Making Memories in Owensboro, Kentucky


I’m honestly not sure how to handle these submissions where the only web presence the fauxtographer has is a Facebook profile (which is against TOS for those wondering).  They are still running a sham business but how much business are they getting if it’s only a Facebook profile with no real reach?  Sigh.  I’m going to post this one and possibly another I’ve had submitted but I am still on the fence regarding this.

Also, I want to say thank you to those of you that donated to me this week.  I know that times are hard for everyone and it really warms my heart to see.  I know some have said they don’t know how to donate, the link is above but you can click here.  There’s also some ads I added to the disqus comment module, if you click one or two of those while you’re in there that’d be awesome!  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am kicking around using the funds to move to a server but I like the fact that Tumblr isn’t as quick to boot me as some hosts may be.

Onto this current submission!

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Linda Golley’s Photography

This photographer caught my eye immediately when I saw the submission because one of the stolen photos is VERY similar to one I’ve taken.  Same place but it ended up being a different photographer.

It seems to be a new thing (well, newly getting CAUGHT anyway) that people are stealing images to enter them into contests.  This photographer does the same and has won or placed in quite a few contests with images that aren’t her original works.  Sigh.  At least it seems to be that these contests are just silly Facebook ones.

I like that she’s also selling these works that are not her own on Fine Art America.  I wonder how many she’s sold?
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Mary Wolfe Photography

Here’s the email she sent the person that discovered the duplicity.

“Obviously you dont know much about me. I’m not lying about my work. You dont know who’ve I’ve worked with as a second shooter, where I’ve gotten my education/teachings as a photographer and where I purchase my equipment I use for my business.  The only thing I do see from you is the fact that your jealous and have nothing better to do with your life. Your a sad, sick person!

If you feel that I’ve done something wrong, then take me to court and prove it. I have proof of my work, education, receipts and contracts showing that I am correct in my business.  If you dont want to do that, then leave me the hell alone!


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Williams Rogers Photography aka Challenging Photography

I had an entirely different opening written for this photographer.  I thought it was just another run-of-the-mill photographer that had a gallery full of images that were not his own original works and la-de-dah.


This guy has a portrait gallery that has a few images that appears to be his won works under “Morrow Studios” intermixed with some beautiful girls in what appears to be a senior photography type session.  The original images from these sessions is actually nude images of models.  Some of these images he cropped out the racier bits so they appeared to be wholesome portraits of your average beautiful girl.

I’ll let that sink in and creep you out like it did me.

I thought about not even going on with this one because I am horrified, sick and kind of creeped out.  I don’t want to send people to the original sessions because they are marketed as the “teen” genre.  But then I thought about someone hiring this guy to take pictures of their teenaged daughter and I decided to go ahead with it.

SO, when that section of this post comes up keep in mind the original source links are all NSFW and I will mention this again and again because I don’t want to hear anyone bitching at me that they didn’t know.  I’m also not using screen captures for these images for obvious reasons.

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