Natasha Louise Photography in Bolton/Bromley Cross, United Kingdom

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer:

This photographer has begun removing some of the stolen images so this listing is comprised of screen captures, cached pages and existing pages. Website:

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Stock image


Stock image


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Original source (cake)


Original source (B&W bride)


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Original source (dresses)


Original source (bouquet)


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Your Perfect Wedding Photographer:


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  • Peter Kelly

    That’s just up the road from me…makes me want to SCREAM!!!!

    By the way, what is it with the image of the bride holding her bouquet in the woods (as used with the 10% off)? Seems like that was stolen by the last scumbag too…

    • Photo Stealers

      It was.

    • LoLTonelica

      I was just thinking that. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve seen that image from quite a few “photographers”

      • Me, Myself and I

        f’ing pinterest!

        • Just a Girl

          I hate Pinterest!

      • PhotogPhox

        Watermark. In the middle. In a place hard to clone out.

    • Just a Girl

      While I realize the photo was stolen from a real photographer there is some real irony in just the thought that a thief stole from a thief!

      • Peter Kelly

        It’s just a pity, in such a case, that pictures aren’t like real artifacts; that the first thief would have it proudly on their website one minute and then wonder where it went the next! Now THAT would be funny!

    • Justin Case

      I’ve been noticing that happen quite a bit. Not all the time, but there are some images that just seem so familiar, they almost scream ‘taken by a PHOTO THIEF!’ (pun clearly intended).

      If I start to notice it again, I think I’ll start a ‘rouge’s gallery’ of Most Stolen Images on my desktop…

  • U Really That Dumb?

    Let’s just nip this one in the bud, shall we? I know, it won’t work, but let’s pretend it will.


    Welcome to the world of being outed by Photo Stealers (Stop Stealing Photos). It is our goal to root out and put a stop to photography copyright infringement. Your outing is one step towards that goal. You used photos you were not authorized to use, which is illegal. You’re probably confused and angry, so let us try to help you get a handle on things by giving you a checklist of things you should be doing and not doing.

    Please do NOT do the following:

    1. React with anger, go into denial, or start in with the threats. We already have the evidence against you. The best thing you can do for you is to be honest and to deal with this head on.

    2. Flag comments on this listing. The mods will just put them back, so don’t waste your time.

    3. Lie or offer excuses. We have heard every excuse in the book (really, we have. One guy even blamed Obama.), and you will not come up with something we haven’t heard before. You are not a special snowflake. Nothing you can say will justify what you did, so don’t bother.

    4. Accuse us of slander (because nobody ever figures out it has to be verbal to be slander). We stick to the facts, and if something is publicly available, it’s fair game.

    5. Create fake accounts to defend yourself. We will see through it, and it’s just a waste of time.

    Please DO the following:

    1. Remove any and all stolen images immediately. That means now. Right now. And no, simply hiding them from public view doesn’t count. They need to be completely deleted.

    2. Apologize DIRECTLY to those from whom you have stolen (and tell the truth!), and offer monetary compensation. You used their images in a professional setting to try to make money, so you owe them that much.

    3. Hope they don’t sue you. Copyright infringement is illegal under the law, and you can be sued for thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, for EACH stolen image. Yes, seriously.

    4. Apologize publicly, on all the sites and social media accounts where the stolen work appeared. Again, you owe it to your clients, fans, friends, etc., to be honest.

    5. Learn about how copyright works. Look up the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. What you may think you know and what is actually the truth are probably two different things (as in: no, posting someone else’s photo as “inspiration” is not a valid reason, nor is it good enough to provide credit. If you don’t have express permission to post someone else’s image, then you don’t post it. That’s it, the end).

    6. DON’T STEAL. It’s not complicated — if you didn’t take a photo and don’t have permission to use it from the actual copyright holder, then don’t use it. It’s that simple. Yes, seriously. You claim to be a photographer, so why on earth would you want to use others’ images, anyway? How does that make sense?

    And remember:

    1. If you do it again, you will be caught. We go back and check old listings to make sure they haven’t started stealing again. And don’t forget — Google knows. Anytime someone searched for your business, this listing will come up.

    2. Think about the actual victims here (no, not you) — those whose images you stole. You screwed them over. And frankly, that’s a pretty damned crappy thing to do. And think about the clients you’ve mislead by presenting a false front. They’re victims, too.

  • U Really That Dumb?

    Website is already down.

    • Amanda Hunter

      So far FB page is still up

      • Adrian Patrick

        And now its down. Her top liked review just became the ‘buyer beware – outed on photostealers’ review.

