SJK Photography aka Picture This by Stacie Klein in Delray Beach, Florida


She also likes to tag real clients she’s had in pictures that aren’t of their babies but the parents appear to think they are of their children.  Words fail me right now so I’m going to sourcing because this is beyond fucked up.

Update @ 9:15 PM EST

Just in case there was a shred of doubt in your mind about Stacie’s story about it being hackers I’ve found an ad she placed on a local Mommy group on FB that included stolen images under her own FB account.

Update @ 1:15 AM EST

Stacie, Bill and friends are now attacking my business page reviews.  Those are below.

Update @ 10:30 AM EST 1/22/2014

Well… that was a LONG night.  Stacie, Bill and a couple of their friends left some really lovely reviews on my Facebook Page for my photography business.  Stacie then commented across my page before I banned her.  I shared the kind review to Photo Stealers and the conversation that took place afterwards was quite interesting.  Here’s the PDF.  I’ve added the reviews to the post below along with some other highlights.

Update @ 6:00 PM EST 1/22/2014

Got two interesting emails from an IP that was using an anonymous proxy via my website contact form.  They are below.

Update 1/27/2014

Over the weekend there was a lot of activity on the Facebook Post about this case.  Bill Scott (Stacie Klein’s fiance) came in and commented, along with a friend of Stacie’s whom is a lawyer.  Bill’s comments have been removed but I do have a PDF of the conversation.  Bill also sent a slew of hateful messages to a reader, those are below.

In part of the conversation, Bill mentioned making Ripoff Reports against anyone supporting Photo Stealers and he made good on his threat starting with me.  The lovely thing about Ripoff Report is that anyone can create one but no one can remove one (unless you want to cough up $2000 or more for the CHANCE that they will remove it… ripoff indeed).  However by reading it I think anyone would realize what happened so I’m not losing too much sleep over it.

Yesterday two comments were posted, one to this thread and one to another, stating that any photographer allowing Photo Stealers to list them as an original source would also have a Ripoff Report made about them.  I did not approve them so today they started sending out emails (via the contact form on their websites… sound familiar?) while using a VPN with the same threat to the photographers listed on this post.  This is the email (which matches the comments):

“Hi there, as a professional business person I find it disgusting that you elect to use free slander service to handle your issues that you should be dealing with. Here is the plan. I will give you one opportunity to ask the owner of that site to delete that entire post or face being listed on The purpose of the report will be noted that you hired and or elected to use to harass people rather then take the proper legal steps to deal with your own issues. The concept is very simple is that you will face the experience as you put others through by using service.

Please note that once your web address, name, and contact info is listed on that website, It cant be deleted. That would mean that every time someone googles your business they are going to see that rip off address right below you, along with the story of how you asked to harass and defame people you feel stole your photos. Its going to make you look like a child.

This is what you will have posted: all your facebook info, pictures of yourself, web address, social media links, phone number and anything else I can collect. The time window to request for this to be done is very small to have this removed. You got those people to speak on your behalf and call names like douche bag have all been screen shotted and will go in your rip off report listing for your customers to see how professional you are hiring cyber bullies to harass a person you claim to have stole your photos. I will be placing that listing within the hours so if I were you i would better hurry up contacting

Update 02/08/2015

While I was away another Facebook Page was created against Photo Stealers.  The last one created has been deleted.

Bill Scott also decided to take to Twitter since I’ve not allowed his comments through here.  According to some of the posts, Stacie is also using his account since hers is private.

I want to make this crystal clear: I have personally never bullied, stalked, harassed or threatened Bill Scott or Stacie Klein.  I made the listing here about fiance Stacie Klein and they have gone on the defensive.  If you have any questions about what has transpired, feel free to contact me and I’ll show you what has all transpired.

Update 02/16/2015

I’m under a temporary ban from Facebook so I decided to use that idle time to create a timeline of everything that has gone down since the initial post, that timeline is below the images.

Update 9/20/2020

I have put off updating this post about Stacie Klein because I kept hoping that 1) Stacie would stop stealing photos/had learned her lesson and 2) if I didn’t engage with her and Bill they would leave me alone.  She is still stealing images and they never left me alone.  While she is no longer a photographer, she is still trying to use these images for profit as a FinDomme.

Update 5/17/2021

When the Photo Stealers page was hacked I lost the most recent update to this post and some of the linked images went down.  I re uploaded everything after my attention was drawn to the issue.  

