Timeless Wedding Images in Melbourne, Australia

Website:  http://www.timelessweddingimages.com.au/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/twimages/

He claims to be the top 10 wedding photographer in Australia.

I didn’t source every image because his website is a bit of a disaster.


Original source


Original source


Original source


Unknown original source (likely catalog image of a wedding dress)


Unknown original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original photographer


Unknown original source


Original source


Unknown original source


Original photographer


Original source


Original source


Original source (stock)


Unknown original source


Original source


Original photographer




Original source (this photographer is a friend of mine who has not only second shot for me but I also photographed her wedding)









  • Marc W.

    “He claims to be the top 10 wedding photographer in Australia.”

    Top 10 wedding photo stealers in Australia

  • Celine (peaceetc)

    It’s a small world, isn’t it? With the internet, no matter how far away the apparent stealer is from the actual photographers, they can be caught with just a click.

    • aimer

      Stealer? Do you mean “thief”?

  • BOOM


  • Celine (peaceetc)

    Hey, Timeless Wedding Images — please remove all the images you have uploaded to your social media and web pages you did not shoot. That header image, the other ones listed above, and any that were missed… if they don’t belong to you, you shouldn’t be using them. It’s illegal and you can be sued. Just do the right thing. Then find the original photographers, write to them directly, with your apologies and offers of recompense. You’ve used their images illegally to make money, and that’s just wrong all the way around. You owe it to them to seek them out.

    I know you’re aware of what’s going on, because you’ve been deleting comments off your Facebook page. Just fix it. Please. And for goodness sake, don’t use images that don’t belong to you in the future.

  • Bridget Luna

    If only 67 ppl in all of Australia like them… How can they be an award winning top 10 wedding photographer???

    • spacecadet

      Er, it’s just possible that not every single person in Australia (a) uses FB; (b) is aware of them; (c) gives a hoot about wedding photography.

  • Celine (peaceetc)

    Someone on the Photo Stealers Facebook page posted this link from Timeless Images wherein they try to explain why they have others’ images on their social media and web site. They apparently fail to understand how copyrights work, and that they shouldn’t use others’ work without permission. http://www.timelessweddingimages.com.au/wedding-blog/images-used-advertising/

    • Celine (peaceetc)

      Timeless Images, it is not up to the copyright holders to ask you to take their work down. You aren’t supposed to use it in the first place, unless you have permission. You are apparently a professional photographer, so why would you want to use others’ images to advertise your business, anyway? And that’s what your site and social media are — advertisements. Please, do the right thing and remove all images you did not take. Even if you purchase stock images, it’s almost certain the licenses do not allow for you to post images as if they are your own work, and one would reasonably assume photos on a photographer’s site and social media would be their own.

      Just fix it. Don’t make excuses. Educate yourself.

  • They dont get it…

    • Bruce

      yeah ok sure sure …… so then how does an image that was used for “purely advertising purposes” and no claim to ownership appear in Timeless Images profile on the Pixoto contest site with a ‘Timeless images’ watermark?? and is also the profile cover image??

      • Celine (peaceetc)

        Bruce, good questions. And why on earth do they seem to think it’s okay to use others’ images for advertising purposes, anyway? Especially when it’s illegal, not to mention misleading?

  • Marc W.

    EVERYONE! YOU TOO CAN BE A TOP 10 IN ANYTHING. Here is the Top 10 kit. You only need this one image and some random text on your website and Facebook saying what you’re the Top 10 of with absolutely no credential associated with this claim!


  • Robert Shroom

    Hello, who do I speak to about removing a post from this website?

    • Marc W.

      Which post is yours?

      • Robert Shroom

        The following blog post: http://stopstealingphotos.com/visible-air-cleveland/

        I’m not a lawyer, but I am providing legal counsel to Keith Galloway at Visible Air. I’ve discussed with him the severity of his actions and he has made efforts to remove all content that is not legally his own. Please take a look at Visible Air’s internet profiles and notice Keith is now posting only original content.

        We’d like to request the removal of the post mentioned above, please advise if you need any further action on our part.

        Thank You

        • Youre an idiot…who cares what so called legal advice you are giving him no one is obligated to remove jack or shit. You are bordering on harrasment so take a note this is a hall of shame only 000.1% of the posts have ever been removed and “visible air” will not be one of them.

