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Photographic Inspirations




If you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar, it’s probably best to a) apologize and b) delete EVERYTHING you took. It’s not a good idea to claim the images are all yours save for that ONE boo-boo and insult the photographers.

PS: Your rants may look silly if you left the watermarks on the images from the photographers you stole from.


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SS Photography


I do not understand why so many photographers use someone else’s images for their own mini session advertisements. I just don’t get it.  This photographer was warned a few times not to do this and kept replacing the images the photographers told her to take down with new images that still were not hers.  Sigh.   

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Eddie Art Studios


Model Mayhem:

Don’t steal celebrity photographs. That never ends well. Someone is bound to recognize the person and then start looking for the source.

I’ve noticed a few people on the Facebook Page asking why people aren’t watermarking because that would easily solve all of these thefts. This person goes to show you that watermarks can be removed. If you know what you’re looking for you can see where they’ve been removed but the average consumer won’t notice the smudging in the area where the original photographer’s watermark used to reside. Sadly, watermarks aren’t a fail safe.

Since a lot of Eddie’s portfolio is boudoir and nudes, keep in mind that many of these sources are NSFW, I tried to keep the screen caps as clean as possible but I don’t know how strict your workplace rules are so keep that in mind!!!!!

I’m not going to post the nude section because some of them are taken by Eddie and the others have so many various sources it’s impossible to know who the photographer is (and often it’s from model portfolios w/o the photographer listed or in a foreign language). In order to keep this site MOSTLY safe for work, I’m opting not to list them for now.

Eddie Art Studios image on the left, original source is on the right unless otherwise specified.

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Digitally Dipped Photography



When it seems like there is nothing else someone featured on this site can do that will surprise me along comes a submission that does. Digitally Dipped has an “About Me” page on her website full of images you presume are of the photographer growing up. They are not, instead they are taken from various sources on the internet. SMH

I am trying out Blog Stomp with this post today after so many of you recommended it to me. I was able to purchase it from your generous donations, so thank you!

You may also notice that I’m now hosted on a URL. If you can’t donate and would like to support this site, take a moment and click an ad before leaving.  Since I was on tumblr for SO long I had no idea what kind of bandwidth this site takes.  Saying that it is a lot is an understatement! So by clicking the ad it will help me pay for the hosting, thank you!

We’ll start off with the website. Digitally Dipped images are on the left, the original source is on the right.


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Karen Ortiz – Photographer aka Classy lil Heart



Craigslist 2:

This submission was sent to me last night but since I was in the process of moving over to the new domain I wasn’t able to make an entry.  The website is still up today and the transfer is complete so here we are!

This has been a really busy week here between the posts and the big move to  All of the images on the website are stock but I’m going to post it all here because the disclaimer on the about page is hilarious.  I’m not listing the proof of the stock images because quite frankly I’m a bit burned out from this week but I’ve been flooded with people about this girl so I’m listing her here since some of the Craigslist pictures are not stock.  I am thinking some of the collage images aren’t either but again, bit burned out.


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