Amanda Marie Photography in Elkins, West Virginia

Instagram:  (currently down)

I do not condone bashing others work as we all started somewhere.  However, I will say this: the work that Amanda is presenting as her own is a vast departure from the images she has taken.  THIS is why I do what I do, if someone books her based on these beautiful images they will be in for a disappointment.

I was sent this photographer about a week ago but had to sit on it so I could edit a wedding since my actual paying gig has to take precedence.  For those cocking your head and wondering what these ads mean then if I say this doesn’t pay me… well ads bring me at most $30 a month.

SO I have started a Patreon.  I’m not sure what will come of it but it’s there if you want to support me and keep your ad block on.  Even if you can’t support at this time a share of it would be fantabulous!

Update 9/15/2018:  She took all of the images down from her Facebook that were posted here.  She replaced them with images that were also stolen.  When it was pointed out those were stolen she replaced them again with more stolen images.  Finally it appears since she can’t figure out how to use her own images she took her website and Facebook down.

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