Photo Stealers

This wall of shame is dedicated to photographers that feel that it’s okay to steal others’ work and post it as their own. Oh I’m sorry, it’s okay to let their “web designer” do it.

  • Justin Case

    Congratulations on the new site. And thanks for the service you’ve been providing to all of us. I noticed that you took down the post about Michelle Vantine. Having read though it, checked her site and her public response, I think this was a legitimate thing to do. She accepted that she made mistakes, owned up to them and set about correcting any damage caused โ€“ as of course she should have. She also joined in the conversation here in a civilized and rational way, which goes a long way to making this a better site.
    I just wonder if you shouldn’t make a point of this and openly offer the same to ALL offending photo thieves. If you truly want to fix your reputation, first admit your mistakes, make true restitution, prove that you have changed your ways and the post and links will ‘go private’.

    Really, just a suggestion. I would be interested in other people’s responses.

    • athenamor

      Good idea.

  • Diane McKinney

    We love you for doing this!! I am glad others are donating as well! Don’t forget to donate. You may be the one in need someday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guest

    Someone has STOLEN one of the images from this site: and is passing it off as their own work. Unless it was sold as a stock image, in which case, my apologies. But if not, that’s pretty low to create an ad based on some one else’s work.. It can be seen at:

  • Carrie Watson

    Please help spreading the words about Shakuntala Devi ( Full Name: Shakuntaladevi Tutik Matahari, AKA Green Matahari, AKA Kelambu on deviantART), a photographer from Indonesia has been found stealing countless photos from photographers in Facebook and deviantART. She crops out their watermarks, put on hers and claim as her own creation. Besides, she often describes how she encounters her subjects and the stories behind taking the photos!! Please check her Google+ page and also her photo album (please make sure to click the album name to view the FULL album) and see if she has stolen YOUR PHOTOS!! Even though we manage to find some photos she stole, photos post on Facebook do not show up on Google Image Search. For example, she stole two photos from Pablo Platon III on Facebook.
    Shakuntala Devi mainly targets Southeast Asian photographers for their geographic photo settings, although many of her animal photos are also found stolen from western photographers.
    ***Please share this link with your fellow photographers***
    Thank you for your attention!

    S.Devi Page:
    Please feel free to browse through my Google+ page where I exposed few of her theft:

  • Brogen Jessup

    Hi there, I was wondering if you would do some research on someone who was stealing art from artist on Society 6 and various websites and clamining it as their own on Facebook. Is there a website who focusing more on art instead of photography? Thank you for exposing artist who scam us!

  • Guest

    Would you look into this photographer? I hate to be a tattle tale but I’ve suspected some could play for a long time.

    • Michael Goolsby

      For the love of god, make the SELECTIVE COLOR TREATMENT STOP!!

      I briefly looked and found a couple of questionable photos myself, but so much of it was so poor (and selectively colored!!) that I couldn’t believe that most of it was anything but her own. Doesn’t look like she does much business, either.

    • C Sab

      Well that’s just sad fauxtography.

  • Black Paw Photo

    I recently had a series of still images stolen and used by an agency who in addition displayed the Google virtual tours I produced and attempted to pass them off as their own in order to convince client to sign contracts. The name of the company is Every Merchant –, and their Google Trusted Agency website – – is where they displayed my work on 15 separate pages. The man responsible for this agency is Andre Leftwich and his complete lack of respect for ethics is incredible. Even after being asked by Google to remove the works, he argued he did nothing wrong. The stills from these project are fully licensed to my clients, and the only rights I myself retain are portfolio display rights. The virtual tours on the other hand are public, so anyone EXCEPT photographers on the Google program may embed them anywhere. My name and website are in the lower left hand corner of all the tours I produced though. My real portfolio can be found at – I’ve run a photo business since 2009 and have worked with Google on their interior street view project since Jan, 2011. The pages of MerchantView360 where you can find my stills and virtual tours are:

    Pretty damn blatant. If ya feel like adding this as a blog entry, it would be appreciated.

  • Cali
  • I am a wedding photographer, too and i hate my photos being used without any permission.

    The problem is hundreds of website keep using my photo without my permission.

    Look at that link… a lot of dishonest photography company or photographers use (read: stole) that photo from me

  • Lorne Chesal

    What is the current email address for submitting a thief’s “credentials”?

  • April

    Can you look into this site for me?? I submitted them to you a couple months ago but nothing was done. They are STILL using images that are not theirs on their website, and pawning them off as their own. Here is the “photograper’s” website: And here are at least two cases where I’m certain the image is not theirs – I found the images they are using on this site: and this one: I believe they’re using stock imagery and then manipulating it. But this has got to stop, they are attending bridal shows here in town and totally passing this off as their own work. In addition, they promote event design and are using images that aren’t their own for that promotion as well.

  • Todd Klassy

    Here’s one for you. Twitter account lifting photos as their own. No credit provided. Complete hoax. 16,700 followers. And all of the images (including two of mine…see links below) are STOLEN.

  • Michelle Owens Cobble

    So it has come to my attention that one of our most popular and favorite images is being used by another photographer for advertisement purposes. This photographer is located in the Indianapolis area. The photo clearly has our watermark on it “Wicked Lens Imaging” I’ve tried reaching her through FB, found her number on her website so I sent a text message, found a email address on her website. No response. Her name is Ashley Glenn

    (317) 319-5268

    • woahbud

      i bet she has relation to tara glenn

  • Photo Lover

    Here is one from a renowned plagiarist –

    Original image –

    Note the copyright notice above the original photo and the use of the composite (with no credit or link to the original) being used on a Facebook business page – for commercial use.

  • Justin Ryne Wilhelm

    Here’s a Tumblr for you:

    Also used an image of mine, the first Bowmore shot, here without permission:

    Also here:

    Deaqon James, High Speed Magazine, Fast Lane Magazine and DJtalBabes and DJ Foothill are all the same person.

    • Anonymouse

      tumblr is full of stolen photos with no credit. ๐Ÿ™ Reblog.

  • Coraline
    • Victom

      Internet is PUBLIC domain, Anything posted on the internet is PUBLIC domain. You have no rights to privacy, or anything you post , just ask Facebook, Google, Twitter and company if you don’t believe this.

      • Melinda Potter

        NO. You are wrong Victom. While there ARE images that are public domain, not everything posted to the Internet belongs to the public. I don’t know where you got your information from, but it’s inaccurate.

        • Michael Goolsby

          Victom is not only extremely uninformed, but obviously did not read Facebook’s Terms of Use.

          Victom… please know what you’re talking about before making such claims as fact. You are engaging in serious misinformation.

      • Justin Case

        public โ‰  public domain. Either you’re being ironic, or a troll. Not really adding anything to the conversation though, are you?

        • Anonymouse

          I vote troll.

      • Eric Lefebvre

        Wow … what a completely un-educated opinion.
        Posting on the internet does not remove any legal rights you have to your content.

        Go read up on copyright law (from the proper government sites) and then come back to us.

  • Two sides to every Coin

    Question; How do you know that the photo’s sold on websites such as Shutterstock, and similar sites are not originally stolen from Facebook users who upload their personal photo’s to Facebook, maybe even trawled by these sites themselves.?
    Answer; You don’t, but it is a really strong possibility that should be investigated!

    • Melinda Potter

      They wouldn’t be in business if it worked that way. You can rest assured stock businesses don’t take/steal people’s personal photographs

  • There’s a company that makes smart phone cases that is using most assuredly a lot of photographer’s pictures to promote their products. They’ve acknowledged it in a FB message with me. I know they’re using at least one of Lisa Holloway’s pictures both in a FB post and on their website, and if they’re using one, given the quality of their pictures, they’re using a bunch. They’ve smartly hidden them by putting them within pictures. But there are probably dozens and dozens of stolen images here. — be sure to check out their Facebook page. I’ve attached a pic of vimidesign’s website page that has Lisa’s pic on it, and then Lisa’s website with the same pic. I’m really curious how many pictures they’ve stolen. I’m pretty confident it’s a lot.

  • Here’s a pic of the FB message where they’re basically acknowledging that they’re using stolen photos.

