Perfect Moment Photography in Sacramento, CA


Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here.  3 double header weekends in less than a month means I’ve been too busy to work on much on the Photo Stealers end.  I’m taking a wee break from busting out editing for busting photographers tonight.

Today’s post is a fun one.  She posted to a Facebook Group asking for CC of an image she actually took.  However a quick pop over to her Facebook Page showed she was using lots of images that aren’t hers.  I had to stop sourcing so I could go back to what actually pays me to work (if you want to support my work here – hit up my Patreon!)  but there’s dozens of images I didn’t source and may add later.

I also love (note that was in sarcasm font) that she often edits the original photographer’s work.   Let’s add some salt to that wound right?

Fucking hell.  I need a cocktail.

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