Seven times 70 Photography Studio aka 7 x 70 aka Divine Photography Studio aka Jennifer Klear Photography in Harrod, OH


She is currently deleting some of the images she’s being called out for.  There are more than what is sourced below but I am too busy today to do it all.  She habitually crops out watermarks and has used at least one stolen image for her header so this isn’t just “inspiration” for mini sessions or photo shoots (not that inspiration posts are ever ok – even with credit).

Her website is mostly her work with the WIX template images left in place so below is just Facebook sourced images.


This set was deleted after one photographer called her out, I didn’t get a chance to source


Original source




Original photographer


Original source


Original source


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original source


Original source


Original photographer


Unknown original source



  • Marc W.

    That last screenshot is priceless!

    • Photo Stealers

      I had to add that one in.

  • Holy shit, that last post is the very definition of cognitive dissonance.

  • Me, Myself and I

    Wow that last screen cap is awesome.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  • Me, Myself and I

    Ok so lets start.

    Copyright violation fines?
    Up to 150,000$ PER IMAGE.

    Cropped or cloned out water marks? 2,500$ to 25,000$ per image under the DMCAs provisions on circumvention of rights management information.

    Then we get into the commercial use of a persons likeness without a model release for each person in those images.

    Next we hit Fraud / False advertising laws.

    I hope you get sued into homelessness.

  • And she had the audacity to say to keep her watermark on her photos wooowwwww I have no words.

  • Steve Gibson

    and yet again, after all the other peoples work is removed all that’s left is poor to average shots

    • Like always what they steal never adds up to what they are capable of producing

  • BlueToffee

    That last screenshot made my jaw drop. That’s a hell of a lot of nerve.

  • Me, Myself and I

    This is rather ironic …

  • Marc W.

    She’s in delete mode on comments from one of the photographers she stole from.

    • Photo Stealers

      This was what she commented on one before she deleted it shortly after (note this post was from one of the original photographer’s friends before this post went life).

      • Marc W.

        Yeah, and she didn’t apologize until the person commented asking for an apology. Oy vey.

      • BlueToffee

        I just can’t wrap my head around the whole “I’m not stealing” thing. Funny, she doesn’t spell out “This isn’t mine — this is just what I want to be able to produce” (and she shouldn’t do THAT, either). Given the other snarky posts she’s made about being a pro (sharing those Someecards images, etc.) I call BS that she doesn’t know full well what she’s doing. As if those who call her out on this stuff haven’t heard all the excuses before!

  • Helena

    It’s ironic that people who steal have the biggest obsession about watermarks.

  • Phoxy_Photog

    The worst kind of stealer. Thinks she is all great and expects people to respect her copyright.

  • BlueToffee

    “My friends and clients know what photos are mine and my intent with the ones that are not. ”

    Banging my head on the desk. Great apology — NOT.

    • Justin Case

      That is not an apology, it is a completely transparent, passive/aggressive attempt to turn herself into a victim.

      You didn’t “ruffle some feathers”: you tried to deceive those “friends and clients” into believing that work other people had created was yours.

      Now it won’t be just “friends and clients” who are aware of your business practices.

      • Photo Stealers

        I wonder how this whole apology thing applies to the header that she used that wasn’t her image for her FB Business page.

    • Marc W.

      Maybe she won’t mind me using her photos.

    • V323

      You’ve definitely shown your true character, Jen, the non-existent kind.

    • She is an idiot …smh

  • Marc W.

    She still has stolen/stock work on her website!

    • Marc W.

      “I deleted everything I will check again” she says. =/

      • Marc W.

        She called me crazy.

        Edit: She’s deleted the “apology” after calling her out.

        • BlueToffee

          Lol, love your Sheldon Cooper shoutout! And this whole non-apology apology post has now been deleted. Of course.

          • Marc W.

            I’ve used that a few times. Maybe I should think about why people are calling me crazy.

        • Marc W.

          There’s still stolen work on her website.

  • captain-confuzzled

    seems it is not her first rodeo with photo stealing… from a FB page she had in 2013 (still up). picture of baby in Christmas scene, found here with reference to the original photographer here:

    • You can’t fix stupid

      How can you specialize in family portraits, baby, pregnancy, senior, wedding and animals? A specialist is somebody who is good at 1 thing – oh I get it, she is good at stealing. Jennifer Klear of Seventimes 70 Photography is a specialist in stealing images.

  • Michael Goolsby

    “Respect my logo and all the hand work into put into my photos”

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.