    • Photo Stealers

      It was down before I started working on this listing.

  • Me, Myself and I

    At least she is being smart about this (we hope) unlike other recent thieves and is pulling all the stolen images offline. Doubt we”ll get more than that but if we at least get that (a real public apology would be awesome), I’ll consider this a win.

    Looks like she pulled the banner image from the Wedding photographer index site. The images are still on the yellow pages site, her site is down for “customization” and facebook just redirects me.

    Natasha, if you are reading this. Hopefully you’ll learn from past stealers mistakes and just go clean from now on. Maybe send a note to the working photographers you stole from to apologize?

    Anyways, good luck.

  • Kat Forsyth

    This came to light in the photographic community in the UK a few weeks ago. A few people messaged her to tell her what she was doing was not right, and she posted a whole apology on her blog, saying that she didn’t realise it was wrong, that she was just trying to start out, and admitting that she was at fault. Then apparently someone went back to check a few days later, and she’d altered it (It was already down by the time I got there). And then she started sending messages to one of the people who’d called her out, saying that they had ruined her business. I’ve just messaged the photographer who first spotted it to tell her about this.

    • chuck knuckles

      These thieves always try to play the victim, I think because they really believe they are. All they are doing is trying to start a business (through lies, deception and thievery), because they don’t know how to do it properly. They’ve spent their entire lives being shortcut takers, scammers and loophole jumpers.

      Hard work? That’s for suckers! All you need is a cheap kit camera, the ability to rightclick/save, and a truckload of bullshit.

      Natasha Louise of Natasha Louise Photography – YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM! You are the perpetrator of crimes! Crimes against real photographers (who put in the hard work to LEARN how to take those good pictures), and crimes against your own customers for fraudulently representing yourself as some sort of professional.

      • PhotogPhox

        I legitimately wonder about the intelligence of the thieves.

        • I stopped wondering years ago.

          Sent from a iPhone, please excuse the brevity and typos.

    • Michael Goolsby

      Ruined her business? Friggin boo hoo. She just friggin started! If it did “ruin” her business, then it’s probably all the best since what little she had was based on LIES. Starting over was probably best for her, since she apparently didn’t do her homework enough the first time out (and that’s putting it the nice way).

      • Me, Myself and I

        She ruined her own business the moment she put up even a single photo that wasn’t hers.

  • Kyle Craven

    You lot need to bore off. You should maybe concentrate on your own lives/business than trying your hardest to ruin other people’s. She PAID FOR stock photography when she first started up as she never had any of her own, she needed images for her website. That’s the whole point of stock photography. Yes it might look like she’s advertising them as her own work but that was never her intention. She’s realised her mistake and wrote an apology on her blog, and removed all of the images, now let her move on from it and stop trying to ruin her life, she’s worked so hard over the past 12 months to build her business and you have nothing better to do that to troll. Get a grip

    • Jennifer McNally

      It blows my mind that you think “the whole point of stock photography” is for wannabe photographers to pass off images as their own, instead of actually doing the hard work (that you say she’s done) and TAKE HER OWN PHOTOS.

    • Jennifer McNally

      ALSO, she didn’t only use stock images. She STOLE a number of pictures from other photographers and pretended they were her own as well. I’m sure Erich McVey, Melissa Lambert, Kate Osborne, Matt Edge, The Great Romance, Evelyn Eslava, Jen Fuij, Rachelle Derouin, J. Wiley, With Love and Embers, Mark Davidson and Steve Stanton are thrilled that their hard work and talent is being passed off by someone else as HER hard work and talent.

    • Just a Girl

      If you read above you’ll see that Kat ( who has no axe to grind in this) posted that a FEW WEEKS AGO Natasha was called out by people who knew she was using photos that weren’t hers. You say 12 months. IF…IF shes really worked hard to get her own work why would people still have a reason to call her out. This is not just a couple of photos and Stock Photography is not there to claim as your own. As an after thought, since SSP is not about critiquing someones work, I’d love to see some comparison shots- hers vs a real photographers- to see why she felt it necessary to continue to do this.

    • PhotogPhox

      So “guest” (or Natasha, I’m guessing it’s you…) you had 12 months to learn how to be a photographer. Yet you were lazy and stole work from others and purchased stock images? Hmmm. Interesting. Personally, I like to take my own pictures and do lots of reading and researching technique and then practicing new techniques… it makes me a better photographer. You ruined your own business/life. There is no one to blame but yourself.

