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When it seems like there is nothing else someone featured on this site can do that will surprise me along comes a submission that does. Digitally Dipped has an “About Me” page on her website full of images you presume are of the photographer growing up. They are not, instead they are taken from various sources on the internet. SMH

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We’ll start off with the website. Digitally Dipped images are on the left, the original source is on the right.


Original source unknown

Original source

Original source

Original source unknown

Original source unkown

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source unkown

Original source

Original source unknown

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source unknown

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Orignal source unknown

Original source unknown

Multiple images were used from the same blog post in the Photos I Love album so I used a screen capture showing most of the images in the gallery from that blog (they are kind of scatterd through the blog though so this isn’t all of them).

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Now onto their Facebook page. I know there are more in the galleries on their website but I’m moving forward. A few of these I have the comments saved as well because it shows how far they were going to dupe people.

The Facebook Page:


Original source unknown

Original source unknown

Original source unknown

Original source

Original source

Original source (almost the whole blog is on the Facebook)

Original source unknown

Original source unknown

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source (Photographer site gone)

  • Thomas Campbell

    It looks like they are dipping into Google Image Search

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    for their digitals

    • Jade



  • Aaron Lee

    I can see how she sorta skirts the issue in her comments. Never flat-out saying the pics are hers…


    • Yup, I noticed that too. She never comes out and says she took the photo, but she did seem to talk about the editing of one of the photos

  • peaceetc

    Wow, they even makes up stories about her processing of the images… how precious. No shame at all.

    Remember, everyone — as Photo Stealers said above, don’t be jerks on the photographer’s Facebook page, etc. What we all do in relation to the things that get posted here reflects on her and this site. Please respect her wishes. Thanks.

    • C Sab

      I don’t consider posting a warning on their page, and posting a link to this site on the page to expose them to potential clients being a jerk.

      • peaceetc

        I don’t either. What I was referring to (and what I think Photo Stealers means) are those who get downright mean and start calling people names, etc. Some people take it way too far.

        • C Sab

          I haven’t seen any of those but I agree. Makes you seem ALMOST as bad as the thief.

  • Bhig Bhad Wolf

    …….aaaaaagh!!!!! APOSTROPHE S….THREW instead of THROUGH…. “I had the great PRIVILEGED”…. my head hurts with this alone, not to mention the level of thievery and b.s.!!

  • Monkey man

    This person lost me right in her mission statement even before the rest of the theft, spelling errors and lies about editing. Seriously can no one come up with something more creative than “Capturing those special moments” lines? EVERY fauxtog in the world uses it to the point where is has become a warning sign to me for fauxtogs. Maybe it’s just me but man that is so cliched :/

  • Lori Hoddinott

    does photostealers contact the original sources and let them know their photos are being used, in some cases commercially ?

    • peaceetc

      Photo Stealers has mentioned being in contact with many of the photographers, so I think she at least makes a strong effort at contacting all of them.

  • barque

    Only weird problem here is she hasn’t posted anything to her web page in almost 2 years; nothing on her facebook page since she changed her cover photo a year ago. Is she even in business?

    • Piemonade

      I just noticed that. A little bit of facebook creeping led me to her personal page: and she posted on her wall a little over a week ago. So she is still around, even if she isn’t trying to fauxto scam anymore.

      • Joseph Philbert

        Well their FB Fan page is down so we can assume they know about being called out.

        • C Sab

          Let’s hope so.

  • Johnny

    I think she found a more lucrative business according to her FB timeline:

    “I sell vintage clothes mainly. I spend $40 at thrift stores and turn it
    into $500 easy. I hit yard sales, second hand stores. Its so easy!!! If
    you ever wanna learn let me know Ill teach you! I make about 200$ a
    day!! Sometimes more!”

  • Michael Goolsby

    This is starting to remind me of those people who make up entire personalities and have deceptive online relationships. Maybe the whole point of this fauxtographer wasnt necessarily to generate sales through her deception, but rather to just fantasize about being admired by others as an amazing photographer which she knew she really was not. Just like the fake relationship people never really intend to actually meet their duped “lovers”, maybe this person never really intended to actually try and evolve into the photographer she portrayed to the public. The fantasy itself is what is important. My bet is that this one remains silent.

    • C Sab

      Well, she won’t be seen as an amazing photographer by anyone.

    • New reality TV show: I Was Catfished by my Fauxtographer

    • harley


  • Jenna

    WHYYYYY do all of these fauxtogs always have THE ABSOLUTE worst business names imaginable? “Unicorn Fairy Sprinkle Glitter Images & Collages” FO.

    • Joseph Philbert

      I cants STAND “gimmick names” for a photography business.

    • C Sab

      Well it’s not surprising considering they don’t have the creativity to take good pictures of their own either.

  • harley <——– more fauxtogs here!!

  • Stacey

    OMG! I can’t believe one of my photos was stolen! Thank you so much
    for finding this. This has never happened before – at least that I know
    of. How do I find the site that has the photo to contact them to take
    it down? Mine is the one towards the top of the girl dipping her finger
    in the water. I am so annoyed!! Thanks for your help! – Stacey

    • Photo Stealers

      You need to file a DMCA with

  • Adam | Ottawa, ON

    I cried a little when I saw the response to the “CS6 actions” question…

    • Amber Kost

      Yea I was the one that asked it, and was surprised when she said picmonkey. But it makes sense now, after she was outed. You def can’t get results like this, from that kind of program. And especially if you don’t even take the picture :/