others should pay you for this service.

  • It’s not like you are asking for a membership fee or are begging for donations … you just put up a mechanism to allow people who want to send a couple of bucks your way a way to do so.

    No reason to feel bad about this at all.

    Better a donation page than annoying advertising all over the place. 🙂

  • GlennMcQuaig

    Well, call me slow, but I only now noticed this page (ok, don’t ACTUALLY call me slow – it’ll hurt my feelings!). I emailed a couple of times wondering how I could help, but now I can put my credit card where my mouth is. And as long as the icky isn’t contagious, it’s all good.

  • guest

    I think you need more then just one drink after Stacie! Enjoy and THANK YOU!!!

  • John Q. Public

    Thank You Corey.
    Please get a good bottle of wine and enjoy.