  • Guest

    You lot need to bore off. You should maybe concentrate on your own lives/business than trying your hardest to ruin other people’s. She PAID FOR stock photography when she first started up as she never had any of her own, she needed images for her website. That’s the whole point of stock photography. Yes it might look like she’s advertising them as her own work but that was never her intention. She’s realised her mistake and wrote an apology on her blog, and removed all of the images, now let her move on from it and stop trying to ruin her life, she’s worked so hard over the past 12 months to build her business and you have nothing better to do than to troll. Get a grip

    • Jennifer McNally

      Nice sock puppet account.

    • Justin Case

      Uh, I’m a little confused. Perhaps you can help me out Guest.

      How is “This site is temporarily unavailable while customizations are being made. Please check back soon. Thanks for your patience!” an apology?

      • Ants

        Apologies have been issued via her webpage and facebook do you need a personal apology ever 3 seconds ???? It’s obvious your very threatened by this new girls business and you have very low confidence in yourself did your mother not love you its a pity for you

        • Justin Case

          Her webpage and facebook are both down. I don’t need a personal apology, but why should I take anything you say at face value when the one thing you claim that I ask you to prove, you can’t?

          • Kat Forsyth

            She did put an apology on her blog, where she took responsibility for her actions and apologised. I saw it, and it was definitely there a few weeks ago when I first heard about her via some other photographers. Someone then told me that she had reworded the apology, but by the time I went to see, her whole site was down. Then AFTER this, she messaged one of the photographers who had first exposed her, and told her she had ruined her business. Up till that point we appreciated her apology, and that she’d admitted what she’d done, but if she’s going to blame others in private, that’s not on.

          • Justin Case

            If someone really is apologetic, they don’t hide. They don’t post something and then take it down. This doesn’t have to go on forever, but it seems seriously lacking in honesty to pretend such a major transgression of professional ethics is ‘just a one-time mistake.’

        • Michael Goolsby

          No, fuckhead… we just don’t like artistic THIEVES. Especially when they pretend to be someone else and come on here to try and mitigate their wrongdoing.

        • chuck knuckles

          Hi Natasha Louise of Natasha Louise Photography, we all know it’s you.
          “personal apology every 3 seconds”????? (that’s 15 apologies per minute – or over 22,000 since she was featured here, and rising)
          Where are all these apologies!!!!!? In her head, I suppose 🙁

          One real one would be nice….
          tick tock

        • Let’s make one thing straight here. Not a single person here is intimidated by Natasha’s skills or business.
          We’re pissed that she’s passing herself off as a pro and using work that’s not hers to do so. Doing that is not just illegal, but immoral and damages an already weak (in regards to respect) industry (photography) which is unacceptable to those LEGITIMATELY trying to run a business.
          Do you think she should just be lightly chastised and allowed to go on her way with no fear of every lying and stealing again?

          Taking non-stock photos, putting them on your website is a great deal MORE than simply being too dumb to know the rules of stock usage, particularly for someone calling herself a “pro”.
          Give it a rest Ants, we’ve heard it all before from virtually every thief trying to defend their actions.

        • Helena

          Get a grip mate. Don’t come here spouting off and making things worse for your friend. She used work that wasn’t hers. You can’t represent yourself as a photographer with other people’s work. It’s fraud. End of. Now stop with the petty insults and leave the grown ups alone.

        • Jennifer McNally

          Oh god, the “You’re just jealous!” accusation. Blows my mind. How can we possibly be jealous of Natasha’s business, when we haven’t even seen a single photo she’s taken? What is there to be threatened by?? Her skills at passing off other people’s work as her own? Her ability to defraud clients?

          • Michael Goolsby

            I’ve been in business for 20 years. I’ve always used MY OWN WORK to represent my business. And I’m supposed to be jealous of some little twit who bought an amateur DSLR kit from Costco, stole some photos and put up a Facebook page? Geez…

          • Me, Myself and I

            Hell, I’m on a different CONTINENT … other than polluting and helping flush any credibility the industry has she’s no direct threat to my market.

          • Just a Girl

            Heck! barely a hobbyist and have no real desire anymore to go further then that sooo I wonder what I’m supposed to be jealous of. I just want to see people do the right thing. Stealing someone else’s hard work and/or making excuses for the person stealing is not the right thing!

        • V323

          I could never be threatened by someone using ‘your’ in an incorrect context.
          Why is OK for you to trash talk people here, but it’s wrong to point out someone willfully stole images?
          Now, ask yourself this, dear guest….if someone else on the planet had stole Natasha’s work, used it on their website as representation of the work they’ve done to grow a business, would you defend that THIEF as voraciously as you do Natasha?
          Go ahead, think about it. I’ll be waiting right for you to never answer.