          • Robert Shroom

            Thanks for the reply. I’m guessing you’re taking my comment of giving him “legal advice” as a threat, I’m simply saying that I’ve explained to him exactly what he’s done that’s against the law. I’m not sure how I could be harassing anyone, when the FAQs on this website plainly state a post can be removed.

            “Q: Have you ever removed anyone listed here?

            A: I have, a few times in fact. When the thief is contrite, honest and admits fault without qualifiers or excuses and the victims are agreeable, I’ve removed the post with the understanding that if/when they steal again the post will come back. So far, none of them have made the same mistake again.”

            I’m simply asking what we need to do on our end to rectify this situation.

            If the goal of this website is to stop photo thieves and educate the general public. Shouldn’t you feel accomplished when someone is actually trying to right their wrongs.

            You all have done a great job, Visible Air has already lost $1000’s worth of business and has began the process of rebranding the company. Before rebranding, we figure we’d try reaching out to the owners of this website.

            If you’re 100% firm with your decision on keeping the post live, thanks for taking the time to consider removal. We’ll move forward with our other options.

          • Christopher C.


            “As a general matter, only a lawyer may give actual legal advice, whereas any non-lawyer may recite legal information. Furthermore, it is generally illegal for a non-lawyer or unlicensed attorney to offer legal advice or otherwise represent someone other than himself or herself in a court of law.”

            “Unlike legal information, legal advice refers to the written or oral counsel about a legal matter that would affect the rights and responsibilities of the person receiving the advice. In addition, actual legal advice requires careful analysis of the law as it applies to a person’s specific situation – as opposed to speculation based on generic facts.”

            “People who either willingly or unknowingly give legal advice without
            the skill, judgment, or authority to do so are essentially participating in the unauthorized practice of law and, therefore, subject to court penalties.”


            The fact that you don’t even know this basic fact, Robert Shroom, means you have no qualifications to be offering advice to your friend and have zero basis for posting here.

          • Robert Shroom

            From that same article:

            “Advice from FRIENDS or family does not constitute legal advice. True legal advice forms an agreement between an attorney and his or her client based on a particular legal matter the client is experiencing.”

          • Christopher C.

            I don’t think you can read. That paragraph is telling you that as a friend, you’re not actually able to give true legal advice. Doing so is against the law.

        • Michael Goolsby

          Since you indicate that you are not a licensed attorney, it may be prudent for you examine the laws of your state to see whether, in fact, you are not breaking laws yourself by providing “legal counsel” to Mr. Galloway. The ABA is very protective of its “industry”.

          • Robert Shroom

            I’m providing “Legal Advice” as a friend to Keith Galloway. There is no client agreement between myself and Visible Air, so it would not constitute as me offering legal services without a license.

            Thank you for the heads up though. 🙂

          • Marc W.

            “providing legal counsel” means being a lawyer. Now you’re giving legal advice? Did it only take 2 year to come clean?

          • Robert Shroom

            I’m not seeing the point your comment, counsel and advice literally have the same meaning. I guess you can argue “counsel” can be made up of multiple pieces of “advice”. Either way, I’m taken back by the amount of animosity this community has. I can see that my efforts are useless.

          • Your efforts are pointless BUT you will try again like just like every other lowlife here.

          • Michael Goolsby

            That’s what I thought. Again, it may be prudent for you to investigate the situation a bit more, as in many states the giving of “legal advice”, even with no fee (or, as you say, “a client agreement”) may still constitute an illegal practice or law. To help you understand this, there is a distinction between providing “legal information” and “legal counsel/advice”, or otherwise representing their interests on their behalf, as you clearly seem to be doing here.

          • You are still an idiot

        • Justin Case

          Robert, perhaps the issue here is WHY are you representing Keith Galloway and why is he not here himself asking to have the post removed?

          Regardless, no one commenting in this thread can speak for the owner of the blog or actually do anything about removing the post, so I’m not sure what you hope to achieve by posting on a post which has nothing to do with Visible Air.

          You have read the post about having things removed (you even quote from it below). HAS Mr. Galloway published an honest unqualified apology? Have the people he stole images from been contacted and are agreeable about the post being removed? Does all his advertising, website and social media contain ONLY his own work now? All of it?

          Speaking for myself only, I don’t think when someone has so blatantly misrepresented themselves, their skills and their business ethics they should continue to operate under the same name with just a ‘my bad’ and then get to start over with a clean slate. What about all those honest photographers who have never tried to defraud anyone, worked hard for years operating at a loss, honed their skills only to have someone cavalierly set up shop with their work and take jobs right out of their hands? Is it really fair to them?

