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Mandi Payne Photography aka Mandi Lei Photography in Omaha, Nebraska

Website:  http://mandileip.wixsite.com/mandipaynephoto
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MandiPaynePhoto/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandipaynephoto/

Mandi recently underwent a rebranding of her website to reflect her new style of photography.  Unfortunately that new style is made up of mostly stolen images that show the film style editing which she aspires to shoot but isn’t quite nailing yet (based on her actual images she’s taken which remain).  This is a huge reason why I have this website, she’s selling herself based on beautiful images which she hasn’t taken.

One should also note that there are a ton of stock images she’s using as well on her Facebook and Instagram.  I am not listing those images as there is no way for me to know if she’s purchased them legally or not but I still find it unethical.

She also may be in the process of rebranding to Element photography based on an Instagram.

I started this post before my wedding yesterday (and posting it as I’m heading out for my second one today) and some things have been taken down after being called out by the original photographers but not all.

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Lori Strock Photography in Frankfort, IL

Website:  http://loristrockphotographycinematography.zenfolio.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LORISTROCKPHOTOS/timeline

Interestingly, many of the original photographers have their copyright info displayed beneath the photo due to the EXIF data.

There are a lot more that I didn’t get a chance to source. Take a glance and if you recognize someone’s work let the original photographer know.

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Rachael Blessing Photography in Mountain Home, Idaho

Website: https://rachaelblessingphotography.com/
Website 2: http://rachaelblessing.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/RachaelBlessingPhotography
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/rachaelblessing/

There are a lot more images on the Facebook and Instagram that I didn’t source due to lack of time.

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Lori Cox Photography aka Lori Langston Photography in Sopchoppy, Florida

Website:  http://loricoxphoto.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LoriLangstonPhotography/

Fucking Florida, amirite?

I’ve started to get a massive headache so I stopped listing images w/o sources.

Update 2/11/16 @ 11PM

• Lori’s Facebook Page is down
• Lori removed some of the images sourced below from her website, however she added at least one new stolen image in their place.
• Updated sourced images for the website with all images Lori didn’t originally photograph, including stock images.
• Updated source on main background image for website.

Update 2/12 @ 2PM

• Lori’s Facebook Page is still down however her profile is back up, still with stolen work.
• Lori has ads all over Facebook with stolen content representing her work, those are now included below.

Update 6/3/2016

• I received an email from Lori in May blaming hackers for the stolen images being on her website.  Since images remained on her website that were not her original works of art, I did not remove the post.  Also, unless you are posting selfies, you likely were not the photographer at your own wedding so those images have no place in your photography gallery IMHO.

From: Lori Cox
Subject: Being hacked

Message Body:
Please Please delete everything with my name in it.  I was hacked on my website, Facebook and they were leaving me bad email messages.  I am honest and love the work I do.  I do NOT steal photos.  Most of the photos they claimed I stole was my own personal Wedding.
Please remove them, thank you in advance!

• Today I received another email with more information about images that Lori has stolen so I decided to update the post while waiting for a session to download.

• Much of the original material also still remains so I’ve created a new category for Photo Stealers – Lost Cause.  For photographers who continue to use others intellectual works after being caught.

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