Ben Sheehan Photography in Auckland, New Zealand


I’m watching the LuLa Rich documentary (SO GOOD) and waiting to see if any of the story about their stealing art made it into the show/documentary. I helped research and find the art they stole for their clothing line and that process helped me when searching Lisa Saad’s composites. Update: at least one of the original artworks I sourced made it to the show. Episode 4, the one of the camera is my side-by-side. I think I found the owl too? There was at least 100 different designs I found before I gave up and let the others keep searching. For this to hit while I’m watching what started me on the road to breaking down images/art into tiny segments to find is kind of surreal.

This is all highly ironic to me since I’m now bringing you another Lisa Saad-esque photographer who is using stock images in their photography composites, claiming they are all his own original works and blocking those calling him out. Oh he’s won awards too with these images to boot.

Another shitty part of this story is that dogs are not allowed in most of these parks. When asked, he claims he got special permission and/or paid a steep sum to allow this to happen.

Look, there’s a niche for photographers who composite well and make compelling images. However, when they block/delete anyone asking about the original image, take credit as if the entire image is their original creation (see many of the replies about how he got his dog in these positions) there’s a problem. Especially when Ben is winning awards and offering mentoring to other photographers (where he claims these are all naturally lit images and doesn’t mention composites).

There’s likely more stock images he used and if I find them I’ll update as needed.

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