          Having a blog post stay up is a far smaller price to pay than having someone sue you, so I really think if you have not received your response, you – and your silent friend – should learn from this experience and respect the reasoning behind being posted here in the first place.

          • Robert Shroom

            Thanks for being the first person to give me a sensible reply. All your points are valid. Keith is open to speaking with whomever runs the blog, but rather avoid the onslaught that would be brought onto him if he were to comment on this site. So, he’s asked me to try to reach out to a contact here.

          • You can’t fix stupid

            Why does he not reach out himself? He was the one that stole, not you. Why doesn’t he man up to the mistakes and contact the owner of this page? He has made no attempt to post an apology and his lack to personally contact the owner of PS doesn’t make him look good.
            He has had 2 years to come clean and make amends. Yet he chooses to take a coward way and go through a friend. There are tons of links here on how to contact the owner and yet he didn’t.
            This just shows his true character.

  • John Myers

    You do realize you guys are actually helping these sites build better reputations on the internet? As your site is rated P2 or P3, the FB and website links you add here goes towards their SEO, google and Bing rankings basically boosting their reputation. Despite the contents of your discussion which I will not comment on, its probably worth removing the direct links to pages rather than help out the victims of your rants.

    • You obviously dont know how SEO works … Usually in any search of the shamed site on google or other search engine this site comes up first or very close to the top. Hence the possible client will be more informed before hiring them. Hence why they ask so many times to have the listing removed. Good try 🙂

      • John Myers

        Actually you are wrong, I specialize in SEO cases of law so I am very well informed. If you do a simple backlink search on any of the websites you have listed you will see you are actually adding to their credibility. But hey, believe what you like. 🙂

        • Regardless of what you say i can gauruantee that the links to the shamed websites will never be removed. What ever credibility via SEO they get is lost once some one comes here and see what they did in the past.

          • John Myers

            Funny how you have confused arrogance and ignorance with intelligence.

  • James Speck

    They are not falsely advertising the top ten rating. https://www.serviceseeking.com.au/wedding-photography#99434

    • Celine (peaceetc)

      I’m not sure that’s a fair rating. It seems businesses pay to be there, so it’s not exactly impartial.

    • Marc W.

      That page has more than 10 photographers and there are two business listings for Timeless. Again, a stock image award…….

  • Caleb Morgan

    Lol so many people on here defending someone who obviously stole images and is peddling them as their own…

  • The Srhoom

    With all the horrible thing happening in this world, natural disasters, terrorism, not to mention your own national issues or oppression, daily murders, school killings, this is what you think is important to spend your time on.. Seriously.. Wow. What a narrow minded group of anarchists. Surely there is something better to do with your time then try and find fault with others, in many cases where there is none. Hiding behind what you claim is stealing, welcome to the internet.. Why not pick on people pirating DVD’s or fake medicines online. Any client can see straight through you guys, photographers have portfolios, they have client feedback, who really cares if they use a stock image to advertise a blog post. Phfft. Get lives guys..

    • Tamara

      Really? You don’t think it’s dishonest or deceiving for a photographer to post someone else’s work on their website? This is piracy and no different from pirating DVD’s or fake medicine online. It’s the same thing. Posting images that are not your own is making money off of other people’s work or “faking” it. And your judgemental

      mindset against photographers is incredibly narrow minded. Trying to sell work that is not yours’ is part of a huge problem in our industry because it happens all the time and it’s all part of a bigger problem of people “faking” their credentials and not putting in the time to grow a business.

    • Peter Kelly

      Oh, I see: If one bad thing happens somewhere in the world we should ignore every other transgression, because they aren’t as bad.

      I think your anarchism is worse than ours, if you truly believe such nonsense!

      And please do come back to repeat your criticism after you have hired someone to carry out a certain task because of the wonderful samples of their work, which were far beyond their abilities, that they showed you. I’m sure you would be delighted with the results…

      Phfft…don’t be such a moron, guy.

    • Danny Downes

      In case you haven’t noticed, this is about photographers so I don’t think there’s any point ‘picking’ on people who pirate DVDs or, as you say, ‘medicines online’. Try picking your arguments more carefully in the future. Counterfeiting has nothing to do photography skills.