          • You can’t fix stupid


        • Celine (peaceetc)

          What exactly are we threatened by? Are we threatened by someone who had no photos of her own, so she violated the terms of service of the stock agency she allegedly licensed the photos through by not indicating they were not her own? Are we threatened by her stealing over twenty images taken by other photographers, thereby violating their copyrights and committing an illegal act? Are we threatened by someone who can’t learn and follow the law?

          What your “friend” needs to do is email each and every single photographer from whom she stole and apologize to them, and offer recompense. She also needs to contact the stock agency or agencies and tell them exactly how she used those images, and that she failed to indicate she did not take them, despite their being used on a photography business page, and was perfectly happy to have people think they were her own work.

          That is what your “friend” needs to do. She also needs to learn about copyright law and the laws regulating her business, and she damn well better be sure she follows them from now on.

        • How can someone be threatened by another business that is not in the same state, ranking or status?… I dont charge $45 a session and i do not want her clients 🙂 #sarcasm We are simply stating that she committed a crime if not for that fact none of us would actually care.
          Sent from a iPhone, please excuse the brevity and typos.

        • You can’t fix stupid

          There is no bloody apology on her FB page it is still down.
          Yeah so threatened. Shaking in my boots.

        • Aaron Lee

          * you’re

    • Well i have no problems in my life nor do i steal so it gives me the free time to out those who steal other photographers work. Its wring and against rhe law. She ruined her own business by getting caught and it was more than advertising.
      Sent from a iPhone, please excuse the brevity and typos.

      • Savannah

        Come fix my problems then Joseph!! 🙂

    • chuck knuckles

      Catching and outing fake photographers who steal and lie to get customers IS how I ‘concentrate on my own life/business’! These lazy, clueless, talentless, douchebag wannabes make ALL photographers look bad by claiming to be one – so she is hurting MY business by simply existing. I am concentrating on MY life/business every time I visit this site and contribute. WE ALL ARE

      • here here!
        Every thief personally attacks every single working pro by diluting the integrity of the profession.

    • Just a Girl

      How is calling someone out for stealing someone elses hard work ruining someones life? WE are not the ones who stole therefore WE did not ruin anyone’s life. Natasha needs to take responsibility for her own actions. She MIGHT have apologized like Kat said she did in an earlier post BUT she sure back peddled and started to shift the blame to people who called her out.

    • Marc W.

      Really? That’s the point of Stock Photography?

      Ok, everyone, I’m starting a business building new homes in new subdivisions. Please come see my portfolio of homes I’ve built!

      Would any one of you like me to build you one of theses?

      • Justin Case

        Not a bad analogy, but I would say what we see here is more like someone taking the keys to one of those new homes, taking out an ad in the local real-estate section for an ‘Open House’ and showing all the prospective clients who show up around the place.

        When the REAL contractor who built the home walks in and asks ‘just what the hell is going on here?’ our dear ‘professional’ simply hands over the keys and says, ‘it’s OK, after all, I’m not selling THIS one, I’m just showing these good people that I can build one JUST LIKE IT.’

        Sound familiar?

        • Marc W.

          That’s going a little far, I was just responding to the “stock use” comment.

      • You can’t fix stupid

        I brought a yoga mat the other day – does that make me a yogi?

    • U Really That Dumb?

      Kyle Craven (@KyleCraven94),
      Why the double post? Why change your identity on the second post? Why delete? Have you realized that supporting her could end up taking you down with her?
      I’m not going to reiterate the prior comments but seriously, wake up!
      Time to decide your own fate.

  • Ants

    Now if you had all paid attention and read through these comments you would note a few things, her website is down and was before you set of ‘bullies’ jumpedon here and the pictures are down, she had paid for four stock photography images she was under the impression she wasn’t doing anything wrong yet there’s 22 images on this page that have been taken from an album called wedding inspiration however many of you will over look that FACT and exaggerate the issue because it’s more important to you to ‘harass’ a young girl new to the business …. I feel sorry for any clients that use you lot in future never herd of being professional you lot ! if this is how to act obviously a lot of you have never made a mistake in your life well the next time you do I hope your made to feel the way your making Natasha feel !

    • Justin Case

      A. If Natasha did not have her own photographs to advertise her photo business she has absolutely NO business being in business taking peoples’ money for a service she can not possibly provide.