    • Joseph Philbert

      Holy crap batman

    • guest42

      Noone deserves their photography stolen, but I don’t for one minute believe LJHolloway handled this well. She’s a known soap opera star hothead with a pension for holding a grudge. She should learn to speak to people decently.

      • Photog

        Bwahwahwawha. I guess you are one of the few who saw that rage against someone in ad too. She need a manners lesson or a chill pill.

        • photog

          Let’s not bash a victim, I don’t care how much of a bitch she is. She doesn’t deserve her shit stolen.

      • CryMeARiverLJ

        Oh waaaaa. LJ-everyone-tell-me-I-am-great-Holloway is at it again. She had a yelp review posted where she called a client an idiot in an email an bragged about a nuclear physicist or some shit. I wish I saved that yelp review.

        • wecanbeheroes

          Haven’t we all wanted to call a client an idiot at some point or another? Good on her.

          • UhNo

            But do we email that client and call them an idiot and then put them down?

      • guest

        True noone deserves their photos stolen, but then again noone who has had a miscarriage deserves to have it rubbed in their face that someone has a perfect record of 22 babies no miscarriages.

        • photog

          what? who did that?

          • Guest

            Idk. It’s a pretty shitty thing to do. If someone did this, they deserve their photography to be stolen. Cosmic Karma?

        • guest42

          Pretty curious that someone posts about ljholloway and a few minutes later this page is hacked.

          • axemurder

            I agree that is curious, Did the chinese company even know PS was doing a blog on them? LJ has hacked before, just ask Sadpanda. She deleted it.

          • Guest

            Commenting not illegal / Hacking is illegal and a federal offense if done over state lines like from Nevada / Ohio. So if anyone comes at you with information obtained through a cyber crime – Laugh in their faces. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Photo Stealers

            I made the error of posting on Fb that I was writing a post about them.

        • darkhorse

          who has 22 kids? If I had 22 kids, or even 10 I would purchase this product.

  • rhm
  • RichL-T

    @Britanniacomms have just shared a friends image (already stolen countless times) and did a funny credit “crt JohanneKourie”

    Firstly can everyone keep their eyes peeled for this image (original) (it was legally paid for and printed in a few papers but the copyright was not sold ). The photographer is getting a bit peeved at the number of times this image has been stolen and re-used without credit/permission etc. – it was even shared on FB by George Takei (Get to the mothership) with no credit given.

    Secondly I feel a bit suspicious about some of the other photos on this feed as they all seem to have “crt name” with any @ stripped out.

  • slainephoto

    You might want to consider making this page private – as anybody can look and see that there have been suggestions for their site, or somebody they know. Just a thought.

    • Melinda Potter

      And this would be a bad thing, why?

      • slainephoto

        Because then anybody can be warned, corrected, etc. Somebody obviously saw a facebook status, and was able to do something. What if they saw they’re all over the ‘suggested thieves’ page, and decided to correct it before screengrabs, and notifications could be made? That would be unfortunate.

        • Anonymouse

          This is not meant to be a turn you in thread is it? If you want to turn someone in Email Photo Stealers.

          • slainephoto

            no, it isn’t meant – but people are still posting, here.

          • People is stupid.

    • Photo Stealers

      I’ve been deleting submissions before I post so no one gets any heat.

  • Anonymous – soliciting models for “nude modeling photos”. But his/her site’s images are not his/hers.

    Many photos came from Vancouver photographer Ryan Doco Connors.

    Shame on whoever this creep is.

  • guest42
  • guest42
  • guest42
    • Anonymouse

      The website doesn’t look to contain any stolen images, but that profile photo and cover are stolen.

  • AEK

    Check out

    They sell tacky photo backgrounds – including some with stolen photos. They bring bad taste to a new low and have invented new holidays – like Hallowmas.

    • Anonymouse

      tacky tacky tacky.

  • EJ

    How do I submit a photo stealing thief?

  • captain-confuzzled

    just wanted to say take care over the next weeks, good luck with whatever you need it for. There will be plenty of photo stealers around to catch up on later, but there is only one you.

    • Just a Girl

      i agree!!!! Take care of yourself!!!!!

  • Christian Schleisiek

    Here’s something you can do if people are stealing your pictures:
    It’s an inexpensive little desktop-tool that automatically finds your pictures via every free “reverse image search engine” there is (including Google).
    It still needs a bit of kickstarting. So, back the project & spread the word!
    And we all will soon have an awesome tool!
    Check it out:

  • Michael Goolsby

    Here is someone probably barely worthy of Photostealers recognition, as it is clear they are probably a total newbie and not likely to be taken very seriously by any true “client”. Nonetheless, every single photo except one (gee, which is it?) on their site is *probably* stolen.Not a lot of pictures… just one for each category and a few feature pics; they want to make themselves appear to be a jack of all trades, from high fashion to weddings, maternity, kids and babies. (His mainpage photo is stolen from noted LA fashion photographer Shaun Alexander, who seems to have plenty of trouble with image theft, and obviously do not mind filing DCMA complaints against offenders.) He is in my area, though, I do get a little upset when someone tries to cheat their way into the business rather than actually “learning and earning”. As long as they are just shooting for their family and friends and looking more “professional” in the process with a stolen website, I don’t care. But if just ONE legitimate client is burned by charlatans such as this, then I get a bit upset. Our industry is indeed suffering under the weight of too many frauds.

    Royale Images Photography, Atlanta GA

    • beaux

      What’s up with Georgia? So many thieves.

      • Joel

        Was just thinking the same thing.

  • Walter Ochs

    Don’t know if this is posted here yet, but there’s a page on FB called EarthPorn( and also a commercial site( They have nothing but stolen images. And they try to bully anyone who reports them with comments like these from their information page

    “Recently some of the photos we’ve posted have been “flagged” as
    copyright infringement by some of our followers, So we at Earth Porn
    would like to clear up some misunderstandings. We don’t claim to own
    copyright on any of the photos we post here on Earth Porn and all
    copyright goes to their respected owners.

    We are no multi-level corporation running this page, Just two friends
    who love this voluptuous planet of ours and want to share it’s beauty
    with all it’s inhabitants, we are human and therefore not perfect. That
    being said, we do understand the need to give credit to the
    photographers who take these beautiful pictures. And while we do our
    best to find their names, this is the internet and sometimes, by the
    time we find a photo the source of the image is lost in obscurity.

    POST… please leave a comment with their name and link below the image,
    and we will do our best to edit the post to give them the credit they
    deserve. “FLAGGING” or “REPORTING” our posts only hurt the community as a
    whole, and if you love our sexy mother gaia as much as we do, and want
    to see more of her… Please give us a helping hand, instead of
    immediately telling Facebook Mom and Dad on us”

    It doesn’t take a lot to see if an image belongs to some else. I hope it gets shut down. Many of the images are so ‘shopped on it now anyway it’s unrealistic.

    • They’re gone

    • Joseph Philbert

      Lol they got the memo..

    • Joseph Philbert

      WOW they had 3.8 MILLION FANS! and they shut it down …dam
      O wait its back up now

    • Justin Case

      total scumbags. Pretending to be ‘two friends who love this voluptuous planet’ … so why is their website chock-full of adds making them revenue on STOLEN work. And no ‘about us’ page … just a ‘Hawaii SEO’ link.

  • Appalled

    So you are a photographer that “outs” your competition with half-truths and (sometimes) outright lies. How pathetic. But hey, whatever garners business for you!

    • C Sab

      lol I’m guessing one of the thieves that have been exposed is a friend or family member of yours. Show us where these half-truths, and lies are. Otherwise, go be butthurt somewhere else little troll. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Joseph Philbert

      Ha you made me laugh

    • Theives aren’t our competition … they are simply thieves. And yes, if I find a fucking photographer, be he in my area or not, using some of MY IMAGES FOR HIS BUSINESS, he’s in for a world of legal hurt.

      PHoto Stealer’s is doing all of is LEGIT photographers a great service so go fuck yourself “appalled”.

  • FRIZ

    This isn’t a business though. It’s a website to out people who fucking deserve to be outed. If your feelings are hurt, you should have thought about the consequences before stealing. Oh well.

    • FRIZ

      That was meant for Appalled below.

  • David Spahr

    My situation is a bit different. I have had images of medicinal mushrooms stolen by ethically challenged people to hustle products mostly in a dishonest way. When I call or email them they prove who they are. Items are stolen from mushroom-collecting,com. Most of my site images are in my book as well.

