Reaction Photography

Awwww it’s a thief that takes me back to my roots, well almost.  My first foray into this “field” so to speak was with a girl named Dana Dawes who stole a bunch of photos for her Groupon ad.  The news even got involved with the story and when they showed her in her studio, the stolen images were even displayed there.   This new thief came to me via the same starting point – someone saw their Amazon Ad (the image used in the ad appears to be theirs) and clicked on their website and discovered a gallery of images that are not theirs.

A photographer earlier today had his images removed but Reaction Photography aka Carmen Ridenoure took only their images down, not all of the stolen ones.  Of course a new “assistant” was blamed.  Interesting that the images that are not Reaction’s original works are the ones featured in ads and the first ones in the slideshows online.

PS:  Let this be a lesson to future brides, this company won “The Best of The Knot” award for 2013 AND 2014.  That award doesn’t mean much.  Continue reading “Reaction Photography” »

Precious Memories Photography

I’ve been swamped in the past week with submissions.  It makes me sad that there’s a lot of people I can’t get to but I’m a 1 person operation.  I don’t make money doing this (although I am kicking around migrating this to a word press site so I can host ads) so my money maker comes first.   I hope that you understand.  I wish I had all the time in the world to sit and out thieves but I don’t.  If you are serious about wanting to help me, send me a message.

Onto the new thief… I find it interesting that a LOT of the images lifted are from blogs/galleries that have very LARGE and/or HQ photos displayed.  I hear that this “photographer” is placing ads all over the US and that’s how someone found them.   Continue reading “Precious Memories Photography” »


There’s a lot of things you should do when getting caught stealing photos or text.  Calling the person you stole from a douchebag and telling them that stealing is just “biz” is not one of them (and no I’m not kidding).

What started out as a tip of a guy that stole a bunch of Fearless award winners has turned into comedy gold when he goes off on Twitter.

Here’s the wedding gallery on his website (now down but cached on Google).   Continue reading “Jwarstyle” »

FAQ Stealing

This post was originally just about one photographer that stole a FAQ from the ever-amazing Susan Stripling.  However, when writing the blog post, I did a quick check on Copyscape and discovered that she was one of MANY stealing Susan’s FAQ.  THIS IS NOT OKAY!

I know some are going to come on here and argue that they didn’t take the WHOLE thing… just some parts.  JUST a few words!  Everyone has those words in their FAQ!  Here’s the thing.  Saying “I take a retainer” and things of that sort, yes, we’re all going to have that in our FAQ.  However, having “She strives to create images at each and every wedding that illuminates the relationships; both of each individual family and the new family being created that day. Her goal is to provide you with a documentary-based illustration of your wedding day.”in your FAQ is not just an accident, that is plagiarism.  EVEN if it’s only that line.  The amount of words you’ll see below that are word-for-word is unacceptable and is plagiarism, be it one line or multiple. Continue reading “FAQ Stealing” »