Lori Strock Photography in Frankfort, IL

Website:  http://loristrockphotographycinematography.zenfolio.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LORISTROCKPHOTOS/timeline

Interestingly, many of the original photographers have their copyright info displayed beneath the photo due to the EXIF data.

There are a lot more that I didn’t get a chance to source. Take a glance and if you recognize someone’s work let the original photographer know.


Original source


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original source


Original photographer


Original source


Unknown original photographer, original source


Original photographer


Unknown original photographer – image is for the Mori Lee catalog


Unknown original source (likely stock)


Unknown original source


Original photographer


Unknown original source (likely dress catalog image)


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original source



Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Original photographer


Unknown original source


Original photographer


Original photographer




Original source












  • Stephc79

    This site of hers also has a ton of stolen photos!


    • Scott T

      And not only taking credit for those images, but selling them too. That’s some serious stones.

      • Stephc79

        I don’t know how someone like her sleeps at night. Unbelievable!

    • Laura

      Not one of those images are hers. Talk about brazen… How did she even write her bio with a straight face?

  • TG

    A few are coming up as Getty Images Stock.. (bulls game photos) Time to call in the big guns!

  • StreetKnowledgeByThePound

    She’s freakin selling copies of the stolen images too… I mean who knows if anyone actually bought any. But they are for sale on her website.

  • I’ve contacted most of these except the dress maker, florist and photographer in Paris.. I was the one to find this originally and this is the list.. About 20 or so more images on her home page that I haven’t been able to grab/search for just because I don’t have anymore time.

    Riverland Studios – South Carolina
    Sarah Tew Photography – Long Island City, NY
    Holly Heider Chapple Flowers Ltd. – Lucketts, VA
    Orchard Cove Photography – Charlotte, VT
    Fiore Beauty – Marina Del Ray, CA
    ​Jessika Feltz Photography – Indianapolis, IN
    fancyfloralsbynancy.com – Central IL
    Candace Jeffery Photography Glastonbury, CT
    Mori Lee Bridal Gowns
    Radiant Vacations
    Tailor-Made Bridal Gowns
    Greenville Head Shots, Greenville, NC
    Nicholas Chauveau- Paris, FRA

  • StreetKnowledgeByThePound

    This one was actually tweeted by Atlantis Resort and does not have her watermark or credentials on it. I assume that she did not take this since it’s been shared on social media, including Pinterest, several times with no credit to her.

    • Photo Stealers

      I thought about listing that one but I can’t prove they aren’t using her image since it doesn’t come back anywhere else. Likely though that it was their resort/hired photographer.

    • Celine (peaceetc)

      No idea who took it, but can I edit out the stuff creeping in on the left and right edges? Pretty please? It’s really bugging me.

  • Sorry, Misread. Highly unlikely given the fact that the image she posted was edited (badly) that she actually took it..

    She doesn’t even know how to configure her site. You can buy the same 8×12 for $5 or $9.. because the defaults are still in there it looks like.

  • PhotoWatchDawg

    Here is another to another website. Wasn’t sure at first, but some of the images cross reference. http://loristrockphotographycinematography.zenfolio.com/

  • You can’t fix stupid

    Her website FB address is different from her current FB address. This makes me wonder if she has been caught before?

  • You can’t fix stupid

    Same person with blurry photos. https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/lori-strock-photography-frankfort/6b3ba2927b505fb0.html
    Same contact phone number

  • Steve Gibson

    http://www.dreamtown.com/contest/cif10/ her source for her prize winning images, obviously she didn’t win anything. The landscapes have to others work, you look at the dodgy images and see these amazing landscapes by the same photographer something is wrong

  • Kimo

    This one has photos from all over the world! How can she have time to run a business with so much travel?

    I recognized a photo of Lofoten Norway that I think was in one of the big photo salons. Tineye gives 36 matches. It’s also on a whole slew of wallpaper websites.

    All I can say is “Wow, just… wow.” It’s like she wants to get called out, it’s so blatant. Her current level is no match the stolen work, and given her style, it’s unlikely she will ever be able to produce such quality works.