    • cian

      So report their illegal activities to the police?

  • David Spahr
  • This site is FULL of stolen images….including one of mine (one that I have found so far)

    • omg

      This site is indeed full of stolen images.

      • I just found 10 more of mine on there. And the thing is some of them are like 150×150, why steal a image for a wallpaper site that would never work for a wallpaper

  • tBauer

    If your a photographer or even not.. your probably on here!!! Take a peak and read…
    Major copyright infringement going on. click share on my post. I guarantee you I am not alone. Get the word out. You will see from this screen shot my precious posh images with mostly watermarks on them are up for free wall paper and downloads. The place even has a facebook page on here. You will want to go and check to see if your images are being used. In one way I had to giggle everyone talks how important it is to watermark your images. Half the time we know I don’t. This is why. See they just use it even watermarked.

    The wildest thing I see also is a friend from church her personal family image is also on there from I guess her own facebook page. So I guess they are scarfing off facebook and pininterest and other popular social media groups.

    I bet your in there- To search -scroll down left side and type in your name and or photography name-

    So go check it out and see if your also in their database. Then bombard their facebook page. Cause this is not right.

    • Melinda Potter

      Saw 7 of mine, but they are tiny, and look like crap as a wallpaper, and wouldn’t print worth a darn any bigger than a 3×5. Even my profile picture was there lol. Photostealers doesn’t deal with site like these though. Only photographers that steal from other photographers. There are WAY too many sites like this one out there to even count them.

    • Other Folder

      site’s down. People have been reporting all afternoon.

    • They are in India
      Registrant Name:Deep Saini
      Registrant Organization:
      Registrant Street: E2/68 SN Near Metro
      Registrant City:New Delhi
      Registrant State/Province:Delhi
      Registrant Postal Code:110052
      Registrant Country:IN
      Registrant Phone:+236.53854
      Registrant Phone Ext:
      Registrant Fax:
      Registrant Fax Ext:

      They are hosted by NameCheap a US COMPANY … HIT THEM THERE!

  • Hannah Wheeler

    Nupe Free WallPaper on Facebook has stolen hundreds of images from Facebook subscribers and posted to their wall and their website as free wall papers

  • This France photographer, is stealing photos from my FB personal and business account along with my website. My own self portraits….

    Here’s MY pages they stole from: and

  • Guest

    Hmmm. This will really open the floodgates to folks who think all web imagery is free:

  • kalistaimaging

    I have a TV show company that stole and used 2 of my video clips in an opening scene to a live aired fight.That is going to be a battle. Nothing but lies from them, and, to make it even better, their editor, was caught stealing my studio iPad non-profit tracking iPad terminal.

  • Bri McDaniel
    • Joel

      Wow, yeah…..tons of stuff here…very obvious which ones are stolen.

    • Justin Case

      looks like the photo world is taking this one on… LOTS of negative comments, although I still spotted plenty of photos he didn’t take. I think he isn’t paying attention or the facebook page will be down in … 3… 2… 1…

      • Justin Case

        …and it’s GONE…

    • Joseph Philbert

      They are gone

  • Joel

    Hundreds and hundreds of stolen photos here, almost all have had their watermarks stripped and the thief’s watermark added. My work is among the masses here as well:

    I know they don’t claim ownership, but stripping my watermark and not giving any credit to any of the hundreds of photographers is messed up.

  • I spotted a page in our community here in BC , Fraser Valley. She strikes me as a young gal starting out but sadly most of her images on her page are stolen. Should I report her here or is there a way where you guys verify to see if this is actually true? Someone else spotted first and I’m hoping he reports it first.

  • Alex Almeida

    I think you should check this…
    The best images there aren’t on his website. Don’t you find that a little strange?

  • Clark

    Can you check on and
    not sure if they are legit or not…

    • Michael Goolsby

      I did my own sampling of a the site and everything looked legit. EXCELLENT photography, by the way.

  • Nobody
  • Jessica Lund
    • Justin Case

      pretty shitty of her. There is a link to her facebook business page… I would post in English and Polish what you wrote above. At least you know she isn’t getting much work since there is so little on the site.
      It sucks, but do what you can to get your work taken down.

      • Jessica Lund

        She has taken the photos away now and I emailed her! This site is brilliant!!!!

    • Justin Case

      actually, I was wrong. Her facebook link leads nowhere…

  • Chris Wolfe

    I have a gem of a story for you guys.

    This local photographer was caught stealing information from other local photographer friends of mine. She started by stealing their About Me information, Package Price information, etc. She would copy/paste it, then change a few words here or there. Essentially, all the information her pages were lies but no one knew any better and it just made her sound like a better photographer than she really was with more ‘clients’ than she really had.

    She eventually got caught, and after a threat of a lawsuit for theft of intellectual property, she was forced to change her branding. Only since Dec/Jan, she’s been known as Yellow Bird Photography by CC. After some minor investigation after she said she had made a new logo for her business cards. Well on her facebook fan page and her actual photography page on WIX, the logo looked fuzzy and even with my little experience as a graphic designer, I knew there was no way she had made this logo. So again, another search lead me to find that she had stolen the branding of another photographer, this time in CA/TX. The real Yellow Bird Photography page had been created by a digital artist along with the rest of the page, so he knew that his artwork had been stolen. We noticed he commented on the page of the girl who had stolen his artwork, but she quickly deleted it, and has now removed the link to her WIX page, but the post of the logo still remains.

    She is also known for a few horror stories among the local photographers in the area for messaging their clients out of the blue, and slandering the business, sometimes under false names.

    Fake Yellow Bird Photography:
    Real Yellow Bird Photography:

    Fake Yellow Bird Photography facebook fanpage:
    Real Yellow Bird Photography facebook fanpage:

    I also have some side-by-side photos of her pages with the real pages as well as the photo of the messages she sent to clients of local photographers.

    • Chris Wolfe

      Side by Side of information taken: (Original on left)

      Messages sent by Cynthia Canter of Bows and Buttons/Yellow Bird Photography to clients of local photographers:

      Branding stolen: (Original on left)

      Please help stop her unprofessional and distrustful business from continuing. She is poisonous to the community here.


      • kyler

        mind blown.. congrats to this girl on adding one word to something and passing it off as hers. she must be so talented.

    • Joseph Philbert

      Wow that is insane

    • WhiteCreek

      She has been “inspired” to change her new logo and you won’t believe it but NOW she’s copying ANOTHER Yellow Bird Photography business page.

  • Meemers

    Their profile picture was taken from Hunter Leon. They told him to prove it was his and told him not to be rude to them.

    • Photo Stealers

      That page isn’t a photographer, just a humor site. Hunter’s best recourse is to file a DMCA with Facebook.

  • is STEALING well known Photographer Hunter Leone’s work. I have taken screenshots of all comments so far and they refuse to take it down!

    • Photo Stealers

      That page isn’t a photographer. Hunter’s best recourse is to file a DMCA with Facebook.

  • Amylynn Richards

    Have you all seen this website? I was appalled! I found it when I saw an ad for a sports photograph (not mine) that looked familiar. I’m not so sure that the website is actually a PHOTOGRPAHER claiming it is his/her own.. but the website sure seems to be…

  • Joshua_Barnett

    I’m part of a HUGE facebook wedding photographers group. Nearly 16,000 members. This guys posted his website IN THE GROUP! He has a few photos that are his (I think), but mostly not. He also uses instagram to share images without crediting the original photographers. Kym Trice is his name. From Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s a flyer he made with stolen pictures.

    • Guest

      Another Atlanta Area Thief.

    • Justin Case

      yeah, this one won’t last long. I’m guessing it’s mostly all stock images, so worthwhile to let the community know about this.

      And if unintentional irony tickles your funny-bone, head on over to the ‘Disclaimers’ page: if he really IS the owner of all these images, you’d think he could afford a real website, since these images are already all over the internet…

      • Joshua_Barnett

        Yeah, I saw the big section about copyright law…yeeesh.

      • Greg Eigsti

        My thoughts were stock images as well, any image on his sites that you search comes up with multiple hits that look like they could be legit.