SJK Photography Facebook Page

Original source

Original source 

Original photographer

I cannot find the source of this image but I know I’ve seen it before, so I beg you, dear readers, to let me know if you know of the original photographer.

That’s all that is still “live” on her Facebook Page but she’s done some cleaning in the past hour.   Here’s her post after she cleaned up, but apparently only on the images people outed as stolen.  Also, it’s the “hackers” excuse if you’re curious.

Here’s what the cache looks like:

Stacie Klein SJK Photography Facebook Page

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Stacie Klein SJK Photography Stolen Images

Here are some screen captures that were taken before she started deleting:

Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Ad in a local Mommy group:


This is a summary of what has transpired since this post went live for those that don’t want to surf through the comments. 

Jan 21 – Notified via Facebook and Photo Stealers website contact form from fans of Frosted Productions about SJK Photography’s theft of FP images.  Start investigation.

Jan 21 – SJK Photography posts on FB that she may have been hacked.

Jan 21 – Post goes live on PS, commenters post to SJK FB page with links.

Jan 21 – Additional screen captures are submitted of images removed from SJK Photography, Google Cache provides additional images to support the case.

Jan 21 – Stacie Klein comments on Photo Stealers  with her IP but my email on PS.

Jan 22 – Bill Scott comments on Photo Stealers with his IP but my email on PS.

Jan 22 – Bill Scott sends FB message to me, I do not discover it for a few days as it was in my “other” folder.

Jan 22 – Negative review on Corey Ann Photography FB page from Stacie, Bill, Isabella Jones, Jennie Hurley, Michael (FB friend of Stacie).  Note that Isabella Jones is a fake profile on FB that has changed named numerous times.  Jennie Hurley is an alias of Stacie’s (her middle name and married name) and that FB profile also changed names multiple times.

Jan 22 – Stacie copies review text onto multiple posts on CAP FB page.

Jan 22– Various 1 star reviews are left on Facebook for commenters supporting PS by Stacie, Bill and Isabella.

Jan 22 – Shared Stacie’s review of CAP to PS.  Stacie, Bill, Jennie and Tanisha all comment.  Post is removed when Stacie deletes the review.  PDF of the thread.  Highlights below.

Note that Jennie Hurley’s account was deleted and no proof has ever come forth that anyone attacked her child’s images, nor were any images found on SJK Photography’s Facebook Page with Jennie tagged in the image. Her profile image was also from a flickr user whom confirmed they do not have a FB account in that name.

Jan 22 – Isabella and Jennie’s reviews are removed when their accounts are deleted.

Jan 22 – Two emails are received via my contact page.  Both from the same VPN used to make comments on the PS site, one alluding to the case at hand.

Jan 22 – So You Think You’re a Photographer shares the PS post about SJK.  Bill Scott comments and assumes SYTYAP and PS are run by the same person (they aren’t).   PDF of post. Highlight below.

 Jan 23 – Stacie posts about incident on SJK Photography stating it’s cyberbullies behind the theft and claims that said bullies made fun of their children.

Jan 23 – Bill Scott and Samantha Whitehouse comment on the PS post about SJK.  Samantha weighing in as a lawyer friends of SJK. PDF of post.  Highlights below.

Jan 23 – Bill Scott sends message to Angela M, calling her a monkey and not the flying kind.

 Jan 23 – Bill Scott sends message to Helena.

Jan 23 – Ripoff Report created for Corey Ann Photography, using text from Stacie’s review on CAP FB Page.  This listing is posted after Bill brings up ROR on PS FB (see capture above).

Jan 24 – Cease & Desist sent to Stacie and Bill by Photo Stealer’s lawyer.

Jan 24 “Photo Stealers Stop the Bullying” Facebook Page created.  Note logo © WWS (initials off Bill’s full name).

Jan 25 – Friends of Stacie’s negatively reviews CAP, one stating they were left waiting in the rain (neither were ever clients).

Jan 26 – A message was left in the comments on PS with fake emails and a VPN, same message was sent to the original sources for the images on this page ONLY via contact pages on websites, IP was a VPN.

Jan 29 – Stalkers and Cyberbullies Exposed FB Page created.  Claims not to be Bill, however Bill shares the page w identical text to many of the same pages Bill “likes” on FB asking for support. This page is deleted around Feb 2nd.

