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My Life Photo aka Capture the Moment

URL:  http://mylifephoto.smugmug.com/

URL:  http://www.mylifephoto.biz/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/mylifephoto.biz

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/photography.biz

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/mylifephotobiz

My Life Photo by Thomas C Miles is yet another photographer using stolen images to help pad his portfolio.  Apparently he was recently at a bridal show and caught the eye of some local photographers as he had a ton of work yet no one knew of him prior to his arrival at the show.  After the show, he bragged about booking 100+ engagement sessions (which apparently he was giving away for free) and people looked into his work further to discover that the images he showed at the bridal show were not his.  

Also note that I have enabled comments on the posts now!  


We’re going to start with the main webpage and continue on from there.  I suggest that you find some popcorn.  It appears that the opening gallery is either My Life Photo’s real work or due to the photoshopping I am unable to find a source. 


I’m going to start with the gallery and this popup amuses the hell out of me.  Funny that he goes to these efforts so people cannot steal when the work itself is stolen.  Funny shit. 


The above image is apparently a stock item as it’s pretty easily found on the internet on many wallpaper sites. This is just one of the many


The next image is a stock and the following I didn’t find a source for so we’re going to the next image that there is a source for.  Notice that it’s significantly smaller in size in the gallery compared to the other images, which is what tipped me off initially. 


This image is from K Design Photography.  I don’t know why, but it really creeps me out when people steal images of children. 


This is the next image in the gallery.  Remember, since this is all hosted on Smugmug, these image are available for sale.  


This image is from Minuta Photography.


The next image in the gallery.


If you edit the image (to spot color even, shudder!) I can still find the original source, whom is Shawn Tomkinson Photography.  Note that the watermark was also removed from the photo when edited. 


The remainder of his gallery is either his work or manipulated to the point I cannot find the original source.  However, we are back to stealing again on his packages page.  


This is a stock image for an album from Mixbook and the others on the page are also stock images.  


Onto the Facebook page where the first thing that catches my eye is that the profile image is a huge disconnect from the images shown on the page. 


It appears to be a stock image that is heavily used for a background to music selections.  This is just one page where it is used.  


I decided to work my way up from the bottom as the more recent images seem to be from My Life Photos and low and behold we find the tiny pictures again. 


This image is from CLC Portraits


Another image in his gallery that caught my eye. 


It belongs to A. Blake Photography.  


Another image from the Facebook gallery. 


This image is originally from Calfa Photography


This may be my personal favorite, the photographer at the bridal show with large canvases of the images he’s stolen.  

PS:  This seems very, very suspect.  While it may not have to deal with stealing photos, I thought I’d call attention to it while I was here.  

Update 3/6:

Apparently he’s a quick little sucker and quickly deleted the first two sites we outed when he found out he got called out.  The new URLs have been posted because of course, there’s more than one. 

Update 3/7:

All of the sites are down.  There is an apology of sorts in the comments but IMHO I’ve heard the sick kid/wife/aunt story before.  True or not, it’s not a reason to steal.  

Emily Hummel Photography in Elkton, VA

Link:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-Hummel-Photography/259832030725935


By the time I was alerted to this thief, the owners of the photos have mostly done what they should and reported the image theft to the web site host and Facebook so many of the images are down, but not all.  There is also a couple images that are stock images that are being used.  Her website online has already been taken down from the owners of the images filing DMCA’s so that’s a plus!





http://www.zazzle.com/young_love_poster-228589823889324440 (probably a stock image, it’s all over the web)

http://onepicdaily.blogspot.com/2009/12/cute-little-girl-with-flowers.html (another that is all over the web, hard to find source)


Most images have been removed but there are still some stock images on her page.  She is getting pretty nasty back at people commenting on her Facebook Page about the stolen works and calling the owners of the images “snoody” for asking her to remove them.


It appears her Facebook Page is down, possibly gone depending if she or Facebook took it down for the multiple DMCA reports.

Cara Mia Wedding Photography

Link:  http://caramiaphotos.com/ 

Cara Mia Wedding Photography may also be the same studio as Glass Slipper (see below) but may not be.  Many of the same images are stolen and a lot of the verbage on the site is also similar.  Props to Peter Zack for noticing this, you should read his blog about thieves that sparked the idea for this blog.