    • Nora

      here’s the image he used on his webpage…. and the original by another photographer. He just cropped out his name

    • Rob Dunlop
      • Michael Goolsby

        His Wix page features the above photograph with his own watermark, name and telephone number.

        • Rob Dunlop

          I know, click “see more” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wix website … do we have that on the fauxtog bingo card?

    • Looks like h emight have gone by another name previously …

      … yup … not his first profile.

      And more stolen images:

      I don;t have a LinkedIn account but here he is.

      And is listed under another photography business: “Staff Photographer at GradImages”

    • Joshua_Barnett

      Here’s his facebook:

      LOTS of stolen images.

    • Joshua_Barnett

      I gave him 4 hours to clean-up his site before I reported it all to photostealers. He told me it was just a few wix template pictures, he takes his pictures, he dared me to report him, then he called me a clown. So yeah…

    • Joseph Philbert

      Ok … What’s up with Atlanta and photo thieves??

    • Rob Dunlop
    • Photo Stealers

      Working on this one right now. Sourcing is a fucking bitch.

      • Joshua_Barnett

        Thank you. You are incredible. I couldn’t believe that he posted his wedding “portfolio” to a group of actual wedding photographers. I guess criminals aren’t often known for their brain power.

        • MPR1776

          Would tend to agree with you since he is claiming the copyright to all images & such on his site, which we know aren’t all his images.

  • MPR1776

    Personally, I like his copyright notice best, what a joke, specially since his cover photos don’t belong to him, second is from his Editorial page, SS from today.!editorial/c1han

    • C Sab

      It’s always hilarious when these hacks try to protect their “copyright” when the images they show off aren’t theirs. It always makes them look even worse when everyone sees them for the frauds they are. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Justin Case

      love it. “I’m a description. Click to edit me”

  • MPR1776

    Then again, it might be a bit more serious than just stealing images, he also may be using unauthorized images &

  • Jen

    For all of you who followed the Megan Kunert debacle, I found something interesting. It appears she never deleted her TwitPic profile…

  • Booray Perry

    Just found one of my images on a website for a Savannah GA wedding company.

    Not only did I shoot it ( but I own the company that created the wedding design featured in the image! ( So, they stole my image to promote their company and the image is of a beach wedding design created by my wife for our beach wedding company. The double-whammy!

    Here’s the original. The one they stole was on Pinterest and didn’t have my watermark. My wife runs Perfect Florida Beach Wedding and probably figured she didn’t need my stamp since the SIGN IS IN THE PICTURE!

    At least one other stolen image from another company on the website.

    • Booray Perry

      Here it is on their website:

      • Justin Case

        no, no, PLEASE, not another one from Georgia!

        • Georgia Peach

          Georgia will need to go on the bingo card.

    • Justin Case

      Booray, I would send them DMCA take-down notice AND a bill immediately. There are some good sample ones here:

      Since they are a wedding planner site and rep photographers, they have a lot to lose if you let the people they rep know that they are using your work without your approval or payment.

      They are not saying anywhere that they hold the copyright or that they are the creator of any of the images on the site, but since they are commercial, you should be due significant reimbursement for the infringement. (I am not a lawyer, and you should certainly get one on this ASAP if you can’t reach a settlement immediately).

      PS: looks like they have already removed it, but you should still send them a bill for the usage.

      • Booray Perry

        I’m looking at the listing now and it’s still there.

        I’m still deciding what to do about it. A demand for normal licensing isn’t enough because it’s not just my image they stole but a commercial beach wedding design that is now being passed off as their own.

        • Booray, you don’t bill them for normal usage, you bill them for at least twice that … if not more.

          As far as the beach design … my, non-professional, understanding is that designs aren’t really protected just like you can’t protect the CONCEPT of a shot copyright protects an execution not an idea … I might be wrong, after all I’m:

          1- Not a lawyer
          2- Not from the US.

          So my understanding of your copyright law is, obviously, not perfect.

          • MPR1776

            Not sure if that is correct, Eric, companies license templates, those are design concepts & if they find you using their products w/o permission or license they can sue you for it. US Copyright Law concerning design –

          • MPR1776

            You’ll have to read the whole thing, but they do have a design notice just like a copyright notice, but it’s an encircled D instead of a C

          • You might be right but #2 and #3 might apply here.

            ยง 1302. Designs not subject to protection

            Protection under this chapter shall not be available for a design that is โ€”

            (2) staple or commonplace, such as a standard geometric figure, a familiar symbol, an emblem, or a motif, or another shape, pattern, or configuration which has become standard, common, prevalent, or ordinary;

            (3) different from a design excluded by paragraph (2) only in insignificant details or in elements which are variants commonly used in the relevant trades;

            (4) dictated solely by a utilitarian function of the article that embodies it; or

            (5) embodied in a useful article that was made public by the designer or owner in the United States or a foreign country more than 2 years before the date of the application for registration under this chapter.

            Like I said, I’m not a lawyer.

          • MPR1776

            Me neither maybe –> has something on it that can help or might be able to ask the question as to whether or not it qualifies.

  • Negotiate

    From the people that brought you Our Labor of Love and Smile Booth.

    • And I love how giving credit makes everything ok … I didn’t know that copyright law states that giving credit means you don;t have to properly license an image.

  • Cate Scaglione

    Is taking concepts the same as stealing photos? The artist on the left (Julie Betz McGann) has recently launched a fine art child illustrative concept …kinda “far out” there ….AND is gaining attention in the industry for it. The artist on the right feels that because she has seen many giraffes used in photos, it is fine to use this same concept. What’s the consensus on this?The first concept was launched in a small private group they both belonged to. It is not everyday you see giraffes on leashes led by little girls? If it was a book/publishing idea, it would be a violation. Where does the line get drawn? I remember when a similar issue happened to Lindsay Adler and a fashion photo concept.

    • Photo Stealers

      Honestly that’s beyond my expertise. I don’t know the laws regarding this, sorry!

    • You can’t copyright an idea … only the expression of that idea.

      • There was a case a few years ago here in the UK where a company edited an image in the same style as another company and were sued successfully:

        • Joseph Philbert

          There are exceptions but most times you can sue.

        • Yeah … that case never made any sense to me. Thankfully that concept hasn;t spread to Canada or the US. The way the judge ruled on that case it sounded more like he was judging on a trademark case than a copyright case.

  • Munaza Saiyed

    I recently did a wedding & the sister-in-law decided to become a wedding photographer after that. She has one of my picture taken during the wedding as her profile picture & is taking all the 100+ likes & appreciation thanking everyone. I approached her and asked her to give photography credit to the owner of image meaning myself & she refused to, saying I am mistaken & she is not taking any credit. Isn’t the fact that she is refusing to give proper credit & misleading people stealing?

    • Is it on her facebook business page if so send a DMCA takedown notice to Facebook. IF it’s her personal facebook … that could get tricky depending on the contract you signed with the bride and groom.

      • Munaza Saiyed

        its on her personal Facebook. The bride & groom have print rights only, I have not given them the permission to share on social media. They are very private people & never wanted anything online.

        • DMCA takedown not wirth the effort of suing for infringement at this stage.

        • Melinda Potter

          click “report this photo” and then click on “This photo is my intellectual property”

  • guest I don’t know what there is to do about this facebook page. It’s in arabic, farcy or some other middle eastern language and has stolen from so many good photographers. Paint the moon, Melanie, dewdrops, jinky art, dina haggerty, jen carver, elise, sally, and so many more. I’ve reported my images to facebook, but they won’t remove it. Facebook does not have a good way to report unauthorized intellectual property on personal pages.

  • X

    How about He’s using photographs by professionals, claiming it’s fair use cos they’re on the internet and uses it to prop up his blogging/reality tv show exploits. Not a photographer, but a total dick rider all the same.

    • Photo Stealers

      He’s not a photographer…

  • EtsyArtist

    This site has stolen my photograph, along with many other artists’ photographs of their original work.

  • Greetings – I am a photographer and just stumbled on to your site and all I can say is WOW! I had heard of people stealing photogs photos but had no idea it was this bad! Anyway, I just spent two hours reading all of these stories. I have a question. What do you use for a reverse image look up? I have been playing around with TinEye, but I wondered if there is another one that is better. Thanks much and keep up the good work!

