Collecting Light AKA Journey Through Meadows in Brighton, England, UK

Website: [URL no longer valid]

More proof that a pretty website doesn’t mean the photographer is legit.  This photographer was called out by the original photographers back in December but they have had no luck getting their images removed from Collecting Light’s website or Flickr.

Each gallery appears to be lifted from the same photographer so I’m not sourcing every single image, just a few from each gallery.

Each blog is also lifted from a single photographer and is accompanied by a fake story about the session.  You know how much those creep me out!

Update: 05/10/2014 @5:00PM EST

Added in some plagiarism that’s going on along with more stolen images from her Journey Through Meadows blog.  There are fake stories and stolen images abound on the blog and it is quite unsettling.  More digging has shown that not only has Lucie been plagiarizing but she’s also faked her own death.

Flickr has removed all of the stolen images and her photography website has been changed to force a login to see the site.

Lucie commented in the comments if you care to read her side of the story (spoiler – those are her images she took herself!).

Thank you for your ad clicks and donations – this enabled me to pay for more searches with Copyscape to help find the original writers of many of these blogs.  <3

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Moore Photo in Indianapolis, IN

Boudoir Gallery:
Boudoir Website: 
Google +:

This photographer popped up when searching Time to Sparkle’s original sources. 

NSFW Warning to those browsing at work

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Time to Sparkle Photo Design AKA TTS Photo Design AKA Once Upon a Picture in Vineland, NJ

Facebook Business Profile:

I literally have a headache from working on this submission.  When you are caught using images that aren’t yours on your website, the answer is not to call it “inspiration” for a class and act like it’s not a big deal.  You remove the images and apologize.  Obviously since you are reading this, that’s not what happened and the images are still up (AND FOR SALE!) on her website but she has changed the wording to reflect these are “inspiration” just don’t mind that pesky © TTS Photo Design beneath the image.  You can read the saga go down on TTS’s Facebook here.   Don’t worry, I have a PDF just in case.

NSFW warning for anyone browsing at work due to the boudoir images. 

Update 06/12/2014

Updated with new business name and addresses.

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