My Life Photo aka Capture the Moment

URL: URL: Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: My Life Photo by Thomas C Miles is yet another photographer using stolen images to help pad his portfolio.  Apparently he was recently at a bridal show and caught the eye of some local photographers as he had a ton of work yet no one … Continue reading My Life Photo aka Capture the Moment

Nice N Simple Photography

URL:  Another day, another thief.  This one is out of Toronto – well from what I can tell anyway since their website is quite ambiguous about where their location is.  Photographers PUT YOUR LOCATION ON YOUR SITE!  Make it STUPID EASY to find where you are.  That’s another rant for another day I … Continue reading Nice N Simple Photography

Only Art Photography

Link: Facebook: This submission came from the online form, thank you!!!!  It appears that a lot of the images are coming from photographers in Australia and a lot of commercial images and often steal from the same photographer multiple times. Each gallery is made up of many pictures, all appear to be stolen … Continue reading Only Art Photography