The Return of Facebook

A couple weeks ago I decided to shut down the Facebook Page due to the onslaught of bans I received any time I posted a link to the Photo Stealers Facebook Page.  I linked to the SJK Photography post and got a ban.  I linked to the Peta Pixel article and got a ban.   I linked to reviews that had been left for me on The Knot with the word “sigh” and got a ban.  I linked to other listings that had nothing to do with SJK Photography and got a ban.  Within short order anyone that linked to Photo Stealers OR the Peta Pixel article on Facebook publicly got a ban.  It was annoying and exhausting so I decided the best route was to unpublish the Facebook Page until I got some answers.

I’m happy to report that I have decided to bring the page back but things will be a bit different over there.  I will not be linking to this blog or any other sites.  Instead, I will just give heads up when the new posts are made.  I urge you NOT to comment there but instead instead bring the comments here to keep bans to a minimum (I hope) as I know that many rely on Facebook for their business.  When linking to a post here, make sure that it’s for friends only to help protect yourself from the magical loophole that someone found.

Since I can’t link to anything on Facebook, I may also start a weekly blog here for relevant links about copyright, the photography industry and the like.  What do you think?  Let me know below.

Thanks again for your ongoing and unwavering support for me and Photo Stealers.  It’s been a wild ride but there’s no one I’d rather be on this roller coaster with!