Poise’N Art Photography aka Portrait Perfection

This photographer popped when I was researching Making Memories as they were both using the same photo that was not theirs.  Sigh.

Update 03/20/2014

This photographer group is still going strong and still using a lot of the same stolen images as before.  No lessons learned apparently.

Main Website


Left header image appears to be stock.


Original source for the image in the header “Capturing Memories”


Original source for image on the left in the amateur vs. professional banner


Original source, original photographer for image on the right in the amateur vs. professional banner


Original source, original photographer for the black and white portrait on the left side


This made me laugh


Original source of header image on the left


Model on the left of the header banner


Image B


Image C original source


The top portrait


Original source


Original source of the article


Original source top photo on right (can’t find on photog’s site)




Unknown original source


Unknown original source





  • Marcus

    Just a heads up, this company has a CL ad up to hire photographers. Maybe it’s been pulled by now but I saw it the other day. The ad says they’re expanding….

  • Chris

    This company has stolen my work as well now it is over 4 years old work but nevertheless. Over 20 of my own copyright images they took and also just bought our website from under us too to keep me quiet. Therese are not unknowable new business people these are thief’s that con people out of money and give them crap work. Heather Stevens is at the heart of it as well you can find her on mugshots.com for a fun bevy of fraud and con charges. She is in a great company to showcase her skills of poison

    • MPR1776

      4 times for various felonies amongst them SCHEME TO DEFRAUD – UTTERING FORGED BILLS, CHECKS, DRAFTS, NOTES since 1991 in Fl. And they are still using others images, but they now have some areas of the site password protected so that no one can see them stealing, I guess

  • Justin Case

    Yeah, they have learned nothing.

    Here is the website of one of the people they stole from: http://rebekka.myshopify.com/products/bad-face-day She has been ripped off before and hopefully has a lawyer now.

    I don’t usually comment on the quality of the work of most of the people posted here, but everything about this place is disgusting. From their name to their shitty work. Even the images of their storefront studio looks totally fly-by-night.

    Oh, and if you really want to go totally retro circa 1995: “For Website designer information, please contact Poise’N Art, LLC” Scratch that. This was shitty design even for the 1990s.

  • LoLTonelica

    There are still stolen images up on this guy’s page as of right now. Hopefully this doesn’t get buried and this thief isn’t able to “expand” his “business”.

    • Photo Stealers

      I updated but it’s the same images from before, they just haven’t removed them.