Doug Gordon in Lindenhurst, New York

Where do I begin?

Back in June, it was discovered that Doug Gordon, yes, THAT Doug Gordon, had numerous posts on his workshop blog page that were not his original works.  Around 10 or so blogs were “outed” as not his own and they were quietly taken down before anyone thought to screen capture the proof.   Continue reading “Doug Gordon in Lindenhurst, New York” »

Joshua Lawrence Photography

FB: One of the things I see time and time again is that new photographers tend to think nothing of putting up photos they aspire to take “someday” on their new website or Facebook Page.  Sometimes they actually clarify they aren’t theirs but usually they don’t.   It’s always extra amusing when they lie … Continue reading Joshua Lawrence Photography

Bella Crave Photography

Wedding URL: Portrait URL: Facebook: I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been getting thieves but my paying job (my photography business) comes before the one I don’t get paid for.   This is another user submitted fauxtographer and it’s a fun one.  Yes, I realize it’s mostly all … Continue reading Bella Crave Photography

LemonTree Photography Inc

URL: FB: (it’s been down since the onset) Originally I only published this company to my Facebook page because they only used stock images from what I could gather and while I’d love to out all the shady effers along with the stealers ain’t nobody got time for that!  However, this photographer duo … Continue reading LemonTree Photography Inc