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24/7 PROtography

Oh my god we’re back again… I feel like I’m in a Backstreet Boys song or the Song That Doesn’t End.  24/7 is back with MORE stolen works.  I would have added this to the last post but honestly it got to be SO long I had to start anew.  So here’s the old post if you want to catch up on what 24/7’s done in the past.  Now let’s continue on.  

Thief: 24/7 PROtography aka Benjamin Ramalho Photography
Link:  http://www.247protography.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/247PROtography 

The above image is a new image that is a composite on his Facebook and webpage, both are using a stolen image for the backdrop, which he doesn’t state is not his own.

The original image is an album cover for a band.

Another composite image, again, nothing stating that both of these works aren’t his.  

The original image is a stock image, here seen on Shutterstock.  Per the terms of use, no stock images are to be used to represent a photographers own work.