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Wix sites are the devil.  I don’t care what their TOS is, you shouldn’t be using their preloaded imagery if you are a photographer.  You especially shouldn’t be taking that template imagery and using it on other pages to sell yourself as a photographer.  When you come across one of the few images that Kym actually took it’s almost laughable because the difference in quality is impressive. 

There is a TON I didn’t source because it takes time and I get paid very little to run this site (the ads are here to help pay for the hosting).  I run on donations  and this is time consuming!  So, I apologize for not sourcing every image… but there is more out there if you are bored and want to source feel free to send it to me.  Also, if you want to support this site, hit an ad on the way out and help pay for this sucker to be run.   TY!

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Trunks Photography


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This fauxtographer left some watermarks intact but that doesn’t mean anything in the end really, just less of a fine if the original photographer would choose to sue.   You are still using someone elses work to represent your own.  I was late to this one so there was some cleaning up that happened before I started, I apologize.  Continue reading “Trunks Photography” »

L&B Photography aka Lala and Bo Photography aka Foto Finish Photography




I don’t know that I have ever seen a photographer have so many images of themselves on their business Facebook Page.   They’ve also had QUITE a lot of name changes.  I don’t know if this is because they’ve been caught before or not though.

Before anyone asks, no, she was not a second shooter for the photographer that most of these images are stolen from.

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