Arkane Mystic Arts in Tomball, Texas


This photographer is running ads with a stolen image she cropped the watermark out of as well as posting the same ad to a ton of local Facebook Groups.

I have a MASSIVE pile of editing to do so I didn’t dig as deep as I’d like here since I don’t have the time to do it.  There’s quite a few more images on her Facebook Page I suspect aren’t her own original works but I couldn’t find sources so I am running with what I have.  I apologize for not diving as deep on this one.

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Magdalena Studios in Ocean City, New Jersey


In 2013 I went viral with the worst photos I’ve ever taken in my career.  To this day, 6 years later, it still amuses the hell out of me.  They were featured from everywhere from PetaPixel to Rangefinder to the Today Show and a million other places.  The blog text also got a lot of traction and I even ended up being in the New York Times about it.  It was pretty wild!

However, with going viral comes copyright infringement and since that blog went viral I’ve dealt with photographers over and over that can’t seem to credit me for my blog post.  I keep getting told by the photographers I email it’s “not a big deal” but it is to me!  There are some photographers who have been kind enough to ask before reposting and I’ve always been pretty generous with allowing photographers to repost the blog with credit.

Today’s photographer plagiarized my viral Unplugged Wedding blog post.  She did rework it a but but it’s plain what the original source of her copy is.  She even kept the bride and groom’s name the same and wrote the blog as if she was there, which is really unsettling to the bride (AND me). No credit is given to me for the source text.

The icing on the cake is that the images included in the blog post are not hers either, and of course no credit is given.  They aren’t mine (guess they were too bad to steal!) so those are also sourced below.

I am having a cocktail tonight.

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