  • carlonicora

    Hello Guys,
    How can I submit nice people who steals images from other photographers? I have a couple already! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • stolen
  • stolen
  • stolen
    • Justin Case

      Yeah, it’s quite easy to see which are Casey’s Photography images and which ones are stolen. Good catch.

      • Michael Goolsby

        Very easy indeed. And from what I can see, she has absolutely no discernable affiliation with Peacock Invitations, which gives New York and London addresses.

  • Uncle B Multiple corporate infringer.

  • floyd
  • guest < new thief from what I can tell. Using Oh So Posh Actions kid in craigslist.

    • Joseph Philbert
    • Justin Case

      lots of stolen images. And the real sign of a thief…when they lie in the cations implying ownership but without any specifics. Looks like she has her watermark on other peoples’ images so she can’t claim ‘inspiration’ on this one.

    • captain-confuzzled

      wondering if this is someone you know? – CL ad posted 1 hour ago, you posted here 40 min ago. Really quick given that she doesn’t seem to have much presence on the web under the info on her current Facebook page

    • guest

      Is the page down already? You guys work fast?

      • Justin Case

        yep, gone. Got some good screen captures though, in case she decides to show up again.

        • Joseph Philbert

          Great …because I did some sourcing and I forgot too do that …I did a refresh today by habit and I noticed it was down.

      • Guests

        Awesome, taking them down as soon as they hit craigslist. Rebranding?

  • Jessica

    //here’s a piece of work — this chick is using OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS’ images in her portfolio. but, WAIT FOR IT, totally admits that she has them up for “example only”. man, wish i could have snagged some killer images from other photographers instead of building my portfolio the old fashioned way.

    • Joseph Philbert

      I mean …who does that? Its the new age use images from bad ass photographers show what you can do even when you never did it before ๐Ÿ˜›

      • MPR1776

        The Mentally ill? But the images she has taken herself are pretty good, at least the eyes are all in focus unlike Kym’s pics and a few others on here

    • MPR1776

      Her logo is stolen, but seems she’s deleting images quickly and she hasn’t added her logo to the images that aren’t hers

    • Joel

      Seemed she was very quick to respond. She might have truly been clueless, as her apology seems pretty sincere:

      • Joseph Philbert

        I applaud her for this… it should be an example to others.
        Shame she unpublished her fanpage.

        • Marc W.

          Because she was called out for stealing her logo.

          Looks like another Facebook Photographer

  • Ian Taylor

    Found in a Facebook group. 2 weddings featured, with HUGE inconsistencies:!

    It turns out, unsurprisingly, that some of the (good) shots are stolen (from and maybe others).

  • Marc W.
  • guest
    • guest

      Maybe wrong. Maybe workshop?

  • Pingback: Photos and Graphics | Pearltrees()

  • MPR1776

    Someone needs to send this link to every photo stealer on here…from fstoppers (It’s funny)

  • An interesting article i read today! About a band who stole a photographers work and were complete asses about it. Lil different then the normal wedding photo thief’s.

  • Dacey

    This website is brilliant. I enjoy sifting through pins. Let me know if you need backup!

  • quixotism22

    Please add the apostrophe! “…steal others’ work…”
    Some of us have grammatical as well as IP sensibilities!

  • Nicole Coffin

    I cant believe people steal images… I wonder if any of my images are out stolen… how do you know?
    thanks for calling people out,

  • MPR1776

    I found something interesting, Bing Image search has added image match like google has had.

    • Joseph Philbert

      More power

  • Heather

    Hi, I’m a professional Fine Art Photographer and just found an image of mine (a self portrait no less) being used as a profile image for hookers on a site in Holland. Oh my god. Have written the site, the 2 women who used it have no direct email, but have yet to hear back. ARG. What do I do? Thanks.

    • Contact a lawyer. The site won’t care … that’s like contacting a car theif to tellhim he stole your car.

      • Heather

        thank you Eric, appreciate it

        • You are welcome. But like I said further above, maybe try attacking them through their web hosting company. The site owners might not take your email down but the webhost might.

    • Also, do a whois to see where their site is hosted from. You might be able to hit them through their host.

  • Abel Rose Photography
    • Joseph Philbert

      This is the 3rd time … must be the charm

      • Justin Case

        if at first you don’t succeed, rebrand, rebrand, rebrand.

        • Now now … nothing wrong with starting a new as long as he doesn’t start stealing again.

          • Justin Case

            ….or running contests again, or lying again, or…
            No, you’re quite right Eric. I actually think CJ has quite a bit of talent, it’s just his other issues that keep tripping him up. Hope he does manage to get it together one day.

    • It’s not Chris apparently … just someone he is helping out so maybe we should pull this link and keep it in our back pocket?

      • Justin Case

        I hope you’re right. But you can see why someone would think it was him… lots of similarities in style, and in marketing too…

        • no

          RC is on the webpage on the about us bio page. It is RC and his “assistant”. RC is on the cover photo posted above.

      • BullShite

        Yeah, so far everything looks legit. He manned up in the end, so if this is his fresh start and it’s nothing to do with stealing, good for him.

    • Guest

      Good for him. It does appear to be his new page or partnership, but nothing is stolen thus far. We can keep an eye on it but perhaps he finally learned his lesson . Took him long enough.

      • Guest

        Yes partnership with this girl. But I wish him well. He’s a lowlife but very talented lowlife.

        • C Sab

          lol Hardly talented.

    • Melinda Potter

      I’m actually really happy to see this, and I hope he finds success in it, because he goes about things properly. To me that would be a very happy ending. I’d like to see him do well for himself

  • Melinda Potter

    Hey, anyone want to help me get this guy to listen? He doesn’t qualify as a PS listing because he uses just stock and took down the one photo that came directly from another photographer This is who he “borrowed from” But like I said he took that one down, and claims he made amends with him lol. Scroll down his wall and you’ll see some links I posted talking about the remaining stock imagery on his site. So far this is all that remains on his Facebook that isn’t his, but I’m still in the process of looking

    • Melinda Potter

      This guy was bragging about winning best of show in wppi PPA and a group called triangle??? none of his photos are in the winner’s gallery, but it’s worth taking a look at ๐Ÿ˜‰ The arrogance and cockiness is what got me looking. For more fun, check out his website and read his about. (stock imagery and WOWness)

    • Melinda Potter

      He’s deleting so I thought I’d share these screen grabs

    • Melinda Potter

      Google results

    • captain-confuzzled

      Here’s another stolen image

      • Melinda Potter

        Yeah looks like it. It’s all over the place getting claimed by people lol I THINK it’s from Amy Dresser. Here’s a link I found in the comments it’s talked about. Regardless it has no business being on his website. Good job finding it. I hadn’t even seen that one

      • Melinda Potter

        and what a bunch of bull he wrote

        • Justin Case

          You mean like:
          “Chris Wise Photography is an industry leading provider of wedding, senior, family and children portraits. Privately held and based in Warren, PA, the company was founded in 2005 – when it was just a small 1 camera / 1 light outfit based out of Clarion PA. Since then, Chris Wise Photography has grown from a small hobby”ish” photography company into
          an industry leading, recognized portrait studio with a full, portable studio setup including multiple lights, cameras and portable backgrounds.”

          when actually it’s more like:
          “More Details for Wise Photos: Categorized under Videographers. Our records show it was established in 2005 and incorporated in Pennsylvania. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 36000 and employs a staff of approximately 1.”

          • Melinda Potter

            Actually I was thinking more about this โ€œOur studio is home to a well recognized graphic designer that has appeared in Photoshop Users, Photoshop eXtreme and has spoken on the Scott Kelby tours. We are able to digitally restore and correct old photos along with creating fine-tuned classic enhancements such as Black & Whites, Sepia, Selective Coloring and more. โ€œ

          • Justin Case

            …and there it is, the mark of a true professional: Selective Coloring (wonder if that’s a โ„ข with the capital letters and all).