      B.She needs to read those stock contracts for the images she allegedly paid for: you can NEVER claim to be the author of works you yourself did not make. Look it up, national and international copyright law is quite clear.

      C. It is NOT bullying or harassing to point out someone’s bad behavior. If you can prove bullying or harassing behavior truly occurred, I urge you to report it immediately to the authorities and have the infringing accounts suspended. If you can’t prove the above, then YOU are in the wrong here.

      D. A ‘young girl new to the business’ who can’t handle being called out on her BUSINESS’ criminal activities (again) has NO business being in business.

      • PhotogPhox

        ^ What he said.

        One should not go into business if they haven’t already established a portfolio of what THEY can provide as THEIR service, by taking pictures of people for FREE first. You don’t use stock images to advertise your photography. Period.

    • Are we looking at the same evidence of the crime? Obviously your a friend with rose color glasses that see wish they want.
      Sent from a iPhone, please excuse the brevity and typos.

    • Just a Girl

      First off, being called bullies got old long about 2 stealers ago. Its immature and usually a go to for someone with no real argument or defense.
      Second, if this girl is new to the business and is a good enough photographer to offer the services that she is why is she having to resort to using other peoples photos? ANYONE that offers to take photos of one the most important days in a persons life better be damn good, have her own work to back up what she is offering AND definitely no longer fall into the “new” category. Regardless, she still used photos that are NOT hers. The list of photographers that shes stolen from is impressive. I wonder what they think about their work being called “Stock Photography”

    • Michael Goolsby

      One thing that really pisses me off is when someone steals and lies and then says to others “you should have paid attention”.

      Fuck off.

      • I notice a LOT of hostility from you lately Michael.. getting fed up are we? 😉 I remember your long, measured, mature helpful posts of the past. However, I wanna have a beer with the new “fuck off” Michael! 😉

        • Michael Goolsby

          Thanks! Yes, I’m having less patience with these assholes. Tired of hearing about their clients getting ripped off and them never seeing any real consequences. Glad to be out of Georgia, however. For all those from Georgia which we have seen here, there are many more under the radar. Blah, blah, blah.. fuckers!

    • Celine (peaceetc)

      Using others’ photos without permission is illegal, regardless of intent. Whether they were “inspiration” has no bearing on anything. I’m exaggerating nothing to say it’s illegal, because it is. It’s called copyright infringement under UK Copyright Law, US Copyright Law, and the laws of the vast majority of countries. Even if she had provided credit to the original photographer, it still would not have been enough. She needed permission FIRST. That is the law.

      As others have said, using stock photos to represent a photography business is completely misleading, and violates the terms of services of the stock agency from which they were purchased. If a potential client were to hire her based on those stock images, they would not be getting what they thought they were buying, because Natasha did not take those photos. It would be like hiring a painter to do your portrait based on someone else’s work. Every painter is not the same, and every photographer is not the same. Ability, style, and knowledge is vastly different from person to person.

      There are laws and rules for these things. Natasha runs a business, and as such, she needs to be aware of these things. It’s her responsibility. To excuse that away by saying she’s young is to do Natasha herself a disservice. And it’s not harassing to point out the truth. That she wasn’t aware of the laws and that she apparently can’t handle the consequences of her actions seems to prove she’s not ready to be running any business.

    • Me, Myself and I

      I’m going to combine your two posts here.

      “You should maybe concentrate on your own lives/business than trying your hardest to ruin other people’s.”

      We are focusing on our businesses … it’s called protecting the industry from thieves and frauds.

      Let’s analyze your arguments.
      “She PAID FOR stock photography when she first started up as she never had any of her own, she needed images for her website.”

      She is in business, she needs to read the ToS and licenses she purchases. On top of that as a PHOTOGRAPHY business using photographs SHE DIDN’T TAKE could and should be construed as false advertising and FRAUD!

      “as she never had any of her own”


      I’ve never done drywall work but you know what, I’ll steal images from a construction company to use on my website to advertise my drywall business … does THAT make any sense?

      “there’s 22 images on this page that have been taken from an album called wedding inspiration however many of you will over look that FACT”

      Nope … no overlooking. That is STILL a violation of copyright. Let me look up Uk copyright laws here …

      Rights covered
      The law gives the creators of literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, sound recordings, broadcasts, films and typographical arrangement of published editions, rights to control the ways in which their material may be used.

      The rights cover; broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public.

      In many cases, the creator will also have the right to be identified as the author and to object to distortions of his work.