  • You can’t fix stupid
  • Peter Kelly

    I particularly like: “I never really knew that my hidden talent was for photography”

    Listen, love, you have a talent, but it ain’t photography! It’s called stealing and conning.
    The best advice is to sort it all out quickly, as you seem to have no idea of the shitstorm which is about to hit as some of the pictures you’ve stolen are ‘Getty’ owned…or do you have a few million dollars to spare?

    • Is dont know how someone can sell an image they never created as their work.

    • Laura

      I was particularly amused by, “when I had shared my photos to my friends they said that I am very talented.” Ummm, ohhhhhkay…let’s see: blurry, out of focus images, where perhaps she got lucky on one or two (shooting in auto mode), and giving the snaps away to those so-called friends for free. Her real estate photography is functional, at best, but all they amount to are snapshots as well. Any other subject that appears to be her original work is seriously lacking fundamental technical skills and isn’t suitable for sale. Her negative reviewers on Thumbtack all have incredibly valid arguments, which she provides nothing but excuses for (it’s always “lighting”, or something/someone else’s fault). It’s bad enough when someone is misrepresenting themselves via stolen images for their advertising – but to SELL stolen images? There’s a shit storm heading her way, and I guarantee she doesn’t have an umbrella big enough…

  • Unfortunately she has pulled all of the wedding images from her front page and left only her “housing” photos, some of which I can’t believe are hers. Especially the drone/helicopter shot of one mansion..

  • Spooner

    Poor Lori. With all the travelling she does, she’s got a bit confused. She thinks this bridge and that clock tower are in Italy.
    http://lori-strock.pixels.com/index.html?tab=images&page=3 (see attached Cap)

    Fortunately Scott Kublin, the original owner of the photo, remembers where he was when taking this shot :-


    Nevermind though, she can still sell the framed print of it for $77.00.

    • You can’t fix stupid

      She is all over the internet. There are so many sites with so many stolen images of her. She seems to have gone through all different styles. Nature, sport, wedding and now it looks like she is into houses. And it has been going on for years!!

      • Spooner

        Have you noticed that she is only removing the ones she’s called out on… Looks like she’s going to be “that” type of photo-stealer – No intention of clearing up her act until all photos that were stolen are identified & owners contacted.

  • Spooner

    Stunning photo up for sale from Lori. (See cap)

    Almost as stunning as when David Snuckel actually went there and took the picture (2010)

  • Spooner

    Lori is a competition winner with this great shot (See attached Cap)

    Well she would have been had taken the shot, but sadly Bernie Verhoeven beat her to it 🙂

    The Comp: (See Cap2) or


  • You can’t fix stupid

    Here is a list of more of her sites, all with stolen images. Loaded up almost 3 years ago.


    https://plus.google.com/100325225831493309250/posts (showing her sale of a stolen image)


  • Peter Kelly

    I’ve decided to become a clairvoyant and I’m sure I will get hundreds of clients when I demonstrate my skill!

    For instance, I see in the future for a certain Lori Strock…bankruptcy and a lifetime of paying debts…

    Given the sheer scale, audacity, and stupidity, this is going to hurt and I, for one, will not be in the least sympathetic.

  • Spooner

    Maybe Lori bought this from Getty, or even directly from Grant Halverson who actually took the photo, but is it licensed to print and sell as your own work I wonder?

    http://fineartamerica.com/featured/1-charles-tillman-lori-strock.html (See attached cap1)

    Getty link below with credit to the original photograher :-

    http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/license/175957398 (Attached cap 2)

    • Peter Kelly

      Has anyone informed Getty? I’m sure they’ll be delighted to hear!

      • I sent an email to copyright@gettyimages.com we’ll see what happens.

        • Peter Kelly

          I’ll certainly be watching this space but, given that she has made some parts a little more private, I’m astonished that the Getty images are still fully public. She clearly has no idea of the financial penalties that can be levied.