          • Melinda Potter

            and this “While employed with Mark, I became quite active in various organizations: PPA, WPPI and TPA. I began entering prints into competitions and taking high ranks. I was emersed into this industry with the opportunity to learn from some great names like Don Blair, Skip Cohen and Bambi Cantrell”

          • Melinda Potter

            and… “So I uploaded a bunch of stock photos because I was going to try and create a pose suggestion mobile app. Something any photographer could use”. LMAO Here’s an idea! How about creating a pose suggestion app using your OWN images. lol I want to give back to the photography community by finding pictures on google that I like, and putting them all together for a mobile app. who’s in?! He’s not the sharpest Knife in the drawer, that’s for sure

      • I’m confused. I thought it was totally ok to use stock photos if they were paid for? I’ve seen a lot of vendors selling stock photos of animals. I know they didn’t take the photos as some can even be found on the web for free. I’ve been wondering a while about that. Then you have the action makers who buy cheap actions from sites they don’t think anyone shops at, then they change the names and re-sell them.

        • Justin Case

          OK to use them for what?

          If you’re a bee-keeper and sell bee-keeping supplies, it is of course perfectly legitimate to buy a license to use stock photos of bees and use them in your advertising or on your website โ€“ provided that is the type of license you purchased.

          If you are a wildlife photographer, or really ANY kind of photographer, using those same stock images โ€“ without EXPRESSLY labeling the images as stock or otherwise purchased, especially when representing them as your own work โ€“ is fraud.

          Many, though not all, legitimate stock houses specifically prohibit using their images to represent your own work. Lots of photographers seem to play fast-and-loose with with claims like ‘I didn’t SAY they were mine’ but if you are in the business of photography, I can think of few legitimate uses of someone else’s images, stock photography or not.

        • 1- Copyright violation (moral rights provisions).
          2- False Advertising
          3- Contract Violations (read the contracts for most stock agencies)

          The MAJOR issue is the false advertising.

          Imagine you go see a photographer and he shows you stunning images like this:

          (Photographer: Barbara Ann | Ottawa, Ontario … simply awesome photographer).

          But when you get your album or disk or whatever you end up with crap like this!

          or this:

          or this:

          That’s why there are false advertising laws.

          • Thank you for that explanation. I’ve just wondered because I see people using stock a lot to sell actions, templates etc.. which I see is fine. But when you use stock to represent yourself as a photographer its not so good.

            Soooo what if your images are full of stock photos of animals? Is that also false advertisement? If you didn’t take the picture of the animal, are you still misrepresenting yourself?

        • Its not hard to understand a photographer should NEVER use stock images to advertise their work since that is not an example of what they can ever create.
          Its the reason why Honda does not use stock images of a BMW to sell honda cars … is false advertising and illegal.

          • I get that part joseph. I appreciate your explanation as well. I’m seeing a lot of stock usage on FB lately. Animals, etc..

    • Melinda Potter

      and this LOL That explains it!

      • captain-confuzzled

        oh brother!

        • Like seriously … it isn’t rocket science to throw a user gallery up real quick … especially if you don’t try and add a shopping cart component.

          – Write a quick batch file to generate an XML file from the contents of a folder only looking at jpegs.
          – Create an XML file.
          -Write a simple web form (one field and a button) to pass a “userkey” to your display page
          – Write a bit of PHP or ASP or whatever to parse out the XML using the XSL using a the “userkey” as a query string to determin what XML file you want to parse out.
          – Tun the batch file every time you have a new client and upload the files to your server.
          -Email your clients the passkey.


          Total lines of code actually written? Maybe 20-30. Shouldn’t take 2 years.

      • Justin Case

        OK, so it was posted on 12 Dec 2012 and it’s STILL in ‘beta development’? What comes after beta? Delta? Theta? I know, Larceny!

        The analytics on that page claim it has been viewed more than 37,000 times! How many of them have fallen for this crap?

    • Justin Case

      “This content is currently unavailable” Looks like you might have gotten through, Melinda.

      • Melinda Potter

        Just checked and everything is still up. hmmmmmm

  • Tony Kearney

    This a conversation that is currently taking place between a web page owner and some appalled photographers:

    • Joseph Philbert

      it was removed..

    • Marc W.

      Can you elaborate since the post is gone?

      • Justin Case

        there was a drawn-out post and comments regarding an Adelaide, Australia photo company called ‘Cjd Photography’ made up of three photographers. Two of them were blaming the third after OP Dan Wooldridge found they were using photos stolen from at least three other photographers. Cazz Delaney and Jess (the Cjd Photographers) blamed Lisa Donnelly (whom they say they bought the company ‘Little Stars Photos’ from) for the problem.

        Most commenters didn’t seem to buy it, and there was also questions about the use of unlicensed images in an advertisement. (Google images, of course)

        Here is just a snippet of the ordeal which was still in my cache:

  • CrackerJacker

    Hey all — Looks like another generation of photo stealers is just graduating!

  • wanderer

    Haven’t seen any new posts in over a week. Does this mean photo theft is on the decline and your goal is reached?

    • Norman Beer

      Unfortunately no…
      It’s because this site is run on Ad-Clicks and donations and the person running it has a successful business that needs tending, and right now is a busy time for photography.

    • BullShite

      LOL. The day that lazy narcissists who want everyone to think they are brilliant photographers declines, the day fly-by-night con-people stop using stolen photos to create fake photography businesses declines… the day lonely boring people on the internets stop stealing other’s work in order to gain accolades declines, the day sub-par “photographers” steal other’s images to boost their flopping businesses…. then MAYBE there will be a slow-down in activity here.

      But we are dealing with human nature, so there will be no end.

    • I think it;s because Corey is a successful photographer and is probably swamped what with the wedding season having just started … I’m booked every week-end for the next two months myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Photo Stealers

      Sadly no, it just means that a) wedding season has begun and b) I had a slipped disc on Tuesday that literally put me on my ass ๐Ÿ™

      • Lindsay11

        Oh no! I think we all assumed you were just busy because it is June, but I am so sorry to hear about your back and hope you are feeling better now.

        • Photo Stealers

          Thankfully I am. Yay drugs!

      • Just a Girl

        Oh no!!!!! Take care of yourself!!

      • Helena

        Oh bum! (Excuse the pun). Hope you feel better soon!

  • CrackerJacker

    Hey all — The Copyright Zone Guys have an updated video for B&H. Well worth the watch!

    • BullShite

      It’s so crazy how disrespectful people are as a whole about the work of others. I just had to file a DMCA this week on YouTube because someone was using images of my art on a video I didn’t authorize. It’s absolutely maddening.

    • Marc W.

      It’s Interesting to consider how much the stealer is saving on not doing their own shoot.

    • Justin Case

      Thanks, CJ. I don’t always agree with their interpretation, but this is all good information. I wish every photographer was at least aware of how often this happens, and how important it is not to ignore the issue.

  • tttulio

    Hi, I cannot “report” because your captcha doesn’t show, probably an incompatibility with pop up blocker etc. Just to let you know.

    • Melinda Potter

      It’s shows for me. Try using another browser?

      • tttulio

        I tried Mac 10.9. latest Chrome and Firefox Mac 10.9.

      • BullShite

        Works for me too with a pop-up blocker on Chrome. Maybe you have a setting that is doing it?

  • Anon

    Why haven’t we busted this guy?

    • Justin Case

      you mean because he is putting his logo on Nikon press release photos?

    • Just a Girl
      • Justin Case

        but he needs your money for his poor growing family!

        • THAT bugs the HELL out of me! HE throws that ALL OVER his website. That’s a conman tactic!

      • Ken Rockwell rant starts at 38 minutes.

      • I dont really like Ken Rockwell at all.

      • Melinda Potter

        FroKnows drives me just as nuts as Ken Rockwell does lol It’s very funny how much Jared dislikes Ken, and how much he gets irked by him. They both are two pees in a pod. They’re like twins separated at birth and seem to have the same make up/personality to me. It’s entertaining though. I can’t quite make it through an entire Jared video OR an entire blog post by Ken without some serious eye rolling and giggles at their expense (or giving up on it entirely because I already used too much of my time unwisely) I just wish Ken would bite and start trash talking Jared, that would be so much fun :p The constant soap opera that photographers provide to one another… Who knew?

        • Wes Jones

          The first time I saw a FroKnows video, I didn’t like him at all, but, after watching a few more I have grown to like him. I find him very entertaining. I like that he speaks his mind about things.

    • Just a Girl

      Very similar to Doug Gordon and how people are quick to defend him!

