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My Magical Moments in Palm Springs, California and/or St. Louis, Missouri

Website: http://www.my-magical-moments.com/index.html
Yelp:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/my-magical-moments-photography-st-louis
Backpage: http://visalia.backpage.com/CreativeServices/photographer-available-for-any-occasion-602-465-6580/7933288
Craigslist 1:  http://palmsprings.es.craigslist.org/crs/4815718176.html
Craigslist 2: http://stlouis.es.craigslist.org/crs/4776679885.html

I thought that the submissions to Photo Stealers were slow due to the holidays aka the busiest time of the year for photographers.  I was wrong.  Turns out that Google has been marking most of my submissions from this website as spam.  Sigh.  I went through some of the backlog and this submission was in there.  It’s a doozy.  I guess it is a good thing it was filed in the spam folder because in December I wouldn’t have had the time to worry about this one.  At least now I can source while weddings are importing and exporting so there’s that hidden blessing.

Nicole Rios runs My Magical Moments and it’s so magical I can’t quite even figure out if she’s in Bakersfield, California or St. Louis, Missouri.  She’s got running ads for both areas so I’m putting both locations in.  I’m guessing there was a recent move or maybe she’s got family in one location and visits frequently?  Who knows.

This PS’er is quite prolific, quite possibly one of the most I’ve every featured on this site.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across one of my own images on her Craigslist ad.  Of course it’s one of the first professional sessions I ever had and the circumstances were beyond what I was anticipating (message me for the laughable details). Why is it that people steal the images that suck the most?  Anyway, there’s a lot here so let’s get to it.  This one took a lot of time!!!  I didn’t get through all the galleries because screen capping them was difficult and very time consuming.  Note that many of the images she’s not only removed the watermark but also edited the images from their original state.

Warning:  there are some NSFW images below the cut!

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