Jan 30 – Stacie changes her twitter profile image to an image of her in her Louboutins holding a gun.  Account is protected.

Stacie Klein holding a gun

Feb 3 – Posts begin on the “Photo Stealers Stop the Bullying” Facebook Page.

Feb 6 – PSSTB FB Page starts to post screen capture of comments with their reply.

Feb 7 – Bill Scott leaves Helena Hershey Photography a 1 star review.

Bill Scott bullying on behalf of Stacie Klein

Feb 8 – Steve Smith account created.  Sends message to CAP stating that Disqus will be removing the feed from PS.  Comments on other posts on PS. Account is deleted within a few days.

Feb 8 –More posts made to PSSTB page.


Feb 9 – Stacie Klein creates petition to get rid of Photo Stealers. Claims emotional distress, innocence of theft and that a past thief tried to commit suicide in September. Here’s the story on that “suicide” if you want the truth.

Feb 9 – Stacie Klein shares petition to her FB page “Cat Tails”

Feb 10 – Peta Pixel approached me about writing a summary of what transpired with SJK Photography.  Article posted later that day.

Feb 10 – Poster comments to SJK Photography with link to Peta Pixel.  SJK replies.


Feb 10 – “FauxtoStealers” twitter account created, posts many pointed insults to commenters and admins of PS.  Account gets suspended for bullying the same day.

Feb 11 – Bill tells someone on his Twitter account the images are his and he can prove it and plans to do so in court. PDF of his tweet history.

Feb 12 – PSSTB FB Page posts reply to Peta Pixel article.

Feb 13 – Topus Sock account created.  Profile composed of stolen images.  Comments on PS, supports PSSTB.

Probable Original Source

Feb 13SouthEastFan22 twitter account created, only posts for a few hours before going silent (still active account).

Feb 14 – PSSTB posts on their FB page.

Feb 15 – PSSTB reports that the Topus Sock account has been deleted.

Feb 16 – Multiple posts made to PSSTB FB Page.

Feb 16 – Cookie Sock account created and posts on PSSTB page, account deleted within hours.

Feb 16 – Facebook notifies PS Admin that two posts to the PS FB Page have been removed for violating community standards, the “New Listing” post for SJK Photography and the post with the Peta Pixel article link.  New Listing post remains, PS admin temporarily banned from Facebook.  Uses idle time to create timeline.

Feb 17 – PSSTB Posts on Facebook and interacts with Helena before she is banned and her comments are deleted.

Feb 17Reddit post created about Bullshizers summary blogs on this case.

Feb 18 – Photo Stealers Facebook Page unpublished by Facebook.


Feb 18 – PSSTB Facebook Page posts and is quite happy about the removal of the PS page.

Feb 18 -PSSTB brings back up the fact they claim a parent was upset about posters making fun of her child’s looks.

This is the parent who posted this on the Photo Stealers FB Page.  When she posted this I went back through SJK Photography’s posts and not a single image had Jennie tagged as the parent.  One should also note Jennie is Stacie’s middle name and Hurley is a former last name associated with Stacie.

The account was eventually renamed to “Brooklyn Marie” before being deleted by Facebook. 

Feb 19 – Photo Stealers Facebook Page reinstated, Photo Stealers, Stop the Bullying Page removed from Facebook.

March 6 – Bill has requested the assistance of Anonymous.

Update from 9/20/2020

First of all I should reveal that since this post I have received countless fake reviews.  Some are signed by them, some are presumed to be from them or at their behest as they are friends/family.  None of these reviews are from real clients. This is a common pattern of Stacie’s that continues to this day.

1/23/15 – Corey Ann Photography @ Ripoff Report-

1/23/2015 – Corey Ann Photography review by Stacie Klein @ Facebook

1/23/2015 – Corey Ann Photography review by Isabella Jones @ Facebook (this is a fake account)

1/23/2015 – Corey Ann Photography review by Bill Scott  @ Facebook

1/23/2015 – Corey Ann Photography review by Jennie Hurley (a known alias of Stacie’s) @ Facebook

1/25/2015 – Corey Ann Photography review by Michael, friend of Stacie’s @ Facebook

