Amanda Elizabeth Photography in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


Another day, another idiot photographer using stolen images to advertise for cheap mini sessions.

Update 11/30/2023: As I was writing my latest Substack newsletter an email came in tipping me off that Amanda is still up to her same shit. She’s changed her editing style, somehow amassed a decent following on Instagram and is now selling to photographers. You’d think from an innocent glance at her instagram that she’s living clean and learned from her mistakes…

Except now she’s using stolen photos to advertise to photographers for various retreats. On some she does say (beneath the cut or deceptively hidden of course) they are inspo but not all. She did not receive permission to use the images from the photographers that I’ve heard back from so far.

Note: this isn’t even the second time she’s done this. When I outed her in 2019 I got a hefty amount of messages that she’d done this numerous times before.

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