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By His Grace Photography in Thackerville, Oklahoma

Website: http://www.byhisgracephotography.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/By-His-Grace-Photography/1573820546199954

I’m not listing the images that I suspect are stock – which is most of the images that are on the site but aren’t listed below.

I also gave up on sourcing images from Facebook around April.  There are a TON more on her Facebook page but I’ve put in 6 hours on this post so I’m waving the white flag.

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J.S. Media & Co. aka Jesse Stockton Media in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Website 1: http://jessestockton.wix.com/jsmedia?hc_location=ufi
Website 2: http://www.jessestockton.com/

I’ve verified that Jesse Stockton was not a second or associate photographer for any of these weddings.

This photographer was tipped to me after he was researched when an article was published about this photographer in a local newspaper.

Update 04/17/2015
Website #2 has been up and down, appears to be his main website that may have gone down with the article above. Those are sourced below.

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Natashia Nicole Photography aka Red Orchid Weddings in Weston, Wisconsin

Web:  http://www.redorchidweddings.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Red-Orchid-Wedding-Photography/1514878288798758

Web:  http://natashianicolephotography.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/natashianicolephoto?fref=photo
Facebook2: https://www.facebook.com/natashia.piskoty

While she seems to mostly feature her own work in her portfolio she has used others images without permission for ads and inspirational posts as well as plagiarized.

Update 11/16/2014

She’s changed her name to Red Orchid Weddings.

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Photography by Jennifer in Bybee, TN

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Jenniferlovesphotos
Thumbtack:  http://www.thumbtack.com/tn/bybee/photographers/photography-services
Beep:  http://photographybyjenifer.beep.com/

Not only did Jennifer steal images, she also edited or cropped out watermarks, slapped her own watermarks on the images, renamed the subjects and finally edited them.  Wow.

Update @ 12:30PM

She’s claiming that she’s never stolen images and shared the status update from her personal profile, which ironically has more stolen images.  So the status and additional images have been added.

PS: Thanks for the ad clicks this week!  It’s been a doozy!

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