Pretty in Pink Photography aka First Love Photography in Anchorage, Alaska



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I started this on Friday and due to lack of time I wasn’t able to fully source but I am able to finish up now thanks to feeling a tinge under the weather.

Katelyn has apologized in the comments but of course I’m finding more and more locations where these images are still advertising her site.  These three employees she’s claiming did this sure had a lot of reach!

Here’s her excuse:


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Tyna B Photography aka Little Feet Photography

This person is not only using images that aren’t hers but she’s taking her clients (and sometimes possibly babies that weren’t photographed by her) and compositing them into images that aren’t hers.  
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Sara-Anne Photography

This photographer is a mentor and leads workshops.  She teaches a class called “Behind the Lens” to photographers.  Part of this $600 course Sara-Anne teaches includes a workbook in PDF form that she has handed out to her students.

I am only showing here what sources were used in the workbook from the internet.  A vast majority of the workbook was plagiarized from another photographer’s ebook and it isn’t right to put it out there for free.  Out of respect for the photographer I am asking you all to trust me on the source.  Thank you!

Onto the 92 page PDF that I’ve spent the past month sourcing!  Today alone it’s been about 6 hours because I wanted this done.  I think a cocktail may be in order this evening.  She has also stolen images, those are below the PDF.

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Poise’N Art Photography aka Portrait Perfection

This photographer popped when I was researching Making Memories as they were both using the same photo that was not theirs.  Sigh.

Update 03/20/2014

This photographer group is still going strong and still using a lot of the same stolen images as before.  No lessons learned apparently.

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