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B-Precious in Long Island, NY

Website: http://www.b-precious.com/

I know the argument here is going to be “but the gallery said inspiration!”  This is true, it does.  However there is an overlay on these images with “schedule your session” and no where on the website (that I can find) does it explain these images are placeholders or images B-Precious aspires to achieve.  These images also are alongside her session pricing.

I didn’t list stock images or unknown sources.

PS: I highly suspect the song isn’t properly licensed either.

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Kliq This in New York City, NY

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kliqthisstudio/
Website: http://kliqthis.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kliqthis?fref=ts&hc_location=ufi

There are dozens (hundreds?) of images I didn’t end up sourcing.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Update 10/8/15 @ 2PM – He’s taken down his Facebook and is cleaning up his Instagram.  Here is a PDF of his Instagram before he took it down.

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Illia Habets Photography in New York, NY

Website:  http://www.ihabets.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/habetsillia
Craigslist: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/crs/4729647997.html
Instagram: http://instagram.com/illia_habets

Of course this photographer has a Go Fund Me.

I currently do not have the time to dig into his Instagram but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few there weren’t his original work.

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Teresa Blau Kurs aka Teresa Kursman aka Teresa Chong Photography in New York, NY

Website: http://www.teresachongphoto.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/teresachongphoto/
Instagram 2: https://instagram.com/teresa.chong/

She’s been called out but is biting back and refusing to take the images down.

Her aliases include Teresa Blau-Kurs, Teresa Blau-Kursman, Maria Teresa Blau-Kursman, Maria Teresa Chong, Teresa Chong, Cherrycut, Charlotte Jane Photography, chonginnyc, slumberdolldiary, Teresa Chong Photography

Update 08/16/2014 @ 9:00AM

Let’s just say this has been an interesting ride the past few days.   She’s claiming to be very sorry and to have taken everything down yet her Instagram feed is still full of works she’s claiming as her own but are stolen.  Many of these images are from tumblr so finding the original source is a bit tricky.  Note that the tub image with the blue wall behind it was uploaded just an hour ago.

Update 08/16/2014 @ 4:30PM

Added more images from Instagram which aren’t her original works.

 Update 08/16/2014 @ 9:30PM

Teresa uploaded yet another image to her instagram and tagged it with #shotbyteresablaukurs.

I decided to go ahead and reapprove all of her posts she made late Thursday night/early Friday morning which resulted in us calling the cops to her house to do a welfare check.  Nobody is Perfect, Ghjfyvcf, Not asking for too much  = Teresa.  Some remain deleted due to the racial slurs and other derogatory remarks she made.

Update 08/26/2014 

I decided to upload the PDF I have of her instagram feed.   You can view it here.   What I posted here was just the very tip of the iceberg of the stolen images she has on her feed.  If you click around the pics you can get to the images via the direct link.

Update 09/19/2014

Unsurprisingly, Teresa rebranded and was back at things again two weeks ago with a new identity, Charlotte Jane Photography.  No website that I’ve found but she has been working and using an Instagram account to promote herself and gain employment.  The problem is this new Instagram account is largely populated with stolen images… yet again.  The other day it came out when one of the photographers found her own work on Teresa’s page.  Who knows if Teresa was planning on submitting these images for publication like the last round but she IS stealing again.   I sourced some of the images below but some didn’t pop on searches here is the PDF of her instagram account.  I also have a screen capture of every image.  Many of the original photographers were found and had made comments to remove their content.  Her instagram account appears to be down now but it’s unknown of Teresa took it down when outed or if instagram took it down.  Note that she’s being sponsored by at least one makeup brand and appears to have been possibly hired by Alice + Olivia to photograph their NYFW show.

Update 06/09/2015

She’s back with yet another new alias and another stolen image.  She is now “slumberdolldiary” on Instagram and has a website.  The images on Instagram appear to be her or hers but the website’s image is not hers.

Update 10/27/2015

She’s back with a new alias.

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Doug Gordon in Lindenhurst, NY Part Two

Website:  http://www.douggordonworkshops.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Doug-Gordon-Workshops/191007682903

If you aren’t familiar with Doug Gordon’s past incident with plagiarism, here is the link to the post from last July.  The tl;dr summary is that last summer it was discovered that  Doug Gordon was not only plagiarizing tweets and Facebook statuses but also blog posts and his biography in various places on the internet including Facebook, Twitter and his websites.

Since the last post went live, Doug (and Jasmine) both were taken off of the speaking rosters at WPPI.   Doug did end up speaking at WPPI at the tradeshow in Nikon’s booth – he was recently named an ambassador of the brand.   However, outside of his own speaking tour Doug has not been speaking on many national platforms.  When the roster for Shutterfest was announced quite a few photographers expressed their displeasure of seeing Doug’s name among the list and a conversation started on Missy MWAC/Lynn Cartia’s Facebook page (same person, she had to change her name due to Facebook rules).  During the discussion, it was discovered that Doug’s new workshop bio was also plagiarized.  In referencing internet caches, it appears that his workshop website underwent a redesign this year and the “All About Us” blurb went live in March/April of 2014.

Update 06/23/2014 @ 8:00PM

Per Sal Cincotta, Doug has been removed from the lineup for Shutterfest and as a contributor to his magazine.

Update 07/09/2014 @ 5:00PM

Per F Stoppers, Doug is no longer a Nikon Ambassador. He is currently still listed as a speaker for Photo Plus Expo in October with Nikon listed as one of his sponsors.

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