      Restricted acts
      It is an offence to perform any of the following acts without the consent of the owner:

      Copy the work.
      Rent, lend or issue copies of the work to the public.
      Perform, broadcast or show the work in public.
      Adapt the work.

      I think that is pretty much clear cut.

      “if this is how to act obviously a lot of you have never made a mistake in your life”

      Oh no … I’ve made mistakes in my life and have dealt with the consequences (and still am). I didn’t start cussing out the person who exposed my mistake or yelling “Bully, bully …”. I owned up to my mistakes and learned from them.

      If she didn’t take the time to educate herself on the laws and regulations of the industry she’s gone into business in it isn’t a mistake it is NEGLIGENCE and still a CRIME.

    • U Really That Dumb?

      Is that short for Anthony? I have to ask, have you actually ever read the stock licenses? Have you had work stolen? If not you’re lucky! There are a number of people here that have read the license AND have had work stolen. Her and your story don’t fly. She’s known for a long time now that what she was doing is illegal. Heck, someone, perhaps you, helped her get into workshops by submitting others work. If that’s the case it’s fraud. It’s my understanding that under British law, Inland Revenue loves looking into these things.
      So, what side do toy want to stand on? The side that has the law or the side crashing and burning. Others have suffered the same fate by what they thought was helping a friend and are now ruined for life. Time to decide.

      • Celine (peaceetc)

        Wait, workshops? She used others’ work to get into workshops? If that’s true, it’s clear she intended to deceive others by presenting others’ work as her own. If that’s true, then that’s it, case closed. No one would be able to excuse that away, because it’s fraud.

        • U Really That Dumb?

          Anthony and Kyle should really know what’s going on before coming here and slinging BS. Especially if one of them is involved!

          Kyle, How would you feel about someone stealing your work? Do you want your clients associate you with a known thief? Doubtful! So once again, your fate is entirely up to you.

  • Kurtz the one and only

    Im just here to read the comments

  • TL:DR version – Don’t steal, and you won’t get called on it

    I don’t know what’s better, reading the new stories, or reading the fallout afterwards…. I’ve used other people’s photos on my websites (mainly written articles and concert reviews) in the past, but ALWAYS gave the original photographer the credit and NEVER did it without permission. It’s called professional courtesy (and I’m not even a freakin professional). I’m not a photographer either, just someone that likes taking photos as a hobby (and occasionally for the local paper). I’ve been doing it a little over a year and have somewhere in the region of 6,000 or more photographs on my PC, which I would think is more than enough to build a portfolio from without resorting to stock photos or “borrowing” someone else’s work. Stealing is stealing, and it doesn’t matter how you dress it up or try to justify it, that’s the bottom line.

  • Photo Stealers

    She had SOME images in her “inspiration” folder but no where did it state these images were from other photographers, no where did the photographers get credit (be it by watermark or note in the description) and no where did she correct anyone who commented on the “beautiful image!” comments on who was the real photographer.

  • Looking at the google cache of her actual fanpage before she took it down and looking at the images and albums not once did she mention inspiration or not once nor was there EVER one word of who took the image.
    Sent from a iPhone, please excuse the brevity and typos.

  • U Really That Dumb?

    Hi Natasha!
    Doesn’t matter how new… Your new words that will follow you forever: FRAUD THIEF LIAR
    So stop hiding, own up, apologize, pay up, move on.

  • Just a Girl

    If she’s THAT new why in the world is she charging people? I have seen more then enough instances where people are shooting for free in order to get experience and build a portfolio. She doesn’t deserve to have a business that she didn’t earn through hard work and time.

  • You can’t fix stupid

    It makes no difference if the person has been in the field for 1 week or 40 years. Taking images without permission is just wrong. Also where is her apology? Her FB page and web page are both down.

    If she is advertising and charging people then she is considered a professional. She should know all the copyright rules and what is legal and what isn’t. Ignorance is not an excuse.

    Does she realize that she has ruined her career as a photographer? This page will stay on the net forever. Anybody who Googles her will find it.

  • Well that is very interesting. Personally i would not want to be in the same room with her in a class/workshop based on photography but for all we know she may actually want to learn how to create het own work and not steal it.
    Sent from a iPhone, please excuse the brevity and typos.

  • It saddens me the hypocrisy of it all.

    Sent from a iPhone, please excuse the brevity and typos.

  • KyleCraven1

    Hi there, I just wanted to assure you that the images used on my design, which is on dribbble, are Natasha’s own images

  • GlennMcQuaig

    Why no link to the etsy shop?

  • You can’t fix stupid

    Do you have a link?