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Karen Ortiz – Photographer aka Classy lil Heart



Craigslist 2:

This submission was sent to me last night but since I was in the process of moving over to the new domain I wasn’t able to make an entry.  The website is still up today and the transfer is complete so here we are!

This has been a really busy week here between the posts and the big move to  All of the images on the website are stock but I’m going to post it all here because the disclaimer on the about page is hilarious.  I’m not listing the proof of the stock images because quite frankly I’m a bit burned out from this week but I’ve been flooded with people about this girl so I’m listing her here since some of the Craigslist pictures are not stock.  I am thinking some of the collage images aren’t either but again, bit burned out.


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Pretty in Pink Photography aka First Love Photography in Anchorage, Alaska



Wedding Wire:


Google +:

Yellow Pages:

My Wedding:

First Love Facebook:

I started this on Friday and due to lack of time I wasn’t able to fully source but I am able to finish up now thanks to feeling a tinge under the weather.

Katelyn has apologized in the comments but of course I’m finding more and more locations where these images are still advertising her site.  These three employees she’s claiming did this sure had a lot of reach!

Here’s her excuse:


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Poise’N Art Photography aka Portrait Perfection

This photographer popped when I was researching Making Memories as they were both using the same photo that was not theirs.  Sigh.

Update 03/20/2014

This photographer group is still going strong and still using a lot of the same stolen images as before.  No lessons learned apparently.

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FAQ Stealing

This post was originally just about one photographer that stole a FAQ from the ever-amazing Susan Stripling.  However, when writing the blog post, I did a quick check on Copyscape and discovered that she was one of MANY stealing Susan’s FAQ.  THIS IS NOT OKAY!

I know some are going to come on here and argue that they didn’t take the WHOLE thing… just some parts.  JUST a few words!  Everyone has those words in their FAQ!  Here’s the thing.  Saying “I take a retainer” and things of that sort, yes, we’re all going to have that in our FAQ.  However, having “She strives to create images at each and every wedding that illuminates the relationships; both of each individual family and the new family being created that day. Her goal is to provide you with a documentary-based illustration of your wedding day.”in your FAQ is not just an accident, that is plagiarism.  EVEN if it’s only that line.  The amount of words you’ll see below that are word-for-word is unacceptable and is plagiarism, be it one line or multiple. Continue reading “FAQ Stealing” »

Doug Gordon in Lindenhurst, New York

Where do I begin?

Back in June, it was discovered that Doug Gordon, yes, THAT Doug Gordon, had numerous posts on his workshop blog page that were not his original works.  Around 10 or so blogs were “outed” as not his own and they were quietly taken down before anyone thought to screen capture the proof.   Continue reading “Doug Gordon in Lindenhurst, New York” »