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It never fails to amaze me when someone steals from someone whose work is as identifiable as Jerry Ghionis.


Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source

Original source (entire album)

Original source (entire album)

Original source (entire album)



Original source

  • Glen


  • Iamderricklogan

    Ppl steal images like they won’t get caught

  • You can’t fix stupid

    I can’t get over how much he stole. It was entire albums!!

  • Peter Kelly

    The sites are completely down.

    I wonder how many people were duped while they were active and I wonder what they are thinking now. Will they have handed over money and what would they expect to happen, get nothing, rely on a complete unknown/novice, or have had a narrow escape?

  • Me imagining what’s going on in this faux’s head “Whelp! Time for a name change. There’s actually people out there that pay attention to photographers, and know what their photography looks like?! I never heard of the guy. Looks like just pictures to me. If I had his camera and equipment, and beautiful locations, and people, I’d make pictures like this too. What’s the big deal?! Next time I’ll just look for more random pictures, instead of all from one tog. These people are crazy for even noticing!”

  • Cyndy Kovacs Millo

    I’d like to know how stupid you have to be to steal Jerry Ghionis’ work.

  • azmerm

    It’s probably not worth Jerry’s time, but for the benefit of the industry I wish he would go after this culprit!

  • NeroAngelo

    It’s hilarious to think these people believe that they won’t get caught, especially when they steal from someone so popular.

  • Bob Ray

    The issue here is what’s the course of action from here. Clearly this is fraud, copyright infringement and theft (possibly grand theft depending on Jerry’s valuation of the images stolen) BUT unless this guy is hauled into court and suffers financial repercussions from his actions, nothing will change. Where we go from here depends on Jerry’s response. Let’s all encourage him to pursue legal action, for all the reason above. Send him a FB message. Right now. Let’s do this, for all of us …