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Photography by Jaren

Here’s another submission which came to me after the offender wouldn’t take the images down.  This is what I see a lot of, a photographer wants to branch out into a new genre but doesn’t have the work to show to bring in the clients.  So instead of going about it the honest way they “borrow” some images for their promo and lead people into believing this is the work they already do in this genre.  Granted, in some of these images, there is a statement that the images are just inspiration and not her actual work but not all.  Note that NONE credit the original photographer.  Also?  When you are on a photographers page, one should be able to safely assume that you are looking at the photographers own work, NOT someone else’s they are inspired by.  If you feel that you must show someone else’s work you do not remove logos and always link back to the original creator.  ALWAYS.  

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Photography-By-Jaren/173091119274

The original ad on Facebook, note there is not a disclaimer stating these are not her original works.  This ad has been posted many times, sometimes with, sometimes without the disclaimer that these images are NOT by this studio. 

The images are from Vavoom Pimups in Chicago.

Another of the collage from Vavoom, as seen on the hairstylists website.

Another image from the collage ad, as seen on Vavoom’s Yelp page

There are more “inspiration” photos for various portrait setups posted including many which I cannot find the source of due to Pinterest and one is from H&M.  However this one did pop up the source.  Again, Jaren gives no credit to the original photographer, just sometimes (not all the time) stating it’s the inspiration for her set for Christmas portraits.  

The original “inspiration” set up on Photography by Jaren’s page.

The original image by Melissa Rieke Photography, which is not credited and the watermark was removed from the image.  

UPDATE:  The images from Vavoom are down but not all of the works from other photographers for “inspiration”