Doug Gordon in Lindenhurst, New York

Where do I begin?

Back in June, it was discovered that Doug Gordon, yes, THAT Doug Gordon, had numerous posts on his workshop blog page that were not his original works.  Around 10 or so blogs were “outed” as not his own and they were quietly taken down before anyone thought to screen capture the proof.  

This week I decided to look up Doug and see if he’d cleaned up his act and if there was anything remaining on his website that was not his original works.  I was honestly surprised to find out how MANY blogs were left that were not his original works.  I then posted about it to my Facebook Page after debating on whether or not to post a page here and ultimately deciding against it since it was not images that were stolen.  Those blogs were quickly taken down but luckily this time, I screen captured.

I wasn’t going to make a post but in the end I decided to when I found out that his bio pages on Facebook were not his own words either.  It is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back so to say.

Update 7/18:  I found a couple of the removed blogs on his personal Facebook page in the notes section.

I also have been told, many times, how his quips on Facebook are also not his own words so some of those are included as well.

Update 7/18:  Doug’s apology is now up.  Take it as you will but if you’ve been around Photo Stealers for any amount of time you will see that there is a pattern when it comes to being outed.

  1. Ignore
  2. Blame others
  3. Play the victim

I’ve been all over Doug’s Workshop AND personal Facebook pages today researching the statuses, notes and other things and never once saw a single negative comment on any of the pictures of his family. The only comment that was on a picture was his recent picture from a baseball game which had a link to this page.  Nothing offensive in that, my guess was it was a fan trying to get to the bottom of the story.

Also, the plagiarism was brought to Doug’s attention in June, back when the initial blog posts were discovered.  Back then, it didn’t create enough of a buzz to capture most people’s attention so the blogs that were outed were deleted and nothing more came of it until I decided to investigate further and discovered even more blogs were not completely original works.  If I were running a business and had hired someone who wrote all of my social media verbiage for me and discovered they were plagiarizing, I would be going over EVERYTHING with a fine toothed comb because the threat of a lawsuit for this kind of thing is very real and that’s beyond losing credibility with the people you depend on to make a living.  So the fact the blog and posts remained and further statuses, posts and so forth were posted that were not his original works makes me question this whole “the web designer/writer/intern” did it excuse.  Read some of the blogs below and ask yourself if a hired hand would have “ad libbed” what they did to change up the original pieces to fit into Doug’s blog.  It sure doesn’t sound professionally written to me, especially the ad-libbed bits in “A note about being myself” which is the last blog on this page which was one of the original blogs taken down in June but was still on one of his personal pages on Facebook.

Update 7/21

While this is not illegal, it certainly is underhanded and after debating on it, I decided to bring it to light.  There were quite a few comments in Doug’s apology stating that he has been caught using Black Hat SEO tactics and how he’d blown people off who had approached him about it in the past.  I did some digging around and what I found was pretty interesting and sad.  Scroll to the bottom for this.

Personal FB Page “About”


Personal Page II “About”


Workshop Page “About”


Workshop Page “About”


While the bio is quite witty and fun, it is not Doug’s original words.  They are actually Kevin A. Gilwa’s original words, which appeared on his lawfirm’s website.  Article about this bio with the bio included here.

Now onto his blog.  The blog is currently completely down.  Originally just the outed posts were taken down but now the whole thing is gone. However, there are screen captures. 🙂  Keep in mind that even if you change out words here and there to update the text to current times or to make it pertain to you, it still is plagiarism.


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/172065

Source: http://www.revolutionapparelblog.is/2011/01/03/how-to-realize-your-uniqueness-and-carve-a-niche/


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/155852

Source: http://www.canadaone.com/ezine/nov06/effective_decision_making.html


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/171936

Source: http://motivationaldiary.com/quotes/making-of-memory/


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/172045

Source: http://losetheexcuses.blogspot.com/2011/09/life-lessons-you-dont-know-so-dont.html


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/171978

Source:  http://uncomfortablesoul.com/post/15395291015/life-is-going-to-throw-you-so-many-obstacles-to


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/172063

Source: http://www.lensdiaries.com/photo-tips/every-photographer-needs-a-facebook-fan-page/


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/171921

Source: http://www.inspirationalstories.com/0/14.html


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/171932

Source: http://www.appleseeds.org/vip_quiz.htm


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/156707

Source:  http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/money/smallbusiness/columnist/edmunds/2005-04-20-opinions_x.htm



Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/page/5

Facebook location: https://www.facebook.com/notes/doug-gordon/the-best-day-ever/10150094033089517

Source:  http://angryafrican.net/2008/09/15/how-i-love-my-wife/


Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/155588

Source:  http://www.motivateus.com/stories/pursue-your-destiny.htm



Originally located: http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/155198

Facebook location: https://www.facebook.com/notes/doug-gordon/back-to-school-and-work/497374299516

Source: http://www.life360.com/blog/reasons-to-be-sad-about-back-to-school/


Originally located:  http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/154949

Source:  http://www.lifeoptimizer.org/2008/03/19/finding-happiness-20-ways-to-achieve-happiness-in-life/


Originally located:  http://douggordonworkshops.bigfolioblog.com/weblog/post/154626

Source:  http://www.trueinsights.com/inspirational/162

This one was part of the first batch of blogs that were discovered back in June, it is on his secondary FB account that he created to be friends with more photographers. 