1/27/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ ScamOrg

1/27/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ ScamOrg –

1/28/2015 – Corey Ann Photography review by Bryn, family of Stacie’s @ Facebook

1/29/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ ScamOrg 

3/2/15 – Corey Ann Photography @ Ripoff Report –

3/27/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ Yelp 

3/27/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ The Knot 

3/27/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ ScamOrg 

3/30/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ The Knot

4/3/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ iformative

4/5/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ iformative

6/17/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ Yelp

Fake review left by Stacie Klein

7/17/15 – Corey Ann Photography @ Ripoff Report –

7/17/15 – Corey Ann Photography @ Ripoff Report –

7/22/15 – Corey Ann Photography @ Ripoff Report –

8/17/15 – Corey Ann Photography  @ Ripoff Report –

11/15/2015 – Corey Ann Photography @ Complaints Board

4/7/16 – Corey Ann Photography @ Ripoff Report –

4/7/16 – Corey Ann Photography @ Ripoff Report –

6/13/2016 – Corey Ann Photography @ The Knot

2/19/2017 – Corey Ann Photography @ Wedding Wire

8/9/2017 – Corey Ann Photography @ Wedding Wire

8/20/18 – Corey Ann Photography @ Holy Smoke – 8 fake reviews on this page

I still find new ones so I’m sure there’s more out there I haven’t found.

Now, onto what has transpired since my last update here in March 2015.

5/2015: Bill sent me a series of emails threatening me if I didn’t remove the post.  He claims his reputation is worth 3 million dollars and I have destroyed it beyond repair.   

5/2015: Stacie and Bill hire a lawyer, Gregory Tayon, and he claims to be initiating a lawsuit.  After a few months of going back and forth with Corey’s lawyer, the case is dropped.  I posted about it in a small update here:

6/2015: I posted a Go Fund Me to help with the fees of fighting Billcie and raise $12K.  Eventually it all goes to lawyer fees.

3/2016: People start telling me that they are having issues with any public posts linking to the SJK Photography post on Photo Stealers or the news story on PetaPixel.  Facebook is removing the posts citing harassment even if it’s just a link.  Eventually back and forth ensues between a few users and Billcie.  Eventually it ends with a tirade by Stacie on Twitter saying she’s going after their Queen Bee (allegedly this is me). 

3/30/2016: I am invited to appear on a podcast called JPG2RAW which is live streamed with a chat room.  Bill and a friend of Stacie’s go off in the comments in the chat room and the You Tube comments.  He claims that I’m inciting a mob and it’s a crime and it devolves from there.

3/30/16: Eventually Bill tweets at JPG2RAW his displeasure about my being featured on the broadcast.

3/30/16: Stacie tweets it’s Round Two and she’s not backing down.  I infer this means against me.

3/30/16: For the first and only time until this past summer, I replied to Billcie’s tweets about me.  This is the only time I will publicly engage with them until 6/2020.  It ends in threats.

4/7/2016: Billcie tweet saying they are going to get Photo Stealers down and they hope I didn’t burn through the Go Fund Me money b/c they are the victims.

4/7/2016: Stacie brings up the craigslist ad she claims I posted about her for gang sex.  I have never seen proof of this ad, nor did I create it.

4/7/2016: Meanwhile Bill is tweeting his usual charming tweets telling someone he wants to beat the living fuck out of them, calls me a manipulative, lying, thieving bitch.

4/25/2016: Stacie tweets good luck getting the ROR [RioOff Report] removed.  I’m assuming I’m Tweedle Dee or Dumb.   Multiple RipOff Reports had been written at this point.  To get them removed you have to go to their own mediation which is about $5K/each listing.

4/27/2016: Stacie tweets to @safety @twitter asking or support to get two people removed for targeted harassment.  Kimba is a known supporter and commenter at Photo Stealers.  A friend of Stacie’s named Justin replies asking how he can help.   She claims that we bully, harass and stalk.

4/28/2016: The same user, Justin, proceeds to tweet me vile things calling me Lisa (likely mixing her up with a photographer named Lisa that Stacie had an issue with prior to her post at Photo Stealers).

5/2/2016: Stacie tweets some lovely words about me then her and Bill attempt to get the FBI involved via Twitter.

5/29/2016: Stacie tweets she’s done being stalked, harassed and slanders by the mob at Photo Stealers.

6/14/2016: When asked for proof of the Craigslist ads Stacie keeps accusing Photo Stealers of posting by someone on Twitter she says she is building a case against me and doesn’t owe you shit.

