Photo Shyster: Sallee Photography


TLDR; Is it OK to take people’s money then reschedule workshops to different years (sometimes multiple times) without refunding?

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I don’t even know where to start with this post about Sallee Photography other than knowing NOT to name any child of mine Brinkley.

I’ve been in the industry for about 16 years and for all of them Sallee Photography has always been humming along in the background. JB and DeEtte run Sallee Photography out of Texas and often seem to be running workshops with a few weddings and portrait sessions mingled in.

Sallee Photography is a well-decorated member of the PPA, WPPI and probably a million other organizations that I don’t know. JB especially is (or was) the darling of the Texas PPA which is how I actually found out about him after somehow stumbling into their party at my first WPPI.

JB Sallee, who is the main man running Salle Photography, is also a ProFoto Legend of Light.

DeEtte, tends to run the backend of the business and is generally not at the forefront of a lot of the drama but she *is* still a part of the business and is at many of the workshops.

Sallee Photography workshops have been sponsored by WPPI, Queensberry, Sew Trendy, and LaCie.

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