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  • Art Hodges

    The Captcha seems to be broken. It’s just giving a ‘?’ image.

    • JD Montana

      It works fine for me… Try a different browser maybe?

      • Art Hodges

        It’s working now, thanks. Not sure what was going on.

  • Savannah

    It’s not working for me either… tried safari & chrome.

    • Savannah

      I have tried for 2 days, maybe my computer is just protesting. Is there another way to report other than Facebook?

  • Me, Myself and I

    Captcha is broken for me as well.

    • Savannah

      If you find a solution please let me know! I screen caped everything just in case she wises up.

  • chuck knuckles

    Where did the Eighty Eight Photo post go?
    Poof… all gone

    • Savannah

      I missed that one. To the right under recent comments it shows it, but it says private. I’m assuming she removed it publicly for a reason.

  • Susan

    OK, please don’t beat me up here…but…it bugs me a bit to see someone refer to a photographers portfolio as a “port.” This is because I am familiar with artist albums being a “folio.” I mean there’s even Zen – folio as an example. Am i just completely out of the current terminology? Seems like such a dumb thing but in the printed only day and age they were folio’s. Would a novice even know what a “port” is? I know, it’s such a stupid damn thing to nitpick…..argh….