Photo Shyster: Ryan Schembri

Ryan Schembri has not stolen images!

This is another entry into the photo shyster category which is reserved for industry leaders in the photography world that are doing shady shit that is NOT stealing images. Shady shit is qualified as things such as not delivering products or images to clients in the promised time, not delivering what photographers pay for with mentorships or workshops and so forth.

Enter Ryan Schembri.

For those who don’t know him, Ryan Schembri entered into the photography world about 10 years ago or so. Not long after dipping his toes into wedding photography he began to collect lots of awards including big ones such as the Grand Award at WPPI, Photographer of the Year with AIPP and also was a Grand Master of AIPP. He began to speak at various conferences and lead his own workshops shortly after, as many do. He’s pretty well known within the industry, especially to those in the awards circuit and in Australia (where he is based).

Now that you have a gist of who he is, lets get into the thick of it.

TLDR: Ryan Schembri allegedly has dozens of photography clients waiting on images and/or products, allegedly left at least one workshop early, allegedly failed to properly cancel another workshop where at least one student is still waiting for a refund, and allegedly has at least mentee waiting for a refund after not delivering what was promised. Despite all of this, Ryan has recently posted he’ll be traveling the world workshopping before retiring from teaching photography despite being based in Australia where travel to/from the country is difficult due to the pandemic and slow rollout of the vaccine.

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