Katrina Edmunds Photography in Banbury, Oxfordshire UK

Website: https://www.katrinaedmundsphotography.co.uk/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katrinaedmunds.photography/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katrinaedmundsphotography

This photographer was posting prices that seemed too good to be true (£199 to £249 for wedding day coverage) on a local wedding group and many pinged that the images she was using were stock and possibly stolen. Katrina chose to double down claiming that these images were taken at “specialist professional wedding shoot training courses” and over the past 7 years in the business.

These images are all presented as her own, often accompanied with stories about the session so she is absolutely purposefully misleading clients as to the quality of her work. She’s saying thank you to compliments about the images on Instagram. The few images that appear to be her own work are vastly different in style and quality than what she’s presenting.

There are more images the ones below but from the same sources.

Update 1/29/2022: Katrina’s sent me a few emails and I found them highly amusing. I’ve attached them below. Apparently this is just an incorrect assumption and I’m the photo police.

She’s also gone to the trouble of updating her IG username but still hasn’t removed the stolen images.

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Zeenople Productions aka Casanova Images in Miami, FL

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zeenople_productions/

Here’s a thought – if you feel the need to go onto photographers’ instagram pages and bash other photographers work, make sure you don’t have stolen images on your own page.

It sounds like he’s recently rebranded after getting a slew of bad reviews for his prior company named Casanova Images. There’s a lot of clients that seemed to never receive their images.

As I was making this post the stolen images (confirmed and suspected) disappeared from their instagram.

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