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Meg Bitton Productions

Website: https://megbittonproductions.com/

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Last September, I received numerous messages from various people questioning Meg’s newest “medium” as she called it. Many were curious if it was actually AI as there were some tells (fingers being the big one). Meg was denying they were AI creations and I took the issue to Substack. While I was confident in her use of AI I wasn’t sure if it was a fit for the blog.

Eventually I got more messages and someone pointed me to MidJourney as the likely place that Meg was actually creating this art, not in Photoshop as she claimed. I dug in and discovered her username which showed her creations and yes, many of her new pieces being sold in her shop and posted to her social media were from MidJourney.

Eventually it was just too much for Substack so I made a post here, notating at the top she hadn’t stolen photos (but did include the infamous Troll image that was used for a sale ad she didn’t have permission to use). I outlined the numerous pieces that were actually from MidJourney and Meg’s claims they were not AI.

Around this time I got a few messages from various people pointing out that Meg’s shop, Meg Bitton Productions, actually was selling items that she also didn’t have the rights to redistribute and despite her claims in the comments of most of these listings, she did not own the intellectual property rights to all the pieces within. To be honest, I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it then AND I wasn’t up for another battle at the time.

Fast forward to March when I received a barrage of rambling incoherent messages from Meg alerting me to the fact she’s been sent some kind of letter from a past thief (it seems that she’s alluding to AEllis and 17 others) wanting her to join their cause. We had some back and forth where I offered to take her post down in exchange for the letter after consulting my legal team, which apparently is *not* what she wanted and I had misunderstood her and sent her into another tailspin.

There’s a lot of messages but here’s just one that I think captures the essence of what I’ve been sent over the past couple weeks by Meg.

I honestly thought perhaps she had me confused with someone else. The only posts I have made about her on Photo Stealers is about the AI content. It’s possible I commented on others posts online when she’s come under fire for her controversial images but I never posted a blog about them. If you have no idea what I’m talking about this blog covers it well (not by me to be VERY clear).

The messages continued in fever dream akin to “Willy’s Chocolate Experience.” Meg claims over and over she’s never stolen anything and she also claims I am the one who stole her words and thoughts to gain traffic. I used screen captures in the post (fair use) to tell the story about her using AI images and denying they were AI.

So… I went back to the old messages. I started my research. Once I started digging in I realized what a Pandora’s Box I got into.

This post likely doesn’t even scratch the surface. You’d think after my experience with Lisa Saad I’d be very experienced with searching teeny tiny bits and bobs but apparently not. If you sell any kind of overlay/brush/stock images you may want to peruse the store to make sure your copyrighted items are not being resold here as well.

I’ve verified with many of the original artists directly and confirmed they are the original artists. I’ve also confirmed with them that they have not privately sold distribution rights to Meg/Meg Bitton Productions as the platforms most of these are hosted on do not allow distribution of the files.

TLDR; Meg Bitton is selling overlays, brushes and other various bits and bobs that are not her own original works and she does not have the right to resell.

Is this also a mistake? You be the judge I guess.

Admittedly I am terrible at this video overlay stuff but I’m trying since I know due to Meg’s manipulations some are harder to see. In my opinion, these haven’t been transformed enough to be considered unique even IF that was permitted with a license (and not all of these items are stock).

List of collections sourced below:

This is a running list of the packages for sale that I’ve found at least one item that is not Meg’s original copyrighted work.

  • Magical Rainbow Flares
  • Magical Bubble Shapes
  • Mixer Brush: Zombie Hands
  • Magical Fantasy Wings
  • Mixer Brush: Dancing Skeletons
  • Magical Wildflowers Brush Set
  • Magical Grass Patch Brush Set
  • Magical Grass Brush Set
  • Magical Winter Light Rays Overlays
  • Torn Paper Backdrop Overlays
  • Mixer Brush: Heart Bubbles
  • Magical Cobweb Brushes
  • Mixer Brush: Skulls
  • Magical Lovely Ring Flare Overlays
  • Alphabet Mixer Brush: Bones Alphabet
  • Magical Moving Hearts Overlays
  • Alphabet Mixer Brush: Snow Alphabet
  • Magic Rust Textures
  • Magical Snow Pile Brushes
  • Magical Vintage Floral Wallpaper
  • Digital Background: Autumn Door
  • Digital Background: Autumn Hills
  • Digital Background: Deep Autumn
  • Digital Background: Rusty Truck
  • Digital Background: Red Barn Doors
  • Digital Background: Vibrant Pumpkin Patch
  • Digital Background: Vibrant Evening Barn
  • Digital Background: Dandelion Field
  • Digital Background: Colorful Shops
  • Digital Background: Colorful Cabins
  • Digital Background: Brilliant Blue Door
  • Digital Background: Sky High
  • Digital Background: Newborn Summer Watermelons
  • Digital Background: Pastel Sunset Beach
  • Digital Background: Soft Sunset Beach
  • Digital Background: Testing The Waves
  • Digital Background: Warm Summer Meadow
  • Dark Forest Digital Background Bundle
  • Painted Playroom Layered Digital Background
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ElyseBear Photography & Art Designs

Creative Market: https://creativemarket.com/ElyseBear
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElyseBear?ref=l2-shopheader-name

While this isn’t a photographer per se but I am listing it because this woman has been stealing photographer’s images for her company since 2015.  She has never asked permission and very rarely credits.  Often her own watermark is over the image.

You may want to take a glance at the actual overlays themselves if you shoot skies or any of the things she sells.  Many of those may also be stolen but sourcing is a bit trickier – especially with anything sky related.

Update @ 4:15PM EST:

The Creative Market site has been taken down.  Here’s hoping the Etsy shop follows.

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