  • Marc W.

    Cowboy Studio (store) uses another person’s photos without their permission.

    • Marc W.

      Screenshot, sorry.

  • Ric New

    I just got done watching the documentary on Tonya Head ( For those that aren’t familiar. Tonya was the woman who claimed to be a 9/11 survivor. She not only claimed to be a survivor but involved herself in a 2000 member 9/11 survivor group, so much so she eventually became the groups president. She was a regular in the media, telling her story and giving survivor group news updates. Her detailed story included being a Merrill Lynch employee who was in one of the towers when the plane hit. She was seriously injured (so she claimed) that resulted in a long hospital stay. Many of the individuals included in her story were killed during the attack. Her fraud was finally uncovered by a New York Times reporter in 2007 (6 years after 9/11). Tonya quickly disappeared and returned to her native Spain.

    During the documentary close friends of Tonya and group members were interviewed. One of the questions the associates and friends tried to answer is why would Tonya pretend to be a survivor.

    Why tell the story of Tonya Head on the Photo Stealers website? While watching the documentary I couldn’t help thinking about the individuals outed by Photo Stealer; pretending to be photographers. Without going into too much detail I think some of them could be psychologically related to Tonya Head and their motives similar.

    • Wow some one went that far. Its makes you think how seriously warp some of the outed stealers are.

    • Justin Case

      …wow, the lengths of emotional manipulation some people will go to in order to keep a lie going… I totally understand how you connect it to the photo-stealer syndrome.

      You should check out ‘The Imposter” ( as well. And just like many featured here, the back story is more damaging than the initial offense.

    • BullShite

      Some other interesting docos to check out along this vein is “Impostor” and “Talhotblond”. Both are absolutely FASCINATING, and the psychology of these people is absolutely similar. There has to be something in between Munchausen By Internet, and Catfishing when it comes to the hardcore photostealers… the ones with entire lives built up either around or in addition to their theft. It’s amazing how prevalent it is.

      • Ric New

        Another interesting point was in the early stages of the New York Times reporter asking questions a number of her friends came to her defense (just like here). However, once the evidence was out, her friends (like here) fell silent. The similarities are somewhat scary.

      • Justin Case
  • BullShite

    So you all know how there seems to be a large number of photostealers from Georgia? Well I happened to be catching up on episodes of Catfish, and they happened to offhandedly mention the fact that they get a large number of Catfish from Georgia. WTF? Is there something in the water out there?

  • Julie Is a thief. She is stealing pictures and her exact words from the real Rebecca Hall who is very talented. And, this faker stole a picture of my son and is claiming it as her own. She even stole my friends personal battle with Postpartum, this is a vile woman.

    • Justin Case

      use the link to report her:

      and have your friend and ‘the real Rebecca Hall’ file DMCA takedown notices with GoDaddy and the hosting site

      • BullShite

        Not to jump the investigoogle shark….. but it’s interesting that on a business listing for the “business” that the only email address is
        Branza doesn’t look overly cheap, so there is a LOT of time and effort going into this, as it’s listed everywhere, plus the cost of the website, time and effort…. This whole thing just seems funky.

        • Julie

          I am confused. What does this mean to you, in your opinion?

          • Julie

            They also spelled Canada wrong, if I am reading that correctly

        • Justin Case

          is that Dutch? Afrikaans?

    • BullShite

      Make sure your friend has screen caps of EVERYTHING or you take them. If the fraud gets word that she’s on this site, she might remove everything, so get evidence. Your friend should SERIOUSLY consider, after gathering evidence, suing this person. Someone who is stealing photos, text specifically about heath issues, and even an identity might have a touch of the Munchausen by Internet, and is likely to just find a new victim and start again unless someone punches her in the wallet.

      The fact that this is such a new page tells me that she (or he?) has probably done this before to someone else.

    • Just a Girl

      Heres the main page from the Blog showing you what isn’t original.

    • Lindsay11

      It looks like the website is down now, it just has a link going back to branza.

  • Here’s an interesting article on Fstoppers where an anti “gay -rights” group stole a photo from a same sex couple engagement session for their attack ads.

    The photographer won her case. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow reading this!

    • Lindsay11

      I’m really sad the couple didn’t get to sue. I didn’t really understand that. If some hate group wants to use my likeness without my permission, shouldn’t I have a say in that?

      Why do you think it was ruled that way?

      • I’ve no idea … it goes against everything I understand about privacy laws … but then again, I’m not a layer.

        wonder if we could get photo attorney to comment on the case. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Lindsay11

          That would be just lovely! I think it’s important that we all learn the most we can about copyright so we can help the photographers who come to PS for help. Sorta like doing homework for the big test!

      • To me it’s weird… But then again it’s not the couples copyright. The photographer is the only one that can pursue the issue since ultimately they are the owner of the image and not the couple.
        As for the hate group you would think common sense would say to not use an image like this with out a license.

        • U Really That Dumb?

          I’m not seeing anywhere that this group ever made sense!

        • Lindsay11

          Well, not copyright, but likeness. I would be almost as upset as someone using a picture of my newborn with my express NON-permission (that’s a word, right?).

          I get that if I’m walking downtown and someone snaps my picture I have no right to privacy there, but if someone steals my image from a photographer and uses it to be hateful and try to impede human rights…. well, then, I’m really really going to be upset! I’m sad that the couple in this matter is fighting for their rights on so many levels.

  • Marc W.
  • Lynn

    Nikon poster boy Aston Kucher caught stealing and reprocessing a pro’s photo, cutting off the watermark and adding his own.

    • Lindsay11

      Thanks for sharing this! If anyone wants to be depressed, try counting how many comments are, “Who cares, he didn’t make a profit and the photo was in the public domain!”

      • Justin Case

        to be fair, those anti-copyright comments are being pretty resoundingly down-voted by others.

      • Lynn

        The Daily Mail isn’t known for serious journalism, and their comments usually reflect a wide range of idiocy. But I agree, it’s depressing. I wonder which “intern” is going to take the blame for it…

        I’m also imagining his next Nikon commercial: Don’t bother to buy our camera, just steal someone else’s work and put your name on it.

        Oh, and I accidentally misspelled his name, but under the circumstances, can’t really muster any sympathy.

    • Justin Case

      for once, I actually believe ‘the intern did it’ excuse this time.

      If his PR firm is even half-competent, the internet will soon have pictures of a tearful AK giving an Oscar-winning mia culpa performance.

      • BullShite

        Well at least in this case we KNOW the guy could legitimately afford one, unlike these fly-by-night fauxtogs….

        • He can also afford the 150000$ + 25000$ for copyright violation and DCMA RMI violation. ๐Ÿ™‚

          GO GET EM Marsel van Oosten!!!!

          • Lindsay11

            LOL! He should really do it so more people are alerted to the fact that … it is wrong to steal photos! It would definitely be big news and it might educate a few more people.

          • I doubt we could get Nikon to lose him as a representative like what happened to Doug Gordon but a couple of high profile lawsuits would help our cause.

            We need more Morel type stories.

  • This is a charming guy – The shot of lightning he claims to have taken in Dover here is actually a crop of my shot taken in Margate ( original here

    He had posted the shot to a couple of Facebook groups and I have contacted them to deal with it. Have also reported him to Facebook as my husband and I found that most of his photos are stolen. My husband has contacted several owners of photos to let them know.

    I messaged him direct and have had long conversations with him where he has called me a c**t 4 times so far!

    One of the photographers he stole from also sent me a message with a link about this delightful man:

    Would be good to do a write up about him.I dont think he has sold any photos but he is touting them to local papers etc and claiming as his own.

    • BullShite

      There must be some validity to your claim, because the facebook is gone that you listed. Did you get screen caps by any chance?

      • yes I have grabbed what I could before he made the page private. he has been bragging about making it private. Facebook said they had removed it but I then got an email from him with a screengrab of his phone saying it was still live. SO i resubmitted a report to Facebook with the image. Waiting to see what they do. One of the other photographers is reporting too.

        • Lindsay11

          Make sure you grab all your conversations with him or anyone related to him emailing or posting on his behalf. I know I recognize your name and seeing your posting history here you are someone who has been posting here awhile – how frustrating this is happening! But how amusing it is someone who knows what to do when this happens.