Facebook location:  https://www.facebook.com/notes/doug-gordon-part-ii/a-note-about-being-myself/280739951939082

Source: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Learning-to-Live-Week-1-Being-Honest-with-Yourself

I’m not saying that copying the Facebook statuses are as big of a deal as the blog content, but it further supports that this isn’t an accident, a whoops or some hired hand that should be ashamed of themselves.  It’s a repetitive pattern that has been going on.


Location: https://www.facebook.com/doug.gordon.549/posts/10151653800713415 

Source: http://www.funnystatus.com/statuses/post/i-used-to-think-i-was-good-at-multi-tasking.-turns-3208


Location: https://www.facebook.com/doug.gordon.549/posts/10151280805373415

Source: http://www.funnystatus.com/statuses/post/i-just-found-a-whip-a-mask-and-handcuffs-in-my-moms-0209

There’s more but I think you’ve got the picture?

This was the source code for his old workshop website (he got a new one yesterday).  Take note of the keywords he had (they have changed since I posted about this on the Facebook Page).


Yesterday Doug got himself a new workshop page and I bopped around it a bit.  I landed on his product page and decided to hit “All Products” because I honestly had no idea what he even sold beyond the light everyone’s talking about being marked up from $150 to $500.

Here’s the page I landed on: http://douggordonworkshops.myshopify.com/collections/all-products

Notice all of those tags on the right? They are tags on his products.  All of his products.

I never knew he was selling Jasmine Star.  Interesting.

Here is all of the keywords he’s using.  It’s a long one and I’ve got screen captures but copy and paste is a bit easier.


  • Thanks for posting this. Because of this I have now learned my own blog was plagiarized (LensDiaries.com). Keep up the good work. Oh, I went to Doug’s Facebook Workshop page, posted my thoughts including that he owed me an apology and all I know was he read it, cause it was deleted within a minute. Thanks again and I hope this stops! Rolando Gomez

    • Michael Goolsby

      Holy cripes! Not a very professional response. I actually own one of his DVDs. Maybe I should post it for bit torrent pirates so that it’s one less thing for him to make more money with. ;(

      • C Sab

        Not a bad idea.

    • anon

      Send him a bill.

    • Rolando Gomez

      I have since personally talked to Doug and am convinced he had no part in this. He’s also apologized to me and assured me he had not part in this and took action as soon as he learned about this. He’s fired the person responsible for this and has taken full responsibility and put steps in motion to never let it happen again. I truly believe he himself never intentionally was a part of this. Rolando

      • doncalifornia

        Rolando I am not going to try to convince you that Doug is snowing you, but I want to express my opinion as an outside observer: I find it almost impossible to believe that Doug had a hired hand fully in charge of his blog, plagiarizing all manner of texts for SO LONG, even after getting caught once already, including texts like the poem relating how he loves his wife, and so on. I suppose if Doug is amazingly convincing and I spoke to him, I might question my conviction about this. But luckily for me, I don’t need to speak to him so I don’t get confused about my personal feelings vs the evidence before me. I am just going with the facts and on hand and the circumstances. To me, objectively, it appears he stole every last word himself and that the fired-assistant-story is just a lie.

        • Joseph Philbert

          I agree

        • Joel

          If he was truly innocent he would be fighting to clear his name more, don’t you think?

  • Tom

    It’s all forgotten now. Even though Doogie got booted off the WPPI roster, he’s appearing for Nikon. The man is an asshole. Pure and simple. His workshops are BS, his DVDs are crap and he is the most inauthentic person I have ever met. Just another snake oil salesman.

    • Melinda Potter

      Same with Jasmine http://www.jasminestarblog.com/index.cfm?postID=1823&featured-professional-photographer-magazine-uk eh, it is what it is. Side note: I think it’s funny she now says she learned flash from Arias, but before she claimed everything Zack said, went over her head (other than some business advice) because she was too new to photography to understand completely.

      • C Sab

        I’ll tell you one thing: I’m losing more and more faith in these workshops if they allow guys like this to present. Completely undermines and sullies the industry they claim to be a part of.

      • Joel

        Wow I never liked her before, because she was all “ME, ME, ME, ME, ME…” but now i like her even less, what a hack!

    • C Sab

      Clearly someone did get the message that this fraud isn’t who they think he is.

    • Prophotog

      dude I spent 4 hours in his studio in the middle of a winter storm, and he had over a dozen couples doing engagment shoots, I don’t know any other photographer in the world doing 12+ engagement sessions in a day. i can assure you it’s not bullshit, seen it with my own eyes, Made Long Island photographer of the year and everything. that dude knows his shit!

