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Angels Touch Photography aka Angels Photography aka Life’s Magical Moments Photography in Ocala, Florida



“Personal” Facebook:

Wedding Wire:

Life’s Magical Moments Photography Facebook:


It’s amazing how many photographers pimp their portfolio on Facebook then get busted because of stolen images.  This is #2 for today that got busted this way.  This photographer has been posting her ad all over the internet and Facebook trying to drum up business.  There’s a TON of images here so grab your drink of choice and start scrolling.

Again, click an ad on your way out to keep Photo Stealers going.  Thanks!

Update 04/25/2014

Angel is back with a new name and more stolen photos.  Some people never learn or respect the art of photography.   The images are at the end of the post.

Update 09/30/2014

Angel is back under a new name of “Life’s Magical Moments Photography” and is still stealing images and putting her own watermark on said images.  Sources below.

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Trunks Photography


Facebook: (already down)




This fauxtographer left some watermarks intact but that doesn’t mean anything in the end really, just less of a fine if the original photographer would choose to sue.   You are still using someone elses work to represent your own.  I was late to this one so there was some cleaning up that happened before I started, I apologize.  Continue reading “Trunks Photography” »

L&B Photography aka Lala and Bo Photography aka Foto Finish Photography




I don’t know that I have ever seen a photographer have so many images of themselves on their business Facebook Page.   They’ve also had QUITE a lot of name changes.  I don’t know if this is because they’ve been caught before or not though.

Before anyone asks, no, she was not a second shooter for the photographer that most of these images are stolen from.

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It’s Fun to Flirt aka Phoopla

It’s Fun to Flirt Web:
It’s Fun to Flirt Facebook: (currently down)
It’s Fun to Flirt Pinterest Gallery:

Phoopla Web:
Phoopla Facebook:  (currently down)

What started as a boudoir photographer that was stealing images for ads and their gallery (which is oddly hosted on Pinterest) turned into a photographer duo that is an entire new chapter to Photo Stealers.

When caught, the response is not Fuck You. That just gets back to me which means that I need to dig more.

I also am highly amused by the Phoopla tagline, “Fighting the good fight against snobby, overcharging, under-delivering ‘professional’ photographers and designers” and define phoopla as “that feeling when you finally find a photographer that you can truly trust.” I can’t make this shit up.

Update @ 8:15PM EST:  I’ve added a bit more to the post as the Phoopla owners are claiming not to be affiliated with It’s Fun to Flirt which is just silly since it was ON PHOOPLA’S FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Boundless Weddings

Wedding Wire:

They have not taken EVERYTHING, all the images in their website gallery appear to be theirs (I think this company has gone through a few name changes).  It goes off the rails in the blog though with images and copy coming from various sources on the internet – they do credit, somewhat but with initials and sometimes wrong.  NOT how you credit your source.

Update 03/20/2014

They are still using many stolen images, refusing to take down images.

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