7/20/2016: Stacie gets into a spat with someone she assumes is Kimba on Twitter (I am told it is not) and blames me.  They claim that the user cost me $150,000.

7/26/2016: Stacie and Bill continue to tweet about the Craigslist ads without showing proof.

7/27/2016: Bill tweets that I have posted new sex ads and opened bank accounts in their names.  Again, no proof is shown, just allegations on Twitter.

8/15/2016: Stacie tweets at me calling me a fat ass bitch and a triple chinned cunt.

8/17/2016: Stacie and a friend tweet at me and a supporter and commenter from Photo Stealers and say he’s going to be skull fucked when she’s done with him and strap on a big black one to show she’s not racist.

10/12/2016: Stacie’s “Haunted Acres” posts that they will not be putting up their display due to threats of bodily harm from Photo Stealers.  Again, no proof is shown.  They did, however, post to a haunters Facebook Group they weren’t putting the display up due to Hurricane Matthew hitting when they’d generally be setting up.

10/22/2016: Stacie and Bill get into an argument on Twitter with some random I don’t know.  Somehow I get drug into it and blamed for it all.

10/23/2016: Who the hell knows anymore what I am being blamed for.

10/25/2016: Al B tweets to the Berlin person that was going after Stacie.  Somehow I’m to blame.

10/25/2016: Al B tweets he’s heading to Florida (he was there for work) and Stacie replies claiming he’s stalking her and that I’m responsible.  She tags the FBI and Palm Beach Sheriff claiming they are threats.

Throughout  2016: Bill and Stacie regularly engage in heated political debates on Twitter.  Sometimes they found private info and posted it, sometimes it was just vile tweets.  Here’s a sampling of what they posted.  This is just a sample of what was posted.  I am posting these due to the incidents in 6/2020 and for the bomb bullshit (keep reading).  Many of these and more are saved at TweetSave (which can’t be photoshopped, which is something she claims has been done).  I hate to give these vile thoughts airtime but since I’m being blamed for them (see 6/2020) I wanted to post the kind of things she said.  It also shows that I’m not the only person she’s made an enemy of.

10/27/2016:  As I sat on my balcony overlooking the ocean in Nantucket I got a text message from a friend asking if it was true that I sent a bomb to Billcie.  I logged into Twitter to find out that Stacie had called the bomb squad over a suspicious package.

In the end the “bomb” was a “send a dick” that someone allegedly sent that she had got into a fight with on Twitter and attempted to get fired by involving their employer.  I heard this second hand so I don’t know if the sender is true but what I do know is that it was a dick and that I didn’t send it.

Despite KNOWING it was a cardboard dick, she continued to claim I was responsible for a bomb threat and acted like her safety was in question for years to come and that I was responsible.

11/8/2016:  Bill goes into a Starbucks and asks for Trump to be written on the name of the cup.  The store refuses.  Bill gets into an argument with the cashier and the cops are called and Bill is escorted out of the building.  Stacie posts the video to all of her social media pages.

11/16/2016: Infowars rehosts and posts the video of Bill at Starbucks.   This begins to go viral along with a few other videos of the same kind. Stacie gets excited about the viral video but quickly loses her Twitter account as she engages with fights with users in her usual manner.  

12/4/2016: Stacie’s estranged brother Jaceson dies in a single vehicle car accident.  There was no autopsy performed but the medical examiner believed his cause of death to be from going into a diabetic coma while driving.  He had diabetes and did not take care of himself as well as he should.  He had been warned this exact thing could happen shortly before his death at a doctor’s appointment.  Stacie has since claimed she suspects it was murder but there’s nothing to back this up.

2017: Throughout 2017 Bill and Stacie have multiple issues with their neighbors, particularly one that runs a photography business.  Eventually she allegedly moves out of the neighborhood due in part to the issues with Bill and Stacie.   This all comes to a head in 12/2017 when Bill is arrested for aggravated assault with a motor vehicle for an incident with one neighbor.  Eventually in 2018 Bill pleads guilty to a lesser charge of assault and was placed on probation for 6 months.  Video of the incident.

Late 2017/2018: Stacie begins to post a lot of photos with guns on her Instagram page.  One of these images she has a gun improperly holstered and she gets the attention of some gun safety enthusiasts.  Of course somehow I’m to blame for this (?!).

