Charming Photos aka Aries Photography in Cross Lanes, WV

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I have received a ton of submissions this weekend but this one caught my eye due to denial being strong with this one.  Please forgive me for not getting to all the submissions yet – weddings are in full swing and it’s a holiday weekend!  I did a bit of digging on this one but will post more at a later time.

Update 05/26/2014 @ 10:30AM

Added in pictures from the second website along with images from her Facebook before she started deleting.  She’s commenting below stating that she had permission from the photographers and it was her second shooter that did it (yet they don’t have access to her websites).

Update 05/27/2014 @ 11:00AM

Added links to other sites of hers, some of which still have stolen images on them.

Update 05/27/2014 @ 1:00PM

For those of you that are as confused as I am as far of the excuses/stories and who the fuck this woman is, here’s a synopsis.

Charming Photos is ran by a woman named Aries Lanna Thompson.  She claims that another person works with/for her named Natasha “Tasha” Elizabeth Wile.  Tasha has yet to comment on Photo Stealers.  Tasha’s business, Tasha’s Crochet Creations (which also had stolen product images), has the same phone number as Charming Photos, they claim to “share” the phone.  The personal Facebook profile images also appear to be the same woman.  Aries claims that her and Tasha use pen names and hide their real locations to protect themselves.   Aries also used to work for J-Tron Productions and owned S&E Weddings.

Regarding the use of the stolen images, Aries claims that she had permission from the photographers and/or clients to use the images (further claims of this here, here and here).  Photographers and clients have emailed me and also posted stating this is not the case.

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Endless Road Studio in Savannah, GA

Southern Wedding News:

Georgia again???  Sigh.

This photographer lifted the bulk of her portfolio from one photographer, even going as far as to get business cards printed with his work.  There’s also one other photographer she also stole heavily from.  All of the images appear to have came from Flickr.

Thanks again for the ad clicks and donations to help keep this page running!  You are the best!

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Visible Air in Cleveland, OH

Facebook Business Profile #1:
Facebook Business Profile #2:

Lots of stock images, lots of not stock images.  Will only be posting the ones that aren’t stock in the gallery – you can figure out which few images are theirs (spoiler alert, it’s not hard to figure out).  I don’t recommend stealing from ANYONE but definitely don’t steal from photographers that are local to you.

Updated 05/21/2014 @ 10:30PM

They’ve removed most of the stolen work from their website but the Facebook still has a lot of stolen images.  I’m also adding in some of the stock images from their various places on the internet including on their business profile pages since the owner is claiming that it’s his “partner” that stole the images, all he did was use the images he was given.  Too bad some stolen images are on the owner’s Facebook profile.

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DM Productions aka Robbie Caine Photography in Melbourne, Australia


This genius not only stole images and stole from me but went to my actual website to do it.  When there he had to screen capture to steal the images because I’ve yet to find an HTML site I like as much as my flash website. 

Lots of swear words people.  LOTS OF SWEAR WORDS!  Thank GOD I bought some alcohol today.  Oddly this photographer stole from a lot of Ohio photographers because you know, Australia is TOTALLY similar to Ohio.  WTF?

I am publishing this then going back into the other galleries.  Given that most of them (Fashion, Glamour and Portrait) seem to be from commercial artists the sourcing may be a bit more difficult.

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Jeremy Cowart in Los Angeles, CA



A month or so ago at Photoshop World in Atlanta, Jeremy Cowart was a presenter.  In this class he described his technique of creating time-lapse videos of himself creating composite art pieces which he is selling for his charity.  Part of that process involved Jeremy showing himself going to Google Image Search and using images taken by others as layers in the final composite piece.  When questioned during his class about the legalities regarding copyright infringement by doing this, Jeremy allegedly said that it didn’t apply because he isn’t making money off of the pieces.   This information is wrong.  If you want to read the laws about derivative works, read here.  Essentially if you are using images that are copyright to the original owner to create a new piece of work you must have permission from the original copyright holder.   While I admire what Jeremy does for his charities, I don’t admire his method of creating the work and then teaching other creatives at a conference this method of obtaining images for composite work.


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