Thiago Dea

I have to admit, I don’t do much on 500px, the people over there seem so hardcore and I guess I just know Flickr more.  Every now and again I’ll get a submission of a thief over there but this one made me laugh because of his excuse.  I guess that’s the quickest way to get featured, have an excuse that’s totally ridiculous.

A photographer that appears to be fairly well known on 500px found out that one of his images was on someone else’s page with their watermark. Continue reading Thiago Dea

Media Novak

This isn’t quite a photographer but since the company is run by a photographer FOR photographers I’m going to let it slide because in my world, it’s close enough.  For those that don’t know Media Novak, it’s a marketing company that sells websites, branding and the like to photographers.  However, many, if not all of those examples were actually stolen from other designers and photographers online.  Continue reading Media Novak