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Amanda Elizabeth Photography in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


Another day, another idiot photographer using stolen images to advertise for cheap mini sessions.

Update 11/30/2023: As I was writing my latest Substack newsletter an email came in tipping me off that Amanda is still up to her same shit. She’s changed her editing style, somehow amassed a decent following on Instagram and is now selling to photographers. You’d think from an innocent glance at her instagram that she’s living clean and learned from her mistakes…

Except now she’s using stolen photos to advertise to photographers for various retreats. On some she does say (beneath the cut or deceptively hidden of course) they are inspo but not all. She did not receive permission to use the images from the photographers that I’ve heard back from so far.

Note: this isn’t even the second time she’s done this. When I outed her in 2019 I got a hefty amount of messages that she’d done this numerous times before.

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Teresa Chong Photography in New York, NY


Yes, another repeat offender.  While this new name was updated on her past listing there’s a slew of new stolen works and rather than updating that one for the millionth time I’m going with a new listing.  Sigh.

This submission came to me because she submitted stolen work to a magazine.  Luckily they recognized the work as someone else’s and they looked her up and sent her to me.  I’m still shaking my head.

Amusingly she’s disabled right clicking on her website.  So while she hasn’t learned to not stop stealing images, she HAS learned to make it harder to source her stolen goods.

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A Plus Photography LLC aka Platinum Photography LLC aka Expressions Photo & Design aka Expressions by Aaron in Des Moines, Iowa

Website 1:
Website 2:
Website 3:
Facebook: (he changed the name and has deleted all of the images)
Newsletter 1:–Come-See-Us-at-Bridal-Forum-.html?soid=1112168023966&aid=bYMNVFmQCT0
Newsletter 2:–1995-00-.html?soid=1112168023966&aid=ZnO9Vn39XHE
Newsletter 3:
Newsletter 4:
You Tube:
Current Facebook:
Wedding Wire:
The Knot:
Website 4 (rebranded):
Website 5:

Last night I received a tip that one of the photographers listed here in 2012, A&K Photography, was back up to his old tricks and using stolen images in his portfolio.  Not only that but he’s been pulling no shows at weddings as well.  I wonder if he’ll blame the former partner again?

Here is a link to the news story that aired last night about two weddings he no-showed to.

Also of note is that right when all of the shit started to hit the fan there was a sudden influx of 5 star reviews on his listing on The Knot.  Now you have to dig to find the negative reviews.

Of course most of the client reviews on his website are plagiarized.  Color me shocked.

Updated 2/16/17 – New Facebook Page has been added.  More plagiarized reviews have been added to his Facebook and Website and the original sources are linked below.

Update 2/26/17 –  There’s a few updates that I’ve done but in the past week haven’t had the time to properly document so I am adding those here now.

  • On 2/18/2017 was registered anonymously on Go Daddy.  The website not only showed Expression Photo & Design’s images with the same name used to title the images but the phone number for the new company also is linked to Expressions Photo & Design.  Since the proof is in the pudding, all of the proof is shown below the cut.
  • On 2/19/2017 I received a slew of fake reviews across various platforms for my business.  One of those reviews had also given Expressions Photo & Design a glowing review… which was plagiarized from another review on a different photographer.
  • Since 2/21/2017 (my birthday, well done!) I’ve been getting increasingly angry emails, phone calls and texts from a “Gary” claiming that Platinum Photography LLC has no affiliation with Expressions Photo & Design and demanding that I remove the added link to this listing.  I even received a Cease and Desist from a law firm that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

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Lori Cox Photography aka Lori Langston Photography aka Lori’s Creative Photography in Sopchoppy, Florida


Fucking Florida, amirite?

I’ve started to get a massive headache so I stopped listing images w/o sources.

Update 2/11/16 @ 11PM

• Lori’s Facebook Page is down
• Lori removed some of the images sourced below from her website, however she added at least one new stolen image in their place.
• Updated sourced images for the website with all images Lori didn’t originally photograph, including stock images.
• Updated source on main background image for website.

Update 2/12 @ 2PM

• Lori’s Facebook Page is still down however her profile is back up, still with stolen work.
• Lori has ads all over Facebook with stolen content representing her work, those are now included below.

Update 6/3/2016

• I received an email from Lori in May blaming hackers for the stolen images being on her website.  Since images remained on her website that were not her original works of art, I did not remove the post.  Also, unless you are posting selfies, you likely were not the photographer at your own wedding so those images have no place in your photography gallery IMHO.

From: Lori Cox
Subject: Being hacked

Message Body:
Please Please delete everything with my name in it.  I was hacked on my website, Facebook and they were leaving me bad email messages.  I am honest and love the work I do.  I do NOT steal photos.  Most of the photos they claimed I stole was my own personal Wedding.
Please remove them, thank you in advance!

• Today I received another email with more information about images that Lori has stolen so I decided to update the post while waiting for a session to download.

• Much of the original material also still remains so I’ve created a new category for Photo Stealers – Lost Cause.  For photographers who continue to use others intellectual works after being caught.

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CJ Photography aka Ryan Christoph Images AKA Chris Jones AKA White Anchor Films in Georgia

White Anchor Films @ The Knot:
CBS46 article about Chris Jones:

Click here to go to the latest update (2/6/2020)

This one is probably going to ruffle some feathers as people are going to have opposing views on whether this is full-on theft or just a bit shady.  Since more than 80% of the image (often near 100% of the image) is not CJ Photography’s original work AND since he’s presenting the image as entirely his own (without permission, I’ve checked in with the original photographers and outside of the stock agencies he’s not been granted permission to use the original works in this manner) I’m going ahead with this.

CJ has got some attention recently from running a camera giveaway that involved a like-a-thon on Facebook and his images caught a few people’s interest because they didn’t look natural although CJ claims them to be.  Note that most of the images you are to share to win the camera aren’t his but that fact is buried but is there, kinda, so I’m not listing them.  Combined with the fact that he’s less than a year into the business things started popping in people’s heads and at least two people have investigated and brought some info to me.

CJ aka Christopher Jones posts quite a lot of amazing images yet dodges every singe question about where his location was and how he found such amazing light.  Instead he talks about his one-on-one classes he offers to learn how he works.  This is what finally sent me to post here as I hear he runs a newbie photographer group and sells his workshops to them.  Folks, you aren’t going to learn how to shoot like this because the shot is a composite that is heavily photoshopped.  This isn’t out of camera work.

Yes some work here IS stock but some images he used are NOT stock and he did NOT get rights to use the images.  Nor does it sound like he licensed them correctly but I am awaiting on replies in regards to that.  I have been in contact with all of the photographers and most have got back to me already stating that Christopher Jones did NOT have permission to use their images in this manner.

Update 4/2016: Scroll to the bottom for the 4/2016 addition of the Ava Ryan Photography chapter to this book.  TL;DR: Chris and his wife Erin are now running a company called Ava Ryan Photography.  They started offering editing classes to photographers and opened up a mentoring group.  People connected the dots as to who Chris is and have posted about it online.  Somehow this was my fault.  Now Erin is claiming that Chris has nothing to do with Ava Ryan and it is her business alone despite him using the Ava Ryan account to post as himself, he being included in the “About Us” page and multiple of Chris’s images being on the Ava Ryan galleries.

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