          It does look like his fb page is down. It was Anderson Photography, yes? Can you give us some more details? What state maybe? I am super offended on your behalf at his choice of words and since Corey is busy I would love to dig into a new stealer, especially someone who is stealing from one of us!

          • I have screengrabbed everything – his page is just private not gone I dont think. Facebook are looking into it. Here is one screengrab with my photo on it

          • BullShite

            I just noticed this whole conversation…. who the heck does this douchewad think he is? The last think he wants is a bunch of us InvestiGoogling his life, since clearly he’s in the practice of NOT being a decent human being… and good on you for knowing what to do!

          • havent seen him post anything anywhere else other than a couple of Facebook groups which I contacted and which removed the photos and banned him.

          • And it seems his Flickr stream has a shed load of stolen photos (not mine) but lots from others – FLickr site is

            the firework photos are stolen from Richard Barnes – his album here:-

            as just an example. I doubt that any photos on his stream are his

          • Justin Case

            the few I checked weren’t his either. But really, what’s the point? The images are getting so few views, it can’t be making him any money. I wonder how long it will take flickr to shut down his page?

          • thats true – I guess I am just annoyed that he was so abusive when I politely requested he remove my photo from his Facebook page and stop posting it to photography groups on Facebook – I just got a barrage of swearing in return, as have apparently several other photographers. I know he is not making monkey from this but it is not just about money. Hopefully Flickr will deal with it soon

          • Justin Case

            Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. This guy is obviously very unsavory and should be taken down, I was just wondering what the point for HIM was? Why go to the trouble to steal, lie and falsify (he did put his own name and ยฉ on the flickr images after all) when it doesn’t seem to be getting him anything but a bad reputation and makes him look like a scumbag?

          • He is a scumbag – from what I hear he has threatened someone else via message with a knife and used racist slurs against them – they are reporting him to the local police. He only started the Flickr stream early July – not sure if he is intending on promoting himself for work. He did say only his clients/customers would be allowed to see his Facebook page.

          • latest on this guy is he has got 3 people banned on Facebook who were admin for a photography group:-

            He had reported them to Facebook for inciting suicide apparently which is just ridiculous. One of the admin had banned him from the group because of my photo he had posted there and this was his way of getting back at them. There are some very strange people out there. It’s a bit disheartening that Facebook would just do this without proper investigation.

          • Lindsay11

            Wow those are some beautiful firework photos. I get kicked back to my feed on facebook so I guess it is down?

            Your photo is really cool too BTW, I understand it is fairly difficult to capture lightning.

            I also fail to see what this guy is getting out of this. He doesn’t have any contact info on Flickr, though it may have been on facebook. I try searching for Anderson’s Photography in Kent but none of those seem to be him. He hasn’t joined any groups. He’s just posting photos that aren’t his and threatening people? So weird.

      • Also just this second received an email from him saying me and my husband had better watch our backs! lovely guy

  • May need to ignore the post in the newspaper as cannot confirm this is they guy – 90% sure but no actual proof.

  • Marc W.

    Not sure if this belongs here, but I thought this was funny:

    • U Really That Dumb?


  • MPR1776

    I found this article on PetaPixel, thought it appropriate for this website as it about copyright infringement:
    What Happens When a Supermodel Violates Your Copyright

  • Marc W.
    • “We called the police, and when we asked (the party) to stay until the police came, they left,” said Gallagher. ”
      Duh who would stay?

    • Lindsay11

      From that tiny picture it looks like the groom ditched the bride and she’s the last one off the track. DON’T MARRY THAT GUY LADY! :p

  • Marc W.

    Comments are closed for CJ’s post, so I’ll do it here.

    OMG, this still grinds my gears. I don’t care that he came “clean”, but what he did is just.. UGH! All the people he stole from..

    • Helena

      Yeah but he’s since come on here trying to talk round thieves so one would hope this is just old news that’s going nowhere.

      • Me, Myself and I

        It’s from December 2013 … old news.

  • Bart
  • Me, Myself and I

    Found a thief … just can;t find his/her website. Only a Kijiji advert.

    All the images in the add are found on multiple locations on the net.

    • Helena

      Nice content. Obviously confusing porn with boudoir. The whole listing seems suspect to me. Worrying.

      • Me, Myself and I

        And they are apparently moving their operations to Vegas. ๐Ÿ™‚
        So now you have Celine Dion (or did until recently), Cirque du Soleil and our fauxtographers. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Just a Girl

          Moving to Vegas?? OOOH Joseph…. I think this is one you should take under your wing too! Help redeem those Fauxtographers!

    • captain-confuzzled

      boy that whole ad screams creepy!

      • Me, Myself and I

        OOOOH! Looks like he posted another add USING A DIFFERNT ACCOUNT since this new ad doesn;t show up when you do “See more ads from this poster”.

        Adult Situational Photography

        “Get professional grade photos for your adult business. (backpage, website, etc etc)”

        A lot of the same images and the same base message. New lighting gear …

      • Justin Case

        that’s exactly what I thought. And no contact info, no website.

        All he needs is a white windowless van and an FBI profiler on his tail.

  • davewyman

    Thanks to your website, I’ve just found more than 50 illegal uses of one of my photos. I’ve sent off warning emails and attached invoices to some of them. I make a chunk of my living with my photography, and the information you’ve given me is going to help me at least shame those who would steal the fruits of my intellectual labor.

  • guest

    Nice to know ‘moderators’ will delete comments before they get shown if they don’t agree with what is being said.

    Responded on a post – says a moderator will approve or w/e. Newer comments in said post are coming up. I scroll down – oh gee gee post deleted my moderator.

    • We are not deleting comments posts that are created from unconfirmed address are automatically unpublished. If you register to disqus properly they you would not have that problem

    • BigAl

      There is one very simple way to ensure that your posts are shown as you make them: Sign up and confirm your identity! Its as simple as that, costs nothing to do but a few moments of your time. If you choose to post anonymously thats fine too. Of course you will have to wait for a mod to approve your post in that case. Moderation was instituted on the comments section as in the past there were some quite serious issues with the conduct of anonymous posters.

      Although the registered posters on here come from a wide range of countries, a large majority of them are from the USA, where they are now in the middle of what practically amounts to a four day holiday weekend (Lucky them). Add to that the fact that in the US this is also one of the busiest shopping days of the year and it is not very surprising that you might be waiting a while for approval. None of the moderators are employees of the blog, and do so entirely voluntarily. I am though glad that Amazon brought Black Friday to the UK, although the scenes at some UK retailes today were quite unpleasant. I did at least get a new 40″ Blaupunkt LED HDTV today at half price for only ยฃ149.99, But it means that I have been up since 3 AM to wait/queue outside a local supermarket for four hours.

      Also the mods cannot be too bad, they have approved the post that I am relying to.


    • Photo Stealers

      Or maybe it’s the fact that you’re unregistered and need manual approval for posts. It’s a holiday so I wasn’t here to manually approve it.

  • CrackerJacker

    Acestar wedding photography has stolen several images from Dmitri Markine
    Dmitri’s copyright is still in the EXIF — this is just one example.

  • Jon Sharp

    Curios if this is limited to photographers or is open to other photography related industries? I’m thinking photo booth and videographers?

  • Lisa Johnson Bridal

    makeup and hairstylists stolen work are also rampant across all social media and vendor websites – my image has been stolen for years and to the point people think I stole my own work! this is dessimating legit artists and rates! thieves! thumbtack, wedding wire, yelp – you name it theyre stealing work and the unsuspecting public has no clue – until their trial or worse, wedding day.

    • it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest :0( so much easier to steal stuff of the internet than it is to actually “work” at what you (allegedly) do. It’s a shame so many people are so devoid of morality

  • CrackerJacker

    Is the FB down again?!? ๐Ÿ™

    • keca

      Ugh I was just coming here to ask!! I can’t get it either ๐Ÿ™

      • Photo Stealers

        Read the newest post, I decided to take the page down. If you can, please get the word out since I can’t due to the Facebook ban.

        • keca

          There’s a password??

          • Photo Stealers

            Should be removed. Do a hard refresh if it isn’t working. Sorry about that!

    • Photo Stealers

      See newest post. I decided to take the page down.