Photography by Jaren

Here’s another submission which came to me after the offender wouldn’t take the images down.  This is what I see a lot of, a photographer wants to branch out into a new genre but doesn’t have the work to show to bring in the clients.  So instead of going about it the honest way they “borrow” some images for their promo and lead people into believing this is the work they already do in this genre.  Granted, in some of these images, there is a statement that the images are just inspiration and not her actual work but not all.  Note that NONE credit the original photographer.  Also?  When you are on a photographers page, one should be able to safely assume that you are looking at the photographers own work, NOT someone else’s they are inspired by.  If you feel that you must show someone else’s work you do not remove logos and always link back to the original creator.  ALWAYS.  


The original ad on Facebook, note there is not a disclaimer stating these are not her original works.  This ad has been posted many times, sometimes with, sometimes without the disclaimer that these images are NOT by this studio. 

The images are from Vavoom Pimups in Chicago.

Another of the collage from Vavoom, as seen on the hairstylists website.

Another image from the collage ad, as seen on Vavoom’s Yelp page

There are more “inspiration” photos for various portrait setups posted including many which I cannot find the source of due to Pinterest and one is from H&M.  However this one did pop up the source.  Again, Jaren gives no credit to the original photographer, just sometimes (not all the time) stating it’s the inspiration for her set for Christmas portraits.  

The original “inspiration” set up on Photography by Jaren’s page.

The original image by Melissa Rieke Photography, which is not credited and the watermark was removed from the image.  

UPDATE:  The images from Vavoom are down but not all of the works from other photographers for “inspiration”

  • Nikki McArthur

    Two Years later and she’s still at it. I just found my images on her page for her Christmas Mini Sessions. When I wrote her I got no response, when I commented on her post with my image in it, it was deleted. When others started commenting, her response was “Get a Life, ever here of Pinterest” It would be fine if she changed her photography name to “Photography By Others” Instead of “Photography by Jaren.”

    • doncalifornia

      Nikki do you have a screencapture?

      • D

        Nikki has screen captures, and screen shots of comments left by her clients and fans which Photography by Jaren keeps deleting, and then bans. I actually hope she gets a lawyer and complains about this, she can just be laughed right out of their office.

    • Melinda Potter

      If you click on the image that is yours, there is a report button. Let facebook know that she is using your intellectual property. It can sometimes take a while, but it looks as though she isn’t going to oblige and you’ll need to go over her head so to speak.

    • Melinda Potter
      • Melinda Potter

        Ut oh… Apparently I’m going to get sued for sharing these links here :/
        Or at least I’m on the top of the list

        • U Really That Dumb?

          WOW! She is truly a piece of work!

        • D

          I had no idea sharing a link on a public forum was a lawsuit worthy offense. LOL. This girl has no clue. A simple “I am so sorry, I was inspired by your cute photo, but I will take it down” would have been the CORRECT and CLASSY way to deal.

        • Strange how guilty people can take down their fanpages so quickly. Innocent photographers dont do this LOL

        • Helena

          Well Melinda, you know you’re on the right track when you get the lawyer threats. 🙂 Her behaviour is abhorrent. Is her business even registered?

          • Too bad 99.9901% of the law suits threats ho no where

          • Melinda Potter

            I don’t think lawyers are ever contacted by any of the sue happy fauxtographers, but I can picture the conversation that would happen if they were contacted, and it makes me laugh. Talk about getting told

          • Me, Myself and I

            LAWYER: so … let me get this straight … you stole pictures off the internet and used them commercially without proper licensing / consent.

            THIEF: F*&#K YEAH! Man that ain’t stealing that’s called business! It was all inspiration and stuff!

            *Lawyer pulls a bottle of grey goose from his desk, takes a long swig*

            LAWYER: Then your found out and outed publicly online.

            THIEF: Man … they’re just jealous of my mad marketing skills!

            LAWYER: So you get publicly outed and want to sue the people who outed you for????

            THIEF: Defamation and violation of copyright! They’re talking S$!T about me and posted my pictures on their blog!

            *Lawyer stares blankly at thief.*

            *Thief stares expectantly at lawyer*

            LAWYER: You are an idiot … get the F*$K out of my office!

          • seems accurate …. you forgot his fee for his consultation.

          • Marc W.

            So there’s still a chance!

          • Melinda Potter

            Doesn’t seem to be… sigh…but I’m unsure if I searched correctly

          • Helena

            I had a quick look too and found nothing. No doubt we’ll get the “wah, I’m under a DBA, leave me alone” line.

      • You can’t fix stupid

        I can’t see the FB pages

        • Helena

          Me either. USA only I think.

        • Melinda Potter

          One is for graphic design, and the other for wedding photography

  • Melinda Potter

    Quote from Photography by Jaren of Hallsville, TX
    United States
    “Copyrights are for your personal use ONLY!! Please do not use for advertising purposes without contacting me. Please do NOT edit or crop any image from the DVD”. (Taken from her website “investment” information tab)

    But it’s ok for Photography by Jaren of Hallsville Texas to use other people’s hard work for HER advertising/marketing, edited as she sees fit, without permission or compensation to the original artist. And when told to take down said marketing she attacks them? I wonder how she would feel if the tables were turned? From the looks of it she’d be mighty pissed, but the people of whom she infringed are just trolls who need to get a life, and not put their work on the Internet. They are to be deleted, berated by her clients and friends, and/or ignored and banned for being cruel to her. Now I wish I hadn’t gone to her page to see her behavior first hand. It just made me so angry.

    OMG! Some people just leave you wondering
    Jaren Rawls,
    There’s an easy way to end the unwanted drama on your photography by Jaren page/pages, don’t use other people’s work to promote yourself. It’s simple, treat others how you would like to be treated. Think of the people IN the photos you stole from others to market your photography services. Would you want your client’s photos to ever be treated in the same manor? Seriously, think about this. What you have done and continue to do is pretty much the lowest thing a photographer could ever do. Clean up your act. You demand respect for your work, but couldn’t care less about the work of others?! Pretty despicable if you ask me.
    And Nikki so sorry for the way she chose to deal with this. You and the other photographers who took the time to try to explain to Jaren… Just know, you are the one in the right, and you have the law and the entire photography community on your side.

    • Melinda Potter

      And PLEASE remove any and all content on your pages that you yourself did not create! Quit being a douche . Don’t ignore a take down request

  • Melinda Potter