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Vimi Design





Generally I don’t feature companies here because honestly, it happens so often.  When a business uses an image without permission your best bet is to contact a lawyer and follow the legal channels.  I’m featuring this particular company because I’m trying to source the images and since I’m doing all of this work I may as well make a post while I am at it.

This is going to have a bit of a different layout due to sourcing of the images, they are everywhere throughout their social media platforms so I’m going to do what I can with sourcing.  As with the other posts, the image on the left is from Vimi, the image on the right is from the original source.  However the image I’m showing from Vimi may not be the only place the image is used.

I’ve been in contact with most of the photographers and none have used this service nor did they give this company permission to use their images.

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Fresh Mix Entertainment



Facebook 2:

Wedding Wire:

Google +:

This website I am pretty sure was built on a Wix platform because many of the images you’ll see here have been featured on this site before as people have been known to keep the image placeholders that come with the wix pages.  What’s interesting is how much they’ve edited these images.


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AMB Photography in Marion, Ohio


I see this time and time again… a photographer using someone else’s images in a genre they are looking to expand into.   Here we have a photographer who is looking to get into weddings and posted a few images from weddings she claims to have photographed in Florida.   She didn’t.

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It’s Fun to Flirt aka Phoopla

It’s Fun to Flirt Web:
It’s Fun to Flirt Facebook: (currently down)
It’s Fun to Flirt Pinterest Gallery:

Phoopla Web:
Phoopla Facebook:  (currently down)

What started as a boudoir photographer that was stealing images for ads and their gallery (which is oddly hosted on Pinterest) turned into a photographer duo that is an entire new chapter to Photo Stealers.

When caught, the response is not Fuck You. That just gets back to me which means that I need to dig more.

I also am highly amused by the Phoopla tagline, “Fighting the good fight against snobby, overcharging, under-delivering ‘professional’ photographers and designers” and define phoopla as “that feeling when you finally find a photographer that you can truly trust.” I can’t make this shit up.

Update @ 8:15PM EST:  I’ve added a bit more to the post as the Phoopla owners are claiming not to be affiliated with It’s Fun to Flirt which is just silly since it was ON PHOOPLA’S FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Boundless Weddings

Wedding Wire:

They have not taken EVERYTHING, all the images in their website gallery appear to be theirs (I think this company has gone through a few name changes).  It goes off the rails in the blog though with images and copy coming from various sources on the internet – they do credit, somewhat but with initials and sometimes wrong.  NOT how you credit your source.

Update 03/20/2014

They are still using many stolen images, refusing to take down images.

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