5/2018: In the early part of 2018 Stacie and her friend Matilda engage in fighting with Lisa, a photographer that Stacie had previous issues with prior to her post on Photo Stealers.  Eventually they all land in court for various restraining orders each other file.  Stacie claims at one court hearing that I lead an online mob that gang stalks her.  The judge told them all in the end to stay off the internet and doesn’t grant anyone restraining orders.

2018 – 2019: Stacie had a quick stint as an Instagram model.  She posted photos in various states of dress and sold calendars, used panties and prints.   As per usual, drama followed as Stacie was quick to accuse people of cheating if they won against her in like contests and so on.

One Instagram user, The Blumpkin, allegedly posted a photo of Stacie which had a few comments that were not complimentary.  Stacie asked the owner to delete the comments.   He refused.

Since then Stacie and The Blumpkin have gone back and forth online with swipes and tits-for-tats like she’s done with me and others that she’s came up against online and not bullied into submission.  Eventually she is granted a restraining order against him and he’s arrested for aggravated stalking when she believes he took photos of her at a Chipotle and posted them online (I know for a fact that wasn’t him).  Their case is ongoing.

The Blumpkin eventually finds his way to me after Googling Stacie like EVERYONE else does.

Around the same time Stacie also went after someone who wasn’t kind about her looks.  She messaged him photos from his wife’s private account and made fun of her looks.  She then messaged his wife as well.

2019: For the most part Stacie finally left me alone save for a few swipes here and there as she traveled on her journey as a Fin Domme on Twitter and Instagram.  However some curious fake accounts are created and go after me and others that have had issues with Stacie over the years.

5/8/2020: Stacie alludes to what I presume is Photo Stealers claiming that we made fun of her family dying (why would I when all of mine is dead?).  She mentions one being prosecuted – that is The Blumpkin not anyone who has anything to do with Photo Stealers.

6/2/2020: Stacie gets into a fight with fellow dommes on Twitter after a remark that is taken as racist.  This isn’t the first time shes’ got into fights, she’s allegedly doxxed people and had a few fights prior to this but this is the one that blew up.  People do some digging and find the racist tweets in Stacie’s past.  First she says it wasn’t her, then that it was faked, then it was an ex who hacked her account.  Eventually, somehow, again, I’m to blame.

This time she alleges that I made a fake account impersonating her and made the racist tweets.  She claims it is under criminal investigation and links the case with the owner behind The Blumpkin account, which has nothing to do with Photo Stealers.

PS: She’s claimed that she’s had preservation orders on her accounts since 2015.  She lost her earlier twitter account due to violation of the Twitter TOS despite it, same with two of her Instagram accounts.

6/3/2020: Stacie’s friend comes after me claiming all kinds of crazy things, none are true.

6/3/2020: Due to the above things I send a C&D through my lawyers because I am done being blamed for everything that happens in Stacie’s life.  I did not create @LollicakesFL and tweet to make Stacie look bad (the account was created long before I knew of her).  I have never had Stacie’s number.  I never sent people to attack or rape her.  However I’ve had her ‘friend’ try to claim he’d do the same along with lots of threats from Bill.

6/23/2020: Stacie and Bill send their own C&D back to Corey via her lawyer.  He’s also had at least one phone conference with my lawyer since this was delivered.

9/18/2020: I made a post to Photo Stealers Facebook Page asking for donations to offset the money I’ve had to pay to lawyers this year due to an ongoing case and the fees from dealing with Stacie.  One of Stacie’s alleged subs tweeted about it.

I finally hit my limit and tweeted back.

Once I got involved I knew I was going to have to make an update because I knew that it was NEVER going to stop.  Not the fake reviews, not the ongoing lies and bullshit, not the constant blaming me for every issue she has in life.

Apparently since the June incident the issues have been ongoing with Stacie vs. the other dommes.  That is not my realm of expertise so I can’t really say what is what when it comes to pigs, puppies or subs.  What I do know is that Stacie has, again, stolen images and posted them online acting as if they were of her.

There’s more than what is below but Google Images doesn’t seem to have a lot of domme type images in their archives.

NSFW flags and all that.

This moon photo was posted in 2016 and Stacie even had it aired on a local news channel.  However when she loaded it onto 500px the EXIF data showed that it belonged to a Craig Jewell.

Original source

Unknown original source

Original source

Original modelOriginal source

Original source

Original model / Possible Original Source