      • Tiffniffer

        Are you him?

      • Lizzie

        Its amazing how many brides fall for his bullshit! All he can do is copy Monte, nothing of his is original!

    • Brian

      Have you read the comments on petapixel’s article? The whole comment section reeks of SEO spam. Dude should fire his SEO company, you can’t be SEOing SEOers hah.

  • Michael Goolsby

    A “mistake” is when you accidentally run over the family cat with your car. But it is a different thing altogether to pass a neighbor’s house while driving, see a cat that you like, drive up to that house, and then take that cat for yourself. Either way, the family pet is gone. In the end, the perpetrator might regret having done either of these things. But regret is for the perpetrator, not the victim. Things need to be made right as much as possible: admitting the act, apologizing for the act, making amends, and accepting the consequences. My problem with Doug is that he seems to have done NONE of these things. As such, the issue of “making a mistake” is actually a non-issue.

  • C Sab

    I would have dared him to sue you and then you could have pointed out when you learned off of Google, and contacted the person who did invent it to back you up and to counter-sue him for theft.

    • bruce

      I did dare him to sue me-of course he was all bluster. After several phone calls, I knew his character was different than his persona, but also realized that 99% of his audience didn’t have that insight and have better things to do with my time than “go after” a fraud.

      I told him he was a big fish and should have more integrity and not threaten people, but that feel on deaf ears.

      As far as I’m concerned I wish more people would take to heart who this guy REALLY is and not justify with “he’s a good teacher” etc. and AVOID him.

  • C Sab

    He’s a fraud, not a photographer.

  • bruc

    He sure cared about copyright when I tried to return his fraud of a light source. He claimed he had intellectual rights and wouldn’t allow any returns because someone else might copy it.

  • I got an email from Adorama that Doug Gordon was doing a wedding workshop in Cleveland in July and it is only $20. So I thought I would sign up. I did a little googling and found this. I guess I am not sure if I should go or not at this point. Has anyone been to a workshop of his? Is it worth the money and time? Your thoughts?

    • Melinda Potter

      (Never been to a Doug Gordon workshop) There may be some who disagree with me, but $20 eh, go ahead and go. Most likely it’ll be more of a sales pitch than anything else (kind of like those time share thingys), but I hear he is very entertaining and has a very good stage presence. Just take note of your wallet and you’ll be AOK
      Maybe afterward you can come back and give us a review?

      • Melinda Potter

        I kinda picture it like an infomercial. I know normally the audience doesn’t pay to be there, but… it still would be fun and entertaining to be in the audience. I’d pay 20 bucks to do it

    • Sarita

      I went to one of his $20 workshops just a few weeks ago. I found nothing “snake oil salesman” about him. It was strictly teaching.

      He spent the first half hour to an hour teaching us about motivation and running a photography business. He then moved on to some pretty extensive instruction on lighting your subject (with a live model). After a quick break, he began to teach us about 70 – 100 poses. He closed by mentioning that his products for sale were at a discounted rate that day, but that he didn’t come to sell anything, and doesn’t care if we choose not to buy anything (this was not said with attitude, but humility). He explained that his primary motivation for being there was to teach us photography, which he so loves.

      Then it was over. There was nothing over the top (as far as comedy, dancing or putting on a show). He spoke very quickly to get in as much information as possible, spoke a lot about his passion for his wife and children, and occasionally was humorous. He came off very humble and sincere, but mainly, I couldn’t believe how much information he poured into 30 people with a firehose in 4 hours. We all left enriched.

      Guilty? Not guilty? Whatever. Give people a little grace if they do make mistakes. He’s not running our country, he’s just trying to do a job he loves.

      I wish him the best.

      • U Really That Dumb?

        The first time, sure. The second, perhaps, the fifth, HELL NO!
        Oh, and the material he gave you, and is selling, IS STOLEN!

      • Let me put it in dummy terms that you may understand.
        I knew a professor that was the best teacher. Parents loved him and students swore by him. He was a GREAT guy and a great father he had one problem he sleep with some of his students. Got a few pregnant, but hey hes a great teacher and some parents still send their kids too him even if he still sleeps with some of his students…. who cares hes a GREAT teacher.

      • Lindsay11

        I know when I don’t want to sell things I always lug them around with me, then mention I’m selling things and that they are on sale for a low low price! But wait, there’s more…!

        If he loved photography he should be able to see how much damage he is doing to it and other photographers.

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  • Photo Stealers

    I tried to update this page but Word Press said no so there is now a part two: http://stopstealingphotos.com/doug-gordon-lindenhurst-ny-part/

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  • Lizzie

    Right on Zoe, well said!

  • Do you see any irony in the fact you’ve posted on PhotoStealers, yet your Discqus profile photo is my photo? 😉

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