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It’s Fun to Flirt aka Phoopla

It’s Fun to Flirt Web: http://itsfuntoflirt.com/
It’s Fun to Flirt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ItsFunToFlirt (currently down)
It’s Fun to Flirt Pinterest Gallery: http://www.pinterest.com/itsfuntoflirt/pins/

Phoopla Web: http://phoopla.smugmug.com/
Phoopla Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phooplaphoto  (currently down)

What started as a boudoir photographer that was stealing images for ads and their gallery (which is oddly hosted on Pinterest) turned into a photographer duo that is an entire new chapter to Photo Stealers.

When caught, the response is not Fuck You. That just gets back to me which means that I need to dig more.

I also am highly amused by the Phoopla tagline, “Fighting the good fight against snobby, overcharging, under-delivering ‘professional’ photographers and designers” and define phoopla as “that feeling when you finally find a photographer that you can truly trust.” I can’t make this shit up.

Update @ 8:15PM EST:  I’ve added a bit more to the post as the Phoopla owners are claiming not to be affiliated with It’s Fun to Flirt which is just silly since it was ON PHOOPLA’S FACEBOOK PAGE.

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