          I stand to be corrected, but with the number of pictures she’s stolen, she could be looking at far beyond $1million! I konw it’s unlikely the maximum would be imposed, but as she is actively selling prints, rather than just using them to promote a non-existent ‘talent’, I would imagine a judge would come down hard.

          Of course, the damage is done and the evidence recorded, so taking them down will be no protection now.

  • Spooner

    This one I think has a little bit more “naughtiness” than others…

    http://lori-strock.pixels.com/featured/chicago-bears-nation-lori-strock.html (screen cap 1)

    Take a very poignant moment in time, captured beautifully by Gary Hershorn in Sept 2014,
    then sell it as your own creation with some dumb-ass “Chicargo Bears Nation” title ????
    A remarkable example of profiteering from 9/11.

    The original maybe found here Taken (as mentioned above) by Gary Hershorn.

    https://twitter.com/garyhershorn/status/509856201149251584 (screen capS 2&3)

  • Well, when you go to her site now and click on Photographs all you get is a request for a password. Guess she got the message????

  • Her FB page is also no longer available…

    • Peter Kelly

      It must be an ‘area’ thing, as I can still see it from the UK.
      Her full site has the silly password nonsense (mild curiosity about the hint!).

  • Peter Kelly

    Just one little thing I have noticed, she must be aware that the quality possible from stolen pictures is low (not having the original file), so her prints are only 10″ maximum.

    Also, her shop is run through a 3rd party and it seems that the printing is done that way too. I wonder how they feel about stolen pictures…?

    • Unfortunately labs, etc.. don’t check to see if an image belongs to a photographer… so most wouldn’t know there is a fraud printing photos that didn’t belong to the photographer, unfortunately.

  • Hate to say she’s also using (sounds like) commercial music on her slide show… D’oh. Why stop at images. I’m not a country listener, so I don’t know the song or performer..

    • Christopher C.

      Shazam says “Making Memories Of Us” by Keith Urban.

      No way in hell she paid a license fee for that song.

  • Laura

    https://www.facebook.com/Loristrockcorporatephotography/?fref=ts She has to have the largest collection of Facebook pages and third party web stores ever…

    • Laura

      Seriously, there are several personal accounts that all advertise photography services and declare how well her business is going (“demand Lori Strock Photography” as of five hours ago), something about photographing for the Fox show SYTYCD, Dancing with the Stars (yep, she wrote that), another blurb about photographing Olympians, and on one account there are images she didn’t take that are buried in her pics. The more I look, the more I think she’s a troubled lady who spends a lot of time trying to convince others how talented of a photographer she is (while she’s simultaneously stealing images), but even more sad – she’s trying to convince herself.

      • Man she must be a cat lady i mean like 100 cats in her place. Sad

      • Peter Kelly

        You are probably near to the truth there.

        I suspect it is more likely with people who have little or no talent for photography, rather than ‘wannabes’ who just haven’t been bothered to go through the learning process.

        When you look at her genuine pictures they are truly terrible. Not just bad, but beyond a worst case scenario. Even putting a half decent camera on auto should get better results! I just hope that they weren’t for paying clients, although I presume that’s actually the case or there would be a whole lot of complaints, poor reviews, and claims for refunds!

        • Laura

          There are bad reviews on Thumbtack (that’s the only place I looked, I’m sure there are others). Clients complaining about horrible images and LS replying that it was due to poor lighting (ummm…Lori – this is what OCF is for), other people were supposed to tell her when to do her job – and didn’t, etc., lots of excuses for image issues that are unacceptable for anyone providing services as a pro.

          After seeing all of the FB accounts last night, I just stopped looking. It struck me as quite sad, as anyone who does even a half-assed search at this point will likely see all of the PS activity linked to one (or many, or all) of her on-line business iterations and see what’s been happening.

  • SVD

    I wonder if she realizes that this is Ivanka Trump’s wedding photo? https://thedailybatch.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/20091109-750-681.jpg

    • Two to Tango

      This takes self-deceptive and deranged to an entirely new level. At this point I don’t even think it’s brazen, it’s just another sign that she is a